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Month 10:13, Week 2:5 (Chamashee/Teruah), Year:Day 5937:279 AM
Gregorian Calendar: Monday 13 January 2014
The 100th Monkey
Proof of Non-Material Communication

The Materialist Gods

Many are those who reject the idea of a God (Elohim), having previously believed in Him, when things have not gone according to plan or they have been hurt (real or imagined) by a person who still believes in Him. Rejecting any kind of spiritual or invisible world, they turn to the more 'comfortable', observable and quantifiable realm of the material for their sense of security. Materialism, humanism, and existentialism become their replacement atheist 'trinity' of sorts.

Proof of the Existence of an Invisible Realm

It's not my purpose to examine the philosophical contradictions of this triple goddess of atheism though that is for sure a valuable and fascinating exercise all in itself. David Cook, Ravi Zacharias, Norman Geisler and John Lennox and others have done a far better job at that than I ever could ever. Today I am going to take off my theologian's hat and put on my biochemist's one and prove scientifically that a materialist worldview does not, and cannot account, for some kinds of observations. I will cite three examples only in the limited time I have today.

Case Study #1: The Japanese Macaque

Some of you may have heard of the Japanese monkey called Macaca fuscata, Nihonzaru ('Japanese monkey' in Japanese or saru for short), or simply the red-faced 'Japanese macaque'. These intelligent and entertaining monkeys love bathing together in hot springs in the middle of winter to warm up and rolling snowballs for fun. An interesting experiment was conducted by scientists between 1952 and 1958. He is a materialist version of that experiment:

    "Researchers studying this species at Koshima Island in Japan left sweet potatoes out on the beach for them to eat, then witnessed one female, named Imo (Japanese for yam or potato), washing the food off with river water rather than brushing it off as the others were doing, and later even dipping her clean food into salty sea water. After a while, others started to copy her behaviour. This trait was then passed on from generation to generation, until eventually all except the oldest members of the troop were washing their food and even seasoning it in the sea. She was similarly the first observed balling up wheat with air pockets, throwing it into the water, and waiting for it to float back up before picking it up and eating it free from dirt." [1]

The Ignored Data

This is, however, only half the story. The other half has been suppressed, twisted or riddiculed by the materialist scientific community. In fact, by 1958, after a period of six years, not only had this particular troop learned the trick of washing sand off the sweet potatoes but suddenly, and unobserved by the researchers, the whole island's population had learned it. Authors Ken Keyes [2] and Lyall Watson [3] describe this phenomenon as the 'hundredth monkey effect', an arbitrary number selected by Watson to indicate the reaching of a critical mass which somehow 'supernaturally' communicated this knowledge to all the other monkeys on the island without them having to learn the skill by observation and hands-on experimentation. Great efforts were made by the materialist scientific community to disprove this claim which is summarised in the humanist-biased Wikipedia website [4].

The Learned Skill Spreads Invisibly

The problem is this new behaviour was not restricted to the island of Koshima. Had it been restricted to one island scientists could have argued that there was some form of communication with other communities of macaques and have made a study of it. But it was then discovered that simultaneously the monkeys on the surrounding islands also started washing their potatoes, and not just these islands either but on mainland Japan, in a place called Takasakiyama, the monkeys there were also washing their potatoes. There is no possible way these monkeys could have communicated in a physically observable way that we know of. They couldn't have climbed on boats and sailed to the other islands to teach the other monkets there, and even if that could have, they could never have done it so fast.

A Logical Deduction

As a result of these observations, scientists - our modern-day Galileos - willing to challenge the status quo of the ruling materialism of the contemporary scientific community proposed, in explanation of the phenomenon, and without reference of any kind of deity, the next logical thing: that there must have been some kind of morphogenetic structure or field that stretched across these islands through which the monkeys were able to communicate in some unseen way.

Case Study #2: Human Faces in Australia and England

That was over 50 years ago. And unfortunately the same materialist-atheistic mindset is still in control of the scientific community. But these scientists are now being powerfully challenged. Some years later after the Japanese research, a scientific team from Australia and Great Britain postulated that human beings might also live in such an invisible morphogenetic field and set up an experiment. They made a photograph that had hundreds of human faces in it, large and small, with faces in the eyes. Everything was amde up of these faces, but when you first looked at it, you could only see about 6 or 7. It took training to see the other ones and usually someone had to first point out where they were.

Stage 1

This picture was taken from Britain to Australia and the experiment began. A sample of people of people consisting of several hundred individuals were selected from a cross-section of society, each was shown the picture and given a certain amount of time to look at it. They would hold up the picture to each subject and ask them: 'How many faces can you see?' Most came up with 6 to 10 faces and very few saw more.

Stage 2

Once this phase of the experiment was completed, some of the scientific researchers flew to the UK (on the other side of the planet) and showed the picture on a close-cable BBC TV station that broadcasts only to England. They carefully showed where every single face was located. A few minutes later the remaining scientific researchers in Australia repeated the original experiments with new subjects. Suddenly people could easily see most of the faces. But how?

Simultaneous 'Discoveries'

Several ancient cultures, including the native Aboriginees of Australia, have long known that there is an energy field connecting people. Even in our own Western society we have observed that somebody on one side of the planet would invent something very complex and at the same moment someone on the other side of the planet 'independently' invented the very same thing, with the same principles and ideas. Before long accusations of intellectual property theft started flying. This has happened many times.

