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Month 9:8, Week 1:7 (Shibi'i/Sukkot), Year:Day 5939:245 AM
2Exodus 2/40, 4th Sh'mittah - Year 49/50
Global Judgment - Day #T-54
Gregorian Calendar Thursday 19 November 2015
Second Exodus Lineup
I. Introducing the Main Characters


    Shabbat shalom mishpachah and may the grace of our Master Yah'shua (Jesus) be with you all. Because of continuing illness this will be a written message like last week.

    The Fleshy Dark Side

    The davar (word) that I am called to share with you today is something I have been struggling with now for several weeks and is a response to that oft asked question, "What next?" To begin with, I must state the obvious, not in any way to be flippant but sincerely, deeply, and out of the midst of a great deal of pain mingled with tiqveh (hope). The last few weeks have been dark for me personally on account of the illnesses I have been struggling with. There have been times of great despair, not only because of pain, sleeplessness and shere exhaustion, but because of the awareness that the power of the flesh is far, far greater than I had ever imagined. The 'Adamic disease' is not only fatal but it is far greater in its extent than any would care of acknowledge which makes its dying all the harder.

    The Permission You Give to Enable the Struggle to Overcome

    Are you travailing? Are you struggling, be it with disease, affairs of the heart, with mental torture or with any of those issues of mortality that are the common lot of humanity? Of course you are. And the more earnest you are in your discipleship and quest for the Kingdom life, the harder that struggle will become until you have overcome. If you have made a profession of emunah (faith), if you have nailed your colours to the mast of the Gospel Ship, if you have made a public confession of submission and obedience to Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ), then our Heavenly Father will hold you to your professions and vows and afflict your flesh until either you have overcome or you have abandoned Him for Satan because that is the nature of the invisible conflict we are in. And if you have attempted - or are attempting - to be a fence-sitter in all of this, you will not be allowed to. I guarantee that. For in this part of the spiritual torus we either go with Him or against Him. And if we are attempting to do both, then the conditions will be created in your life forcing you to make a choice one way or the other. You will neither be allowed to remain double-minded nor closed down and indifferent to active choosing. Such is the nature of the separation that is going on.

    Persecution in the Nations

    Perhaps you, like me, have been caught up, to some extent, in all the happenings around the world and sense both the enormity and darkness of the Enemy's work. The massacres in Paris are fresh in our memories and the escalating conflict in Syria is in the daily news. And the West is bracing for more. But these are not the main thing, at least not as far as those who profess the Name of Messiah are concerned. Many of you live in countries where there is very real persecution going on. I hear the heart-wrenching stories of brethren in Pakistan, for example, and all they are going through as judgment presses on the wicked, causing the wicked to be aroused even more. The earth groans because of the multiplying sins of men that thereby curse it. Understandably we all seek for Beulahlands - places of rest and happiness - amidst all of this calamity and suffering. And for sure we are granted respites, just as the children if Israel were led to small oases in the desert during their wanderings.

    New Teachings vs. Overcoming

    So many Christian and Messianic leaders are yet of the belief that leadership consists, in the main, of bringing forth new teachings. Many Messianic leaders labour under this delusion. And though a spiritual wandering and purification process very definitely depends on true doctrine, the most important part of leadership consists of being an example in the struggle to overcome. There are patterns or tavniths that cannot be ignored, which is why accurate Scriptural teaching is of the essence.

    Carnal Defence of the Psyche

    This not a conflict within assemblies between teachings and matters of the heart, as though one were more exalted than the other, but of both being cleansed and submitted to the Ruach (Spirit)! It is not male verses female with their tendency to, respectively, emphasise the mind and the heart, but of male and female, in divine tavnith (pattern) immersing in, walking in, and being transformed by, Ruach (Spirit). Ruach (Spirit) is neither mind or heart, brethren and sisters. So very, very many believers think they are, but they are not. And until mind and heart encounter Ruach (Spirit), and most especially Neshamah or the higher aspect of Ruach (Spirit), they will continue to be deceived into thinking that those aspects of man that are of the flesh are somehow 'spirit' when they are not. And they will protest - most eneregetically - against the suggestion. They will be agitated by the suggestion, annoyed by the suggestion and at times even angered by the suggestion. And they will do so because the flesh is yet uncrucified. Their protestations will be heard and embraced only by those yet in, and of, the flesh, leaving them still miserable because Heaven will not acknowledge the counterfeit in their lives.

    The Demands of Self-Entitlement

    "What next?" has been my increasingly desperate cry over the last couple weeks especially as I have very much felt cut off from Heaven myself more than once. When Yahweh did speak to me, it was not a message I wanted to hear personally. I should have guessed what was coming because of my complaining to Him because when you are complaining you are most certainly not in the Ruach (Spirit), you are not aligned with Him, but with the entitlement demands of the Adamic nature. My aim today is to share that revelation with you, which came in two parts on the evening of the 4th day of the 9th month (15 November 2015) and in the early morning on the 6th day (17 November 2015).

