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Welcome to the main register of articles (since 1987) and sermons (since 1987 and until 2005 - see MLT Sermons for sermons since 2005 to 2011, MLT Devotionals 2010-2012 and Lev's Moedim Sermons from 2012-2013) on the NCCG.ORG website, one of the largest Christian/Messianic sites on the worldwide web. Please see the Topical Guide on the main page for divisions into categories, topics and themes.

These materials span our entire history from the earliest days when we were known as the Restoration Christian Fellowship (RCF), through the Independent Church (IC) phase, New Covenant Christian Fellowship, New Covenant Church of God (NCCG) and to the New Covenant Assemblies of Yahweh (NCAY) since 2013 with its central congregation, Mishpachah Lev-Tsiyon (MLT) organised in 2005. They appear only in the order in which they were prepared for publication on the website. Many older materials which have not been published will be added as time permits and resources allow.

You will find that the articles contain mixed terminology, the earliest using the more familiar Anglo-Greek terms like 'God', 'Jesus Christ', 'Holy Spirit', 'Church', etc. (we have not had the time to update them all yet), with the more recent ones (since 1997) using Messianic (Hebrew) terminology like 'Elohim', 'Yahweh', 'Yah'shua the Messiah', 'Ruach haQodesh', 'Messianic Community', etc.. Many articles use both terminologies, e.g. "Elohim (God)", "Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ)" to assist those not familiar with the Messianic words. MLT materials contain a terminology table at the bottom of each sermon to aid those from an orthodox Christian background.

Unless otherwise stated, the articles and sermons are all authored by the founder of this ministry.

May our Heavenly Father, Yahweh, guide you and bless you as you study these materials!

Materials in this Register

Topical Guide | Articles | FAQ | New Materials | Complete Site Catalogue