Case Study #3: Dr. Rupert Sheldrake and the Psychic Gift of Pets

I don't have time to go into any detail on this fascinating subject in this short article other than to mention a couple of things. When I was in England last year, I picked up a book in a fleamarket in Marlborough, Wiltshire by a respected Cambridge physicist called Dr. Rupert Sheldrake [5] who has become very popular in Britain [6]. Anyone who has owned pets, especially dogs, will know that they have an uncanny way of knowing that their owner is returning home maybe half an hour or more ahead of their arrival. Sheldrake and other workers performed numerous scientific experiment and proved beyond any reasonable doubt that dogs could sense the moment an owner, who might be a considerable distance away, would think to him- or herself: 'Now I'm going home.' I used to watch my own dog, Emma, go to the door and wait for my father's return. It amde no differnce whether he was early, on time or late, but about ½ hour before, she would uncannily know he was homeward bound.


Scientific Community Under Siege

Sheldrake (who is a non-religious evolutionist, incidentally) has written a number of books [7] that are worth reading on morphogenetic fields. His views are, of course, heresy in the materialist-controlled scientific community because their whole world-view is already under heavy siege by creationism and is in the painful process of being gradually overturned.

An Early Interest in Magneto- and Geotaxis

I distinctly remember having an interest in the interaction of invisible forces with living organisims back in 1975, two years before I was born again. I was then studying Biochemistry at Oxford University. I dug up some of my research notes on differentiation in Dictostelium discoideum, a cellular slime mould. The section on magnetotaxis and geotaxis, or the effects of magnetism and gravity on cell communication sufficiently interested my supervisor to earn me an Alpha grade! (see picture below):

Government Awareness and Exploitation of Invisible Grids & UFOs

I am no less interested in such phenomena today. Though Sheldrake's work is important, there is far more beyond what he has even dreamed of. However, materialist scientists with a niche to protect (and its government funding) aren't the only people interested in keeping the truth suppressed. As far back as the 1960's, the American and Soviet governments had discovered electromagnetic fields or grids that stretch around the whole world and that there are several human grids lying about 60+ miles above the earth's surface. Since these connect to us, you can understand why governments might want to learn how to plug into them (and indeed have done so, with the assistance of dark forces posing as 'aliens') and so influence human consciousness and behaviour for the purposes of total control. I had pretty much deduced this for myself over the years observing the UFO phenomenon. You can read about this, and my own experiences, in the articles I wrote, Unwelcome Neighbours: Making More Sense of UFO's and The Heavenly Landscaper: Teshuvah and the Eye of Lucifer.


We know governments want their tampering with the invisible hidden from the purview of the general public and it is easy to see how they would maintain this secrecy by cynically manipulating materialist scientists to serve as their protectors for as long as they are useful. Occultists, New Agers, psychics and spiritualists have known about this phenomenon for a long time but their problem is that they have bought into some heafty lies about reality, salvation and Elohim (God) that prevent them from understanding what the real set-up is. Their so-called 'ascended masters' are far from being friendly. Sooner or later Christians and Messianics have to come to grips with this phenomenon and know how to explain it otherwise they will look like imbeciles compared to the knowledge of the New Agers whose twoi-tier system (naturism hiding behind satanism) is slated by the élite to replace the materialist one and which will become the chief competitor with the Besorah (Gospel) when it replaces atheism and materialism. We have to go one step further than these naturalistic and psyche-worshipping pantheists and explain how the invisible world works theologically and scientifically. This mean stepping out of a mediaeval mindset into a 21st century one, rooted 100% in Scripture. There is nothing to be afraid of, because the emet (truth) of Messiah remains and triumphs anway.


[1] Wikipedia, Japanese macaque
[2] Ken Keyes, Jr., The Hundredth Monkey
[3] Lyall Watson, Lifetide: The Biology of the Unconscious
[4] Wikipedia, Hundredth monkey effect
[5] Rupert Sheldrake, Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home and Other Unexplained Powers of Animals (Arrow Books, London: 1999)
[6] For example, Is your pet psychic? A Cambridge scientist believes we have only seen the beginning of animals' telepathic powers
[7] A good starter would be Rupert Sheldrake, The Science Delusion (Coronet, London: 2012) and Several Experiments That Could Change the World (Park Street Press, Rochester, Vermont: 2002). There are many other titles he has authored and co-authored, which I have not yet had the opportunity to get hold of, that would undoubtedly be a worthwhile read for any courageous scientist wanting to break out of the suffocating mould and explore new territory. You can also find easily accessible lectures made by him on YouTube that summarise his work on morphogenetic fields of you can visit his own website


[1] Drunvalo Melchizedek, The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, Vols. 1 & 2 (Light Technology Publishing, Flagstaff, AZ: 1990-2000). These volumes contain a mishmash of New Age science fiction and occultism but do have some useful scientific data as well for those prepared to do some digging and careful sifting. Read with discernment.
[2] Dr. Eben Alexander, Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife (Piatkus, London: 2012)
[3] David Cook, Blind Alley Beliefs: Communism, Humanism, Existentialism, Materialism (Pickering & Inglis, London: 1979)

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