    The Grief Caused by Failed Brethren

    As you know, over the years, we have struggled - and struggled hard - to plant and grow new congregations. This work has met with much frustration and tears. Many times Yahweh has had to plough our labours into the ground to start anew. I cannot tell you the sense of failure I have felt as souls have turned away and returned - almost effortlessly - to the world, some of them even to do an about-turn and openly persecute us. But we have started again and again and again. And our most recent efforts have lifewise seemingly come to grief as the high standards of the Kingdom have once again been rejected. 'Plough it back into the ground', He has said again, as we have once more handed over the work to Him, with not a small amount of grief, and wondered if His Kingdom would ever rise.

    How Low is Your Standard Bar?

    The first reaction, if you are true to your profession as a believer, in situations of failure is to blame yourself, and self may be expected to unfailingly present defect after defect. However, it is a mistake - a big mistake - to assume that we are by default sinners, that there is nothing we can or ought to do about it, or that Yahweh will simply accept the low bar of our personal standards so long as we simply repent and repeat the same old errors again and again. His Kingdom does not operate like this, no matter how much many haughty but careless Christians may tell you it does. Look at the Master's teachings and parables and you will see clearly that there is a high bar and that we are expected to raise our own bar until, spiritually exercised and trained, we are actually living it. Grace is never given to us so we can return to the low bar again and again but so that we might readily have forgiveness for failing the first time so thyat we might raise it to the next level and witness what Elohim (God) can, and indeed wants to, do.

    Getting Real About Capital Sins - the Terrible '25'

    When the woman caught in adultery was forgiven and exonerated it was not so she could commit adultery again. She was told not to repeat it because there would be no second chance for a sin of such magnitude. As far as the 25 Torah principles whose violation leads to death are concerned, under the Old Covenant you had no second chance because you were executed the first time you broke them. The New Covenant does not exonerate you so that you can keep on indefinitely committing these deadly sins even if Protestants read and twist Paul's teachings as though he meant just that. You don't play around with these 25! And to do so, expecting one exoneration after the other, is to mock grace. Is it not enough that we should be grateful that we have had our lives spared to have a second go at getting our lives right? That is one of the reasons that this generation has so much cleaning out to do, because even in the churches and messianic assemblies there is this filthy notion that we can just go on as before, with little moral, ethical and spiritual difference between us and the world. Until we have caught a vision of just how perverse and deadly this thinking is - and it is here that accurate doctrine is of the utmost importance - we will never overcome, never be separated from the world, and indeed we will not want to be separated from the world because it is so much a part of the spiritual air we breathe and the spiritual bread and butter we eat. If you are at all serious about being a part of the Remnant you have first of all got to get your Torah-thinking right. So if you are guilty of any of these 25 sins, get scared - really scared - and repentant...for real!

    • 1. Sacrificing to gods other than Yahweh (Ex.22:20; Lev.27:29);
    • 2. Child sacrifice to Molech - including abortion (Lev.20:1-5);
    • 3. Worshipping Baal Peor (Chemosh) - licentiousness (Num.25:1-9);
    • 4. False prophecy in Yahweh's Name (Dt.13:1-10; 17:2-7; 18:20-22);
    • 5. Necromancy - conjuring up the dead for information (Lev.20:27);
    • 6. Practicing witchcraft (Ex.22:17-18);
    • 7. Blasphemy (Lev.24:10-16);
    • 8. Sabbath-breaking (Ex.31:14; 35:2; Num.15:32-36);
    • 9. Countryside rape of a betrothed woman by a man (Dt.22:25-27);
    • 10. Urban consentual sex with a betrothed woman removing her virginity (Dt.23:23-24);
    • 11. Loss of virginity by a betrothed woman prior to full marriage to someone other than her husband (Dt.22:13-21);
    • 12. Adultery (by a single or married man) with a married woman (Lev.20:10);
    • 13. Marrying your wife's mother (Lev.20:14);
    • 14. Incest, and specifically with your father's plural wife or daughter-in-law (Lev.20:11-12);
    • 15. Prostitution by the daughter of a priest (Lev.21:9);
    • 16. Homosexual activity between men (Lev.20:13; 18:22);
    • 17. Bestiality - sex with animals (Ex.22:19; Lev.20:15-16);
    • 18. Murder (Gen.9:6; Ex.21:12-14; Lev.24:17-23; Num.35:9-34);
    • 19. Striking a parent (Ex.21:15);
    • 20. Cursing a parent (Ex.21:17; Lev.20:9);
    • 21. Persistent stubbornness and rebellion by a son (Dt.21:18-21);
    • 22. Kidnapping (Ex.21:16; Dt.24:7);
    • 23. Negligent homicide (Ex.21:28-32);
    • 24. Contempt of an authorised court of Yahweh (Dt.17:8-13);
    • 25. False witness to a capital crime (Dt.19:15-21).