1. Come, Follow Me: The Call of Christ
2. The Explanation of Life
3. Whom Do You Worship? For New Agers
4. Why Do We Suffer? Is Yahweh to Blame?
5. Judging Christianity fairly
6. Why Are There So Many Churches?
7. The Persecution Syndrome
8. The Gospel of Paul Defended
9. Between Church and State
10. What is the Purpose of Life?
11. Tomorrow's Christian World
12. Fundamental Differences
13. Your Call to Freedom
14. According to Your Faith
15. Your Place in the Local Congregation
16. Belief in Yah'shua the Messiah
17. The Holy Bible: The New Covenant Position
1. Have You Bought a New Age Bible? A Look at Modern Translations
2. Let's Get Serious: The Gospel is a Matter of Life and Death
3. Our Devolving Culture: How the Hebrew Gospel Became Hellenised
4. Where is The One True Church? What the Bible Actually Teaches
5. The Sign of Jonah: A Muslim Connundrum
6. Prosperity Theology: A Dangerous Heresy
7. The Missing Dimension in Christianity
8. Why Today's Pop Music is Such an Evil Influence
9. All in a Smile: the Problem of Discerning People
10. Advertising the Kingdom of God and Teaching Children
11. The Teeth of the Dragon: The Problem of Feelings and Fear
12. A Glimpse Into Heaven: My Life Story and How I Came to Christ
13. Truth, Fiction and Revelation: Why Some Christians are Suspicious of Us
14. Cry Wolf! The Problem of Sects and Cults
15. The Story of Ruth: An In-Depth Study
16. Was There Life on Mars? Refuting the Claims of NASA
17. Is the "Toronto Thing" of the Holy Spirit?
18. What does the Bible mean when it refers to the "Baptism of the Dead"?
19. Blinded by the Light: An Abstract of a Book on Near-Death Experiences
20. The Keys of Revelation: A New Covenant Perspective
21. The Safe Foundation
22. Truth or Deception? Understanding the Prophetic Way
23. Does Easter Glorify Christ?
24. The Four Modes of Scriptural Interpretation
25. Reincarnation: True or False?
26. Where is the True Church? 15 Identifying Marks
27. The Four Frogs: The New Covenant and Other Christians
28. Unwelcome Visitors: The Story of the UFO Menace
29. Five Consequences of the Fall: Understanding Human Nature
30. The Strictness of the Way: Confronting Laxity in the Modern Churches
31. A Helping Hand for Catechumens: 40 Key Concepts in Church Theology and History
32. The Nature of Revelation: The Difference between Conceptual & Verbal-Plenary Revelation
33. Glossolalia: The Gift of Gibberish
34. Water Baptism: A Refutation of the Godhead Doctrine of the United Pentecostal Church
35. Yahweh: The Name of God
36. Charismata: Distinguishing Between True and False Spiritual Gifts
37. The Pre-Existence of Jeremiah: The Bible Teaching on Pre-Existence
38. Differences between New Covenant and Orthodox Evangelical Theology
39. Christ or Christmas?: Exposing the Lie of an Ancient Pagan Festival
40. Messianic Evangelicals and Pop Music: Why is it so Dangerous?
41. What is a New Covenant Congregation? Organisation vs. the Spirit
42. A Laughing Revival Service: Exposing the Fraudulent Toronto Blessing
43. God's Call to Bergen: The New Covenant Church of God in Western Norway
44. The Two Jesus's: Which One Do You Serve?
45. When God Answers Prayer: Solving One of Life's Greatest Riddles
46. Christ and Christmas: The Truth and the Lie, a Detailed Study
47. Civil Disobedience: How Far Should a Christian Go?
48. Creation vs. Evolution: An Introduction
49. The god of Pleasure: The Idolatry of Hedonism
50. Where are You Headed? Accounting for Our Deeds - Mt.25:31-46
51. Civilization & Co., Homewreckers
52. Jesus is God: The Deity of Yahshua haMashiach
54. Satan's Pawn Shop: An Editorial from the New Covenant Witness
55. A Pioneer Church: Working in the New Babylonia
56. A Brave and True Prayer: The Kansas Legislature
57. Pride and Humility: Keys to True Christian Spirituality
58. It's the Substance that Counts: Exposing the Follies of Pride and Pettiness
59. Repentance: The Missing Link
60. Revelation and Scripture: Understanding the Origin and Function of the Written Word
61. Something Unique and Precious: The New Covenant Christian Heritage
62. Reaching the Unsaved in the 21st Century
63. The Parable of the Wheel: An Illustration of the Church
64. Moving to the Next Level: The Heaven's Gate Cult Suicide and the Resurrection
65. Norway's Coming Financial Catastrophe: A Vision and a Revelation
66. A Great Christian Scam: Exposing Wyatt Archaeological Research (WAR)
67. Covenants: A Study in Covenant-Making from the Olive Branch
68. Denominations and Ministries: Are They of God?
69. The Early Christian View of the Saviour: Is Hell Eternal?
70. NCW 42 Editorial, January 1997: Latest Church News
71. NCW 43 Editorial, February 1997: Examining the Trinity Doctrine
72. NCW 44 Editorial, March 1997: Making Correct Judgments
73. NCW 45 Editorial, April 1997: Holy Week 1997
74. NCW 46 Editorial, May 1997: Church News, Becoming International
75. NCW 47 Editorial, June-July 1997: Church News: Kadesh Found!
76. NCW 48 Editorial, August-September 1997: Kadesh Established, Olive Branch Published
77. NCW 51 Editorial, January 1998: New Year
78. The Neccessity of the Family. Where is the Nuclear Family Headed?
79. The Debate Over Feminist Theology: Which View Is Biblical?
80. Forgetting or Forgiving? The New Age Trojan Horse
81. Getting it Right: The Quest for Righteousness
83. An Israeli Love Story
84. Leadership Models in the New Covenant Church of God
85. New Testament Christianity: Is It Really Present Today?
86. Pilate's Question: What is Truth? Answering the Atheist
87. New Covenant Christians are Politically Incorrect
88. Proto-Trinitarianism: The Godhead Doctrine of the New Covenant
89. Revelation: A Sign of God's Church in the End-Time
90. Separated into God: " ... every saint in Christ Jesus." (Phil. 4:21)
91. Are You a Sexaholic? A Program of Spiritual & Physical Healing
92. Should Women Teach in Church?
93. Healing for a Price: The Doctrine of Biblical Healing
94. Rootless Grace
95. Pain and Suffering
96. The Telurian War: The Longest War Ever
97. Stories from the Temple I: A Place of Protection
98. Thankfulness: A Hard Lesson to Learn
99. The One True Church: The Church Universal
101. The Westcott & Hort Conspiracy: The True Story of Our Modern Bible Translations
102. The Mysterious Hebrew Bible Codes
103. The Two Prophets: An Address to the Oslo Local Colony Shortly Before the Third Rebellion
104. The Cross Schedule: 3 April 1994 Commemorative Sermon
105. The Seven Ears of Man: Celebrating the Church's Sabbath Year, Oslo, 25 February 1996
106. The Seven Pharisees: Recognising Fake Ministers
107. An Open Heart: Eight Qualities That I Cherish
108. When Apostles Are Called: How Apostles are Called in the New Covenant
109. When was Jesus Born - 25 December, 6 January or 6 April?
110. The Divine Ascent: A Message to the Firstborn Scattered in the World
111. Jesus Christ, the Righteous One - a Baptismal Sermon
112. Guidelines for Business Projects Prepared by the Apostolate
113. An Apostolic Letter to a Sister with Cancer
114. The Processionary Caterpillar - What are You Doing with Your Life? (for youth)
115. So Hard to Change: The Struggle to Change Bad Habits
116. Change Me, Lord! A Personal Testimony
117. A Child's Question: Growing Up
118. Church Family: A Daily Need
119. Avoiding Christian Clichés: A Vocabulary for Our Time
120. The Comforter: A Sermon (12 April 1993)
121. Dealing with Conflict: The Critical Factor
122. Cosmos and Earth: Obtaining a Sense of the Infinite
123. The Cross of Christ vs. Signs and Wisdom: The 1994 General Conference Sermon
124. A Testimony of Tithing and Divine Intervention
125. Great Deceptions: A Commentary on Section 182 of the Olive Branch
126. I Do Not Know...I Do Know: Revelation of the Presence
127. The Early Christian Church: It's Organisation and the New Covenant Church of God Today
128. NCW 27 Editorial, January 1996: The End of the NCCF (NPKF)
129. NCW 21 Editorial, July 1995: Getting Right with God
130. Waiting for the Spiritual Endowment (1 March 1996)
131. Enjoying Prayer
132. When Eve Failed to Pray and Trust in God
133. Expose the Works of Darkness! (Sermon, 2 January 1994)
134. A Warning Against Young Head-Strong Prophets and False Teachers
135. Family Idolatry: The New Covenant Salt Sermon
136. Rivers of Living Waters: The New Covenant Festival of Tabernacles
137. The Seven Major Festivals of the New Covenant
138. My Formula for Prayer
139. Gems of Truth: Early Morning Meditations
140. God is the Same: A Short Address Given to the Oslo (Norway) - L'viv (Ukraine) Mission
141. Is God a Spirit? Critiquing the 'Orthodox' Doctrine that God is Formless
142. Are Christians Automatically God's Sons?
143. Interpreting God's Will in Life's Events
144. Born to Grieve
145. Giving Thanks
146. Hannah: A True Mother
147. Historical Reminiscences: Understanding Yesterday Through Today
148. The 1996 Holy Week Addresses - I. 1 April: Passover & the Death of Christ
149. The 1996 Holy Week Addresses - II. 2 April: Festival of Unleavened Bread
150. The Roots of Hypocrisy
151. The Gospel Heart: Developing Inner Sensitivity
152. Onwards to Jericho! The Annual Solemn Assembly Address, 15 October 1995
153. Joy Through Fire
154. Understanding Paul's View of THE LAW in Romans and the Acts of the Apostles
155. To War Against the Light: How the Lord Protects His People from Evil
156. Listen to the Lord
157. God Has Done It (Third Rebellion)
158. The Love-Hate Syndrome: A Deadly Illness
159. What is the New Israel? The Meaning of History in the Christian Experience
160. Micah and the New Covenant
162. Discerning Music
163. Prophets and the Nature of Revelation Past and Present
164. We Wish You a Merry Nimrod?
165. A Letter to the New Covenant
166. The Old Paths
167. The Old Testament: Is it Necessary Any More?
168. Love Ever Gives & The Churches - Two Poems by John Oxenham
169. The Pastoral Office: A Guide to Congregational Leadership
170. The Feast of Pentecost
171. The Persecution of God's People: A Special Address to the Church of God in Scandinavia
172. Phase II: Gathering to Zion, The 1994 General Conference Address
173. Feelings vs. Truth: An Extract from John Bunyan's grim's Progess
174. Like the Sun That Rises -- a Poem
175. The Dangers of Theology -- a Poem