    If these don't worry you, then your spiritual bar is far, far too low, and you could well find yourself in deep trouble. These statutes may not seem 'equal' to you but who are you judge Yahweh? I guarantee that for most at least two or three of these will be an issue to be earnestly worked on.

    The Sun Didn't Go Dark

    So let me tell you what happened on the 15th which, by the way, we had been told by some pretended scientific circles that the sun would go dark for a couple of weeks or so owing to some extraordinary electro-magnetic phenomenon on Jupiter that was supposed to occur. Of course it didn't and though I had made a note of this claim on my calendar, it wasn't something I had at all felt led by the Ruach (Spirit) to in any way prepare for.

    The 'Vision'

    Just after midnight (strictly speaking, then, the 16th though I had been in prayer before the day-change in the Roman calendar) I saw in my mind's eye a picture - not a vision as such, just a very sharp picture. I saw, in the centre, Yah'shua (Jesus), and to his left I saw Moses, and next to Moses Aaron, and next to Moses and Aaron Joshua and Caleb. On Yah'shua's (Jesus') right hand, I saw another Moses, another Aaron, another Joshua and another Caleb, a mirror image, in fact, of what lay on His left side. On the left were the principle characters of the First Exodus, and on the right the principle characters-to-be of the Second Exodus which began two Pesach's (Passovers) ago.

    The 32 Steps

    For the next hour Yahweh caused me to sequentiallty run through in my mind 32 principle steps or events of the First Exodus and in so showed me a tavnith or pattern that I understood would be repeated in the Second Exodus though with some differences. It is my task today, as Yah enables me, to share with you the principle elements of this tavnith (pattern).

    The Second Exodeers Are No Less Wicked Than the First

    To begin with, as I hope should now be quite obvious, the Second Exodus is not going to be a short affair. Is this generation any less perverse than the generation that Moses had to lead through the barren wastes of Sinai? Is it any less idolatrous, is it any less patterned after the image of Egypt or the world than the ancient generation?

    Differences in the Second Exodus

    Now there are, obviously, differences. For one thing, all Israel isn't in one location - in one country, Egypt. Israel is scattered across the entire planet! This means, first off, that the scale or scope of the Final Gathering is much bigger and more complicated than the First! Second, instead of there being one body of people moving together through one terrain, there will be twelve bodies of people moving though twelve different terrains, even if some of them may well converge and share part of the journey together.

    The Twelve End-Time Apostles

    Furthermore, there will be more than one 'Pharaoh' to be overcome and destroyed but at least 12, if not more! And if that is true, then there must be 12 Moses-men at the head of the 12 bodies of peoples with 12 Aaron-men, 12 Joshua-men and 12 Caleb-men. And at the head of all of these, will be one of them, the Prince of Israel, even if physically and temporally all 12 will effectively be acting independently (as they must obviously be) until gathered in the Holy Land. These 12 are the authentic end-time apostles. All will share essentially the same giftings, with minor variations, all will be echad (one) in Ruach (Spirit), all will be fully consecrated and spiritually endowed with the same unmistakable and undeniable anointing. Each will be at the head of one of the 12 Tribes of Messianic Israel.

    Dinah's 'Tribe' and the Second Exodus

    My purpose today, however, is not to get into a discussion about the tribes. Out focus is to be on the divine tavnith (pattern) of the Second Exodus as it pertains to each time and therefore collectively to the whole. At some point - probably not today - I need to talk to you in some depth about the '13th tribe' of Dinah and what she represents in the equation. Though Dinah did not, of course, even become a 'tribe' (and could not), she does, nevertheless, represent a principle, and specifically, an invisible principle that is most definitely a part of the divine tavnith (pattern) equation. What do I mean by that? Briefly - because there isn't time to go into this fascinating subject - had Dinah not been raped by Shechem in the original story, and had she been married according to divine tavnith (pattern), she would have linked the nation of Israel to another nation which would have meant there would have been a dynastic bond, alliance and fellowship between Israel and that nation. All I will say is that in the second establishment of Israel - of Messianic Israel - Dinah factors importantly into the spiritual equation. Having planted that seed into your minds I will leave you, if you are interested, to prayerfully consider what Dinah might represent today. We will come back to her another time.


    Next week, Yah willing and health permitting, I will share the second half of the message with you as we take a look at the specific personalities and principle elements that must be in place for the Second Exodus to take form. May Yahweh bless you all and give you His shalom (peace) until then. Amen.

    Continued in Part 2

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    Last updated on 19 November 2015

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