176. Our Attitude to Politics
177. Five Keys to Effective Prayer
178. A Private Interview: The Difference Between Privacy and Dishonesty
179. Children of Promise: Answering a Modern Christian Heresy about Not Promising Anything
180. Understanding Prophetic Revelation: Examples from the Third Rebellion
181. Ready, Steady, ...STOP!
182. True and False Religion
183. Testimony: A Renewed Mind and Heart - the Problem of Depression
184. Responsibility
185. Rich Man: Righteous Man - A Proper View of Money
186. A Sure Foundation: How to Not to Go Off-Course in the Christian Faith
187. The Woman at the Well: Holy Week Commemorative Sermon, 1 April 1991
188. Can Science Exist Without Faith?
189. Church Family: A Daily Need - Fighting Off Spiritual Stagnation
190. The Eternal Security of God's Word -- Address to Oslo (Norway) & L'viv (Ukraine) Local Colonies
191. A Church Parable (Third Rebellion)
192. The Man Who Would Not Speak to God
193. The Sub-Apostolic Christian Church and the New Covenant
194. From Independent Church to New Covenant: A Brief History of the New Covenant Church of God
195. The Thief who was Saved: The Truth of Salvation by Grace Revealed
196. The Law of Tithing in Biblical Times & in the New Covenant Church of God
197. A Vision of Discipleship - a Prophetic Dream
198. True Discipleship: The Only Path
199. TV: The God in Your Living Room
200. Loving and Teaching the Unborn
201. The Way of Holiness
202. We Trust in the Lord God of Israel - a Response to Persecution
203. Concerning The Propriety of Drinking Alcoholic Wine
204. Work Advertisement: Are You Qualified?
205. The Love of Zion
206. The 144,000
207. Blessings and Problems in a Small Church
208. The Meaning of Covenant
209. Equality and Favouritism: Appearances and Reality. 16 April 1992 Sermon
210. Our Fragile Life
211. God Provides
212. Don't Leave Love Behind
213. The World's Customs and Practices in the Light of True Revelation: Fingernails & Money
214. To the Islands of the Sea: The 1991 Mission to Newcastle, England
215. Obedience in Sickness and Health
216. The Message of the New Covenant: Stavanger Sermon, 1991
217. Sex and Human Relationships
218. The Bible, the Christian and Alcohol
219. The Five Commissions of the New Covenant Church of God
220. Norway, the E.E.C, and Other Prophecies
221. A 1619 Prophecy and the New Covenant Church of God
222. Prayer, Holiness and Purity: A prophetic Dream
223. New Testament Christianity: How it Differs from Denominationalism
224. What Does It Mean to Be "The Husband of One Wife?"
225. The Monogamy-Polygamy Controversy: The Position of the New Covenant
226. A Defence of the Trinity Doctrine as Seen Through the Old Testament
227. Trinitarian Dogma - The Very "Mystery Babylon" of Revelation 17:5!
228. The New Covenant Watchman: Keeping an Eye on Pseudo-Christian Groups, Issue 1
229. Review of David Stern's Jewish New Testament Commentary
230. Chart Showing the Origins of the New Covenant Church of God
231. A Prophtic Word from Kentucky to the New Covenant Church of God
232. Body, Soul and Spirit: The Teachings of Kenneth E. Hagin Compared with the Bible
233. The Quest for the Perfect Family
234. The Martial Arts: Are They Harmless?
235. The Limits of Theological Knowledge
236. Explaining the Inexplicable: Dealing with Godhead Doctrine Controversies
237. The Rock on which the Church is Built - Peter
238. Ephesus, John the Apostle, and the New Covenant Church of God
239. Are You Still a Sun-Worshipper? Christmas Celebration is a Sign of Paganism
240. Hanukkah: The New Covenant Festival of Lights
241. Why We Believe Messiah was Born on Passover (2nd edition)
242. Exposing the New Style of Worship: The Great Hymn Controversy
243. The Decline of Western Classical Music: Chaos in Music or A Civilisation in Decline
244. Millennium Madness or 2000 Reasons NOT to Celebrate the Upcoming Millennium
245. The Doctrine of Pre-Mortal Existence: Is it True?
246. The 1 April 2000 Commemorative Sermon on the Death of Christ
247. The 3 April 2000 Commemorative Sermon on the Resurrection of Christ
248. The 6 April 2000 Commemorative Sermon on the Nativity of Christ
249. Soul (Psychic) Power versus Spirit Power: Counterfeit versus Real?
250. The Lord's Supper: The New Covenant View
251. Reconstructing the Johannine Church, Part II
252. The Chosen Race
253. The Plot Against Jerusalem: The Alliance of the Vatican & the PLO & The Oslo Accords
254. The Nefilim: Short Articles
255. Has the Catholic Church Truly Repented?
256. When Tragedy Strikes
257. Pakistan's War Against Christians: Persecution Is Making Their Lives Hell On Earth
258. Catholicism and What It Has to Teach Us
259. What am I Doing? Pausing to Think About the Meaning of Life
260. Common Objections for not Obeying the Ten Commandments
261. Nine Signs of a Saved Person Or How Do I Know I'm Saved?
262. Dream: A Drug Called Self-Worth
263. Do You Think You're a Failure?
264. Beware of False Angels! When Kuthumi Tried to Trick Me
265. The Sovereignty of God and Civil Government
266. Salvation by Grace Alone
267. Biblical Health Principles
268. Satan's Infiltration of the House Churches
269. The Emerging Horror of the Illuminist New World Order
270. The Image: To Who's Are You Conformed?
271. Holiness
272. Natural Religion - It's Use and Abuse in the Quest for Truth
273. Do You Believe in Easter?
274. The True Christian Safe Sex Guide
275. The Empire of Nimrod
276. The Triumph of 21st Century Communism
277. Of Angels, Sex and Men: Thoughts and Speculations on a Great Mystery
278. Antipas: He Died at Satan's Throne
279. Christmas Past
280. Confessing the Faith
281. The Council of Nicea: Was It Guided by the Holy Spirit?
282. Filioque: A Controversy that Illuminates the Godhead
283. Reconstructing the Johannine Church Part 3
284. Reconstructing the Johannine Church Part 4
285. Human Life is Sacred
286. Rapturemania: Exploding the Escapist Myth
287. Science So-Called: Exploding the Myth of Scientific Objectivity
288. The Sinn Fein Oath: An Object Lesson in Irish Catholicism
289. Tongues of Contention: Settling a Difficult Issue in the Body of Christ
290. Religion: Dead or Alive? - Revealing the Ultimate Idolatry in Christendom
291. The Family of Yahweh: Being a Part of the Kingdom
292. Signs of True Faith
293. A Certain Belief
294. To Follow Yah'shua (Jesus)
295. The Amazing Gift
296. The Five Baptismal Promises: Temple School Lecture
297. Sukkot: The Feast of Tabernacles 2000
298. The Truth Remains: Temple School Lecture
299. Testing Your Orthodoxy: Avoiding the Heresies of the 21st Century
300. Your Daily Duty: Antitode to the Western Disease
301. Green Pastures: Our Views of Earthly Paradise
302. Yom Teruah 2000: The Feast of Trumpets
303. How to Be a Christian and to Suffer Gracefully: Temple School Lecture
304. The Day of Atonement 2000: Preparing for Yom Kippur
305. The Messianic Significance of the Feast of Tabernacles 2000
306. The Great Last Day 2000
307. Two Miles Instead of One
308. Yom Teruah 2000 - Part 2
309. Prayer Series I: The Channel to Heaven
310. Prayer Series II: Maintaining the Link
311. Prayer Series III: Dialogue in Action
312. Prayer Series IV: The Living Example
313. Prayer Series V: Miracles
314. The King
315. Hanukkah 2000
316. Hanukkah 2000 and the Ten Virgins
317. Yahweh's Priorities
318. Feasts of Revelation
319. The Love that Gives Itself Away
320. The Faith that Saves
321. Whom Should I Marry? (Part 1)
322. Everything You Need for Life
323. Whom Should I Marry? (Part 2)
324. Do You Celebrate Lent?
325. Whom Should I Marry? (Part 3)
326. A New Way of Living
327. The Feast of Purim 2001
328. The Right Way: Learning from the Mistakes of Nebuchadnezzar
329. The Eight Stages of Changing Wrong Behaviour
330. In the Beginning Was the Word & Strong's Concordance: The Mutilation of 1 Timothy 2:11-12
331. The Wrong Way or the Story of Willful Passionate Blindness (WPB) (Part 1)
332. The Wrong Way or the Story of Willful Passionate Blindness (WPB) (Part 2)
333. Pesach (Passover) 2001
334. Yom haBikkurim: Feast of Firstfruits 2001
335. The Responsibility of Life
336. Understanding the Gift of Prophecy and Revelation
337. Yahweh's Distribution of the Gifts: The Difference between the Psychic and the Spiritual
338. Belief and Unbelief: The Causes of Atheism
339. Esposing an Existentialist Gnostic Calvinist
340. Should a Christian Woman Wear a Headcovering?
341. Love the Law!
342. Rock 'n Roll
343. Have You Tasted Jesus? Answering Dr. Paul Tillich
344. Living in an Attitude of Prayer
345. The Wisdom to Know the Difference
346. Shavuot/Pentecost 2001
347. The New Beginning: Parable of the Tree Stump
348. The Cainites: The World's First Heathen
349. The Holy City's Treasure: Strangers in the World
350. Planet X and the Powers of the Heavens
351. Ten Important Tips on How to Live in the NEW WORLD ORDER
352. In the Image of God: Uses and Abuses of the Imagination
353. For the Love of His People: How Truth Defines Love
354. The Story of Human Life: The Four Gospel Themes
355. Does Yahweh Show Favouritism? Understanding Spiritual Maturation
356. What Makes Yahweh God? Judgement, Mercy and Forgiveness
357. Yahweh Provides for Us
358. Absalom: The Spoiled Prince
359. A Concealed Mystery: 333, Theomatics and Gematria
360. Fire, Water and Blood: Taking the Bride out of Babylon the Great
361. Yom Teruah 2001 - Feast of Trumpets
362. Yom Kippur 2001: The Day of Atonement
363. Nothing will be Impossible for Them
364. Who is Yah'shua (Jesus)? The Only Way Back to God
365. Of No Reputation: The Mystery of the Incarnation
366. Unity: The High Goal with a High Price
367. My Teaching is Not My Own
368. Upon my Word: Speech as a Moral Force
369. Relationships and Eternal Life
370. Hanukkah 2001 - Part I
371. Hanukkah 2001 - Part II - The Mystery of the Number 8
372. Knowing the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit)
373. To Live by Faith
374. The Requirements of Godly Leadership
375. The Pagan Roots of the Olympic Games
376. The Difference Between Being a Christian and a Pagan Concisely Explained
377. The Man with a Grievance: The Jonah Syndrome Examined
378. Yom Beshorah: Yahweh's Day of Good News
379. Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) and His Place in the Godhead
380. Mission Impossible: Spiritual Warfare and a Vision of the New Covenant Work (Part 1)
381. Mission Impossible: Spiritual Warfare and a Vision of the New Covenant Work (Part 2)
382. The Feast of Purim 2002
383. Trouble and Doubt vs. The Resurrection and Life
384. Love One Another: NCCG-India Youth Seminar, Andhra Pradesh, March 2002
385. Yahweh Comes in the Dark: Job, His Wife and His Friends
386. Are New Covenant Christians Wrong About Tongue-Speaking?
387. How I Found the New Covenant Church of God: The Testimony of Richard Banks, Jr.
388. The Eye Will See What It is Destined to See
389. Pesach (Passover) 2002
390. Chag haMatzah 2002: The Feast of Unleavened Bread
391. The Leaven of the Kingdom
392. The Family, the Torah and Grace
393. The Simple Core of the Good News
394. Blessed are the Pure in Heart
395. Facing Failure: The Lessons of Jeremiah
396. The Grace of the Longing Heart
397. Shavuot 2002: The Feast of Pentecost
398. Misunderstanding the Law: What Christ Destroyed and What He Fulfilled
399. The Character Refinement Set and the Social Christian - Part 1
400. The Character Refinement Set and the Social Christian - Part 2
401. The Human Soul: Understanding the Mystery of Man - Part 1
402. The Human Soul: Understanding the Mystery of Man - Part 2
403. A Garden in the Mind Part 1: The Trees of Life and Death
404. A Garden in the Mind Part 2: The Olive, Vine and Fig Trees
405. A Garden in the Mind Part 3: The Olive Tree
406. A Garden in the Mind Part 4: The Vine Tree
407. A Garden in the Mind Part 5: The Fig Tree
408. A Garden in the Mind Part 6: Wheat, Flour & Bread
409. A Garden in the Mind Part 7: Water & Dew
410. The Mark of the Beast: What is It?
411. Yom Teruah 2002: The Feast of Trumpets
412. Yom Kippur 2002: The Day of Atonement
413. Sukkot 2002: The Feast of Tabernacles
414. Shabbat Shalom! The Peace of Yahweh and Coping with Stress
415. Covenants, Marriage and Coverings: Understanding our Walk in Yahweh
416. Faith Without Works is Dead
417. Wars of the Heretics
418. Loyalty: The Loving-Kindness of God
419. Restoring the Christian Woman - Part 1: The Female Rôle in Creation Re-examined
420. Restoring the Christian Woman - Part 2: The Female Rôle in Creation Re-examined
421. The "Remnant": Who or What Is It?
422. Restoring the Christian Woman - Part 3: The Female Rôle in Creation Re-examined
423. Individuality and Personality - Part 1: Inscrutability and Introspection
424. Individuality and Personality - Part 2: Delusions
425. Individuality and Personality - Part 3: Insanity, Personality Disorder & Demons
426. Individuality and Personality - Part 4: Beginning the Perfect Life
427. Individuality and Personality - Part 5: Completing the Perfect Life
428. Hanukkah 2002 Part 1: In Touch with the Truth
429. Hanukkah 2002 Part 2: The Illuminist Conspiracy
430. A Man of Honour: The Meaning of Integrity in a Lawless World
431. The Way to Inner Peace
432. Pudding Theology
433. No Mountain Too High
434. Faith, Acceptance and Work
435. The Gift of Friendship: Part 1
436. The Gift of Friendship: Part 2
437. The Gift of Friendship: Part 3
438. The Gift of Friendship: Part 4
439. The Gift of Friendship: Part 5
440. The Day of Betrothal (with NCCG Betrothal Ceremony)
441. Purim 2003: Earthly and Heavenly Homes
442. At War Once More (The Third Gulf War, March 2003)
443. The Destructive Mind: The Origin of and Solution to Illness
444. Yahweh the Rescuer
445. Roots of the Western Malady
446. The Ultimate Proof: Love and Torah
447. Theocratic Government and the Kinsman-Redeemer
448. Answering Unbelievers
449. The USA Terrorist Attack and what it Means for the World
450. Soul of the Israelite Ruler: The Three Crucifixions
451. The Accuser of our Brethren
452. The Good-Cop Heroes of Babylon
453. A Life in Christ: The Conversion of Paul and the Core of Christianity
454. The Season of Teshuvah: 30 Days of Repentance
455. Yom Teruah 2003: The Feast of Trumpets
456. Yom Kippur 2003: Face to Face with Yahweh
457. Shemini Atzeret 2003: The Last Great Day
458. The Divine Eagle: Part 1
459. The Divine Eagle: Part 2
460. The Divine Eagle: Part 3
461. The Divine Eagle: Part 4
462. The Divine Eagle: Part 5
463. The Divine Eagle: Part 6
464. The Runner: The Purpose of Preaching
465. The Treasury of Wealth: Yahweh's Financial Law
466. Hanukkah 2003: Part 1
467. Hanukkah 2003: Part 2
468. The Gift of Tongues: A Known Language or Unintelligible Utterances?
469. Tongues at Corinth: Languages, not Ecstasies!
470. Our Relationship to Tongue-Speakers
471. Into The Heart of Truth: Part 1 - The Manipulated Heart
472. Into The Heart of Truth: Part 2 - A Radical Life of Power
473. The Slumbering Spirit: Part 1 - Awake, O My Soul!
474. The Slumbering Spirit: Part 2 - Connecting to Eternity
475. The Slumbering Spirit: Part 3 - Struggling to be Free
476. The Last Great Millennium
477. Purim 2004: Your Moral Choice
478. The Slumbering Spirit: Part 4 - Conclusion
479. The Valley of Jehoshaphat
480. Seeking the End-Time Anointing
481. YHWH our Heavenly Father
482. Unconditional Love, Part 1: To Whom Does it Belong?
483. Unconditional Love, Part 2: What is Loyalty?
484. Unconditional Love, Part 3: The Sleeping Enchantment
485. Pesach 2004: Part 1 - The Source of Freedom
486. Chag haMatzah 2004: Part 2 - Unleavened and Leavened Bread
487. Yom haBikkurum 2004: Part 3 - The Firstfruits of the Resurrection
488. A Civilised Burial
489. The Hound of Heaven
490. The Rolled-up Scroll: Announcing the End of Satan's Kingdom
491. Shavu'ot 2004: Part 1: Preparing for the Feast of Pentecost
492. Shavu'ot 2004: Part 2: The Meaning of Torah
493. The Fields of Fire: A Prophetic Dream About Scandinavia
494. Wisdom for a Price
495. Zechariah 5 and Female Principle
496. We're Saved!
497. Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy: Basic Rules For Observing the Weekly Sabbath
498. The Awakened Spirit - Part 1: The 7 Keys to Awareness
499. The Awakened Spirit - Part 2: Spiritual Parenting
500. The Awakened Spirit - Part 3: Bitterroot Judgments
501. The Awakened Spirit - Part 4: Sowing and Reaping
502. The Awakened Spirit - Part 5: The Mystery of Man
503. Vision of the Dragon and the Egg
504. Samuel and Samson: The Story of Two Nazirites
505. Ichabod: The Glory Has Departed from Israel
506. You Are My Witnesses
507. Less Than The Least - Part 1: Unsearchable Riches
508. Less Than The Least - Part 2: Filled and Running Over
509. The Wheat and the Tares - Part 1: Tares Within the Body & Local Assembly
510. The Wheat and the Tares - Part 2: Tares Within the Soul
511. Yom Teruah 2004 (Feast of Trumpets)
512. Yom Kippur 2004 - Part 1: In His Presence
513. Yom Kippur 2004 - Part 2: Delivered from Sin
514. Yom Kippur 2004 - Part 3: Neilah Service
515. Sukkot 2004
516. Shemini Atzeret 2004
517. I Choose to Live - Part 1: Liberty from Spiritual Imprisonment
518. I Choose to Live - Part 2: Receiving that which is Your Own
519. I Choose to Live - Part 3: Daring to Step Out in Faith
520. I Choose to Live - Part 4: Amniosis in Egypt Revealed
521. I Choose to Live - Part 5: Anger as a Tool of Manipulation and Redemption
522. I Choose to Live - Part 6: Choosing the Tree of Life
523. Stand Up Like a Man
524. Hanukkah 2004
525. The Spiritual Orphans
526. The Malady of Spiritual Idolatry - Part 1: Filling the Divine Vacuum
527. The Malady of Spiritual Idolatry - Part 2: The Idolisation of Authority (+ New Year)
528. Dedicating Your Life to the Kingdom
529. Filled with the Spirit - What the Bible Actually Teaches (Part 1)
530. Filled with Spirits - Charismatic Deceptions vs. Filled with the Spirit (Part 2)
531. The Miracle of Yahweh's Forgiveness - Part 1: Separating Good from Evil
532. The Miracle of Yahweh's Forgiveness - Part 2: Turning the Keys for Deliverance
533. The Miracle of Yahweh's Forgiveness - Part 3: The Relationship to Truth
534. The Miracle of Yahweh's Forgiveness - Part 4: Releasing Your Enemy's Debt
535. The Miracle of Yahweh's Forgiveness - Part 5: The Path to Reconcilliation
536. The Three Tests - How to Know that Christianity is True
537. An Evil Heart of Unbelief
538. Roll Away the Reproach of Egypt! - with thoughts on Healing
539. The Pretty Maidens and Strong Young Men
540. The Day That Matters the Most
541. Pesach (Passover) 2005 - A Special Sabbath
542. Chag haMatzah (Feast of Unleavened Bread) 2005 - The Bride of Christ
543. Yom haBikkurim 2005 - Spiritual Sacrifices to Yahweh
544. Chag haMatzah 2005 - The Seventh and Last Day
545. Take Up Your Bed and Walk
546. The Patriarchal Imperative of Messianic Israel - Part 1
547. The Patriarchal Imperative of Messianic Israel - Part 2
548. The Path to Perfect Shalom
549. The Inconvenient Messiah - with a word on Tongues and Occultism
550. The Tender Tree and Tender Eyes
551. Shavu'ot (Pentecost) 2005 - "We Agree Before We Have Listened"
552. The Purpose of Miracles
553. All the Hidden People
554. A Solid Christian Foundation - What our Children Need to Become the Children of God
555. Stop Hiding and Live Life
556. The Name Ehyeh - A Name of Elohim
557. The Bible Teaching on "Soul" (2nd Edition)
558. The Stranger - Thoughts on TV
559. Illuminati Defector Warns of International Conspiracy
560. The Babylonian Circus: A Torah View of Churchianity
561. The Nations and Our Ties to Them in Light of the Current Iraqi War
562. Bloodlines of the Illuminati
563. Coheadship in Marriage: Exposing a Modern Heresy
564. 40 Questions asked by a Messianic Jew and NCCG's Responses
565. Atheism: An Irrational World View
566. Agnosticism Exposed
567. What Caused God?
568. Messianic Heresies Exposed
569. The Case Against Psychotherapy
570. Psychotherapy's Delusions
571. Designed for Sex - What We Lose When We Forget What Sex Is For
572. The Doctrine of Soul-Sleeping: Is It Scriptural? - A Discussion
573. An Historical Account of the Greek Septuagint Version of the Old Testament
574. Awareness, Submission and the Big Brother Concept
575. A Wife's Ten Commandments
576. The Origin of Easter
577. The Great Deception: Easter
578. Contemplation about Peace
579. The Truth About Truth
580. Deeper into the Truth about Truth
581. The Altar, The Image and the Return to True Worship
582. The Master's Commandment and the Call For Forgiveness
583. What the Bible Says About Vegetarianism
584. Soul-Sleeping: Is It True?
585. The Shmita or Sabbatical Year: When Did It Begin?
586. Torahlessness: Sign of the End Times
587. 5 Reasons Why Christians Should Not Obtain a State Marriage License
588. The Way of Teshuvah and Yom Kippur
589. Were the KJV Translators Biased Toward the "Faith-Only" Doctrine?
590. A Lost Soul Found - My Journey Toward the New Covenant (MD)
591. Where is Love Found?
592. Just What are the "Works of the Law"?
593. The Morning Watch
594. Cults and Spiritual Abuse: A Biblical Analysis
595. Santa Claus is Satan
596. An Increase of Love
597. The Golden Thread: The Meaning and Purpose of Life
598. The Fence: A Parable About Government and Church Oppression
599. The Christian Feminist: An Oxymoron
600. Why I Believe in Life After Death
601. Königsberg: Northern East Prussia and the New Germany
602. The Reunification of Germany: A Prophecy Fulfilled
603. The Feminist Flowchart
604. The Truth About AIDS: What the Government Should Have Told You but Didn't
605. Will the True Believer Stand Up? Sorting Out the Christian-Messianic Pot Pourri
606. Becoming an Israelite: Overcoming the Jacob- and Esau-Natures
607. Entering into Life: Keeping the Commandments
608. Knowing the Teaching: Keeping The Commandments Increases Our Relationship
609. The New Covenant: An Example of Counter-Missionary Tactics
610. New Moon Resolved: New Moon is NOT a Sabbath
611. Religious Freedom in the New Millennium: Living Our Faiths in a Pluralistic Society
612. Set Apart and Ready for Yahweh's Kingdom
613. The Software of the Mind: Overcoming Unbiblical Thinking Patterns
614. Was Our Messiah Resurrected On A Sunday?
615. Torah: Defined In Both A Scriptural and Prophetic Context
616. Resurrection Sets Us Free
617. Demonstrate Sacrificial Living
618. The Four Minor Judahite Fasts
619. When Will The Madness End? The Dead Intellectualism of Many Messianic Groups
620. Do Not Fear!
621. A Messianic Testfies About Music
622. Why Didn't the Roman Catholic Church Excommunicate Hitler?
623. Al Gore's Religion Refuted - Say Goodbye to Global Warming!
624. Is the Woman Caught in Adultery Story True?
625. Ecclesiastes for Humanists
626. Marriage in Yahweh
627. Yahweh's Clothes Shop: A Prophetic Dream
628. The First Husband of Romans 7:2-3 - A Key to Romans
629. Age-Gap in Marriage: A Biblical Perspective
630. The Sex Demon Dream: Lust Only for What Yahweh Has Given You
631. Tzitzit: What are They and Who Should Wear Them?
632. Speaking in Tongues: God’s Gift of Gibberish?
633. A Visitor By Night: A UFO Visits us in Arvika
634. Facts are Facts: The Truth About Khazars
635. New Genetic Research Confirms Koestler's 'Khazar' Theory
636. Spurgeon on Christmas
637. The Heathen Roots Of The Hanukkah Bush
638. Why Not Saying "Merry Christmas" Doesn't Mean I Don't Love Messiah
639. The Pagan Origin of Rosary Beads
640. Ten Calendar Errors of Christians and Messianics
641. Zionists Design Myth of Jewish Genome to Usurp Palestine
642. Bible Proofs of Weekly Sabbaths on the 8th, 15th, 22nd & 29th Days
643. The Fall of Eve and Cain: Revealing the Mystery of Desiring and Ruling
644. The Divine Name YHWH: How is It Properly Pronounced?
645. The Burning Bush: The Talmid's Fire of Messiah
646. Outer Cleansing: Preparing Body and Home for Yahweh
647. The MLT Liturgy of the Master's Supper
648. The Body & the Ekklesia
649. Can a Person Be Saved and Not Believe in the Deity of Messiah?
650. A Prophetic Dream About Lev-Tsiyon
651. Fear, Doubt and Expectations
652. The Deconstruction of Marriage Refuted
653. The Messianic Evangelical Liturgy of the Master's Supper
654. Calvinist Excuses
655. The Transformed Life: Becoming His Image
656. The Shoob Heresy: Denying the Incarnation and the New Testament
657. Exodus Proof: The Scientific Evidence Speaks
658. Ash Wednesday: The Pagan Truth

Into All Truth (IAT) Articles

1. Introduction
2. Statement of Faith
3. The Seven Openings
4. How Do I Get Eternal Life?
5. What is a Christian?
6. You are Forgiven
7. The Way to Heaven
8. The World's Greatest Tightrope Walker
9. Tomorrow May Be Too Late
10. No Mountain Too High
11. The Way Back to Yahweh
12. Need a Real Friend?
13. Set Free!
14. There's a New Age Coming!
15. I'm Doing My Best
16. Meet the Amazing Camel
17. Evolution vs. Creation: The Truth and the Myth
18. Are All Religions the Same?
19. What's the Difference Between Biblical Christianity and All the Rest?
20. Ten Stupid Excuses for Not Becoming a Christian
21. The Two Yah'shua's (Jesus')
22. As Birds Flying: Jerusalem 1917
23. Messianic Prophecies of the Tanakh (Old Testament) Fulfilled
24. Youths Oppress and Women Rule
25. Revival and Pentecost

Miscellaneous Header Articles

1. The Way of Yahweh - The Plan of Salvation
2. Eternal Life - How to Get It
3. Confused by the Confusion?
4. Christian Denominations
5. The Messianic Evangelicals
6. Theophany
7. Action Stations!
8. Make Teshuvah
9. The New Covenant Tree
10. Sausages
11. The 1619 Prophecy
12. 1999 - The Writing is on the Wall
13. 2000 - Hymn for the Millennium
14. End-Time Apostolic Church
15. United World or New Covenant Israel?
16. When All is Said and Done
17. An Enemy Has Done This - The Persecution of Believers
18. Our Beliefs Summarised for the Layman
19. Our Threefold Vision and Mission: Reformation, Restoration and Completion
20. Instructions for Prospective Representatives of New Mission Fields

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Collected Sermons

given to the Mishpachah Lev-Tsiyon Congregation in Arvika, Sweden, between 2000 and 2004, are available in limited numbers in Book format while stocks for a small donation to cover printing and distribution costs. They were issued quarterly. All sermons previous to July 2001 were printed in the monthly Journal, the New Covenant Witness, back issues of which are available on the same terms. Temple Sermons, Lectures, Lessons, FAQ, and articles in general appear only in the NCW. Most of these appear in the register above with the exception of FAQ.

    Vol.1 - July-December 2000 (24 sermons, 164pp)
    Vol.2 - January-March 2001 (13 sermons, 104pp)
    Vol.3 - April-June 2001 (11 sermons, 100pp)
    Vol.4 - July-September 2001 (12 sermons, 88pp)
    Vol.5 - October-December 2001 (10 sermons, 72pp)
    Vol.6 - January-March 2002 (13 sermons, 100pp)
    Vol.7 - April-June 2002 (14 sermons, 116pp)
    Vol.8 - July-September 2002 (15 sermons, 108pp)
    Vol.9 - October-December 2002 (13 sermons, 92pp)
    Vol.10 - January-March 2003 (12 sermons, 92pp)
    Vol.11 - April-June 2003 (12 sermons, 92pp)
    Vol.12 - July-September 2003 (13 sermons, 100pp)
    Vol.13 - October-December 2003 (13 sermons, 92pp)
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