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Month Aviv 1:21, Week 3:6 (Sheshi/Kippur), Year:Day 5937:021 AM
Passover Season Day #8/8, Chag haMatazah Day 7/7, Annual Moed #2
Gregorian Calendar: Tuesday 30 April 2013
Chag haMatzah 2013 VII
Death & the Starter Dough Revelation

    Continued from Part 6 (Passover Season 2013)

    Introduction - A Deeep Loss

    Chag sameach kol beit Yisra'el on this the final day of Chag haMatzah (Festival of Unleaveend Bread) which is a Qodesh (Holy, Set-apart) Convocation and High Sabbath. I woke up this morning, after a very traumatic day yesterday with the passing of my mother and with the words of Job ringing in my ears:

      "Man who is born of woman is of few days and full of trouble. He comes forth like a flower and fades away; he flees like a shadow and does not continue" (Job 14:1-2, NKJV).

    As we mourn over the next seven days according to the days of mourning of Joseph for his father Jacob (Gen.50:10). We are grateful, and will continuen to be grateful, for your prayers

    The Critical Choices of Life

    Our time here is shorter than we think and so very impermanent. It is marked symbolically by a span of seven prophetic days in this feast of matzah or unleavened bread. But these short years that are actually tiny in comparison to eternity are the most critical days of our existence in which we are forced by a very turbulent world to make character-changing choices that will determine who we will become in the vast span of time that lies beyond. Here, on this earth, we are either made or broken, and whilst Yahweh has overall control of our circumstances, ordering them perfectly for every living soul, we nevertheless have to make our own choices - to follow Yahweh or Satan - to embrace the chametz (leaven) that leads to eternal life or embrace the chametz (leaven) that leads to death and a giant void that disguises itself as self-interest.

    A Chag haMatzah VI Revelation

    In the early morning yesterday, before my 98 year-old mother died and a special Service of Remembrance had to be hastily organised before her body was removed, I received a profoundly deep revelation that I had planned to share in yesterday's assembly which had to be cancelled. I say 'new' not so much because it was a new principle, for in truth it had been revealed to me a very long time ago, but 'new' because it was now placed in its proper setting of Chag haMatazah. Because it is deep it is also qodesh (holy, set-apart) and therefore liable to misinterpretation so I am going to share it with you parabolically today using the language and symbols of this season and keep things general. It required the passing of my mother and the deep stirrings of anguish that that caused for me to be able to understand more of its profundity.

    Our Parental Inheritance

    This week we have talked much about chametz or leaven, as is right, but we have in particular noted that it was not naked chametz (yeast) that was placed in new dough to make lechem (bread) anciently but sourdough or starterdough. In other words, that which leavens us is an already living remainder of the previous of batch of dough. There is a family line, as it were, that defines the nature of the next lechem (loaf of bread). This is a picture of the generations of man all the way back from Adam for in each of us is not only (if we choose it) the pure chametz (leaven) of Heaven - a portion of the Light of Messiah that accompanies every soul being born into the world (John 1:9) but also something of our parents from which we can never escape, whether it be good of bad. In our make-up is something of our father and mother - always, their nature written in indellible ink. A person who has an issue with that - because they have issues with their parents - is setting himself up literally for a 'hell of a life'. What we receive from our parents is desined by Yahweh for a purpose because these are the chief ingredients of the contrary nature within us with which we will have to deal, as we learn to embrace the accumulated good of generations, reject the evil of those generations, and make our own contribution to the dough which is us which we will in turn pass to our own children.

    We Cannot Escape Our Parents' Natures

    It would be dishonest of me to say that I did not have issues with my mother, just as every single child has issues of one sort or another with their parents - every one of us, without exception, because none of our parents were perfect. Some of you may have had parents who were downright evil and want nothing to do with them and hate the very flesh that they have given to make up your body. Nevertheless we must realise two things:

    • 1. That the original dough was not bad so the physical and psychic substance which your parents bequeathed to you is not itself bad;
    • 2. If they corrupted their dough, it was (and if they are still alive) still redeemable in them, so it follows that what they bequeathed to you is also redeemable - in other words, we each of us have a responsibility for healing the generations in Messiah.

    The Complexity That is Every Soul

    These will initially be hard concepts to grasp so I will need a little time to unfold the deeper meaning of what I am trying to say. Notice that I am speaking of the physical body, with its particular genetic makeup and dispositions, propensities and liklely habit-forming impulses - and of the psyche, that complicated mass of emotions and thoughts that are the sum total of everything we have been and are. These last few days and weeks as my mother struggled with her life, and on the last day as she, I believe, struggled with wrong choices she had made that were keeping her alienated from Yahweh, I have been litereally immersed in her world, sitting 5-6 hours a day with her praying over her, and seeing visions of her inner strugglings and physical pain by night. This morning when I awoke I was overwhelmed by the shere intensity and complexity of her life which had not seen a dull dull save when in old age she was forced into a sedentary lifestyle far away from home in a foreign land. My mother was very much a do-er, never idle, constantly sizzling with psychic energy which could at times be too much, I suspect, for even her. But what I saw today was the unbelievable complexity that we are. Once that starterdough gets going in the new batch of dough, there is nothing stopping it save death itself. We are being leavened in our souls day by day by one, two or both forces, one good and the other evil, and we are constantly having to decide what aspect of each we want to retain or destroy.

    Supernatural vs. Natural Chametz

    That is why at Chag haMatzah we are commanded to get rid of all chametz (leaven) out of our homes, and in particular, the chametz (leaven) of sin. It is, moreover, a family affair concerning those who share related genetic lines - it's not just about individuals though that is where the cleansing begins. As we have seen this leaven is specifically yeast (representing the supernatural) and not non-living raising agents like sodium bicarbonate (representing the natural or earthly) because the issue is about supernatural heavenly and hellish powers, not earthly ones. Life originated in heavenlies and not on earth as the evolutionists like to misinform us. Accordingly, when we are dealing with the chametz (leaven) of sin we are dealing with spiritual powers in unseen places:

      "For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places" (Eph.6:12, NKJV).

    Atheists and spiritually unregenerated Christians and Messianics may dispute this but I know it is true. We were not born into this life, with the starterdough of our parents, to pursue the Dream Holiday - that is not what this life is for, even if Yahweh does grant us times or rest and oases of spiritual plenty at which to get our spiritual batteries recharged. We are here to make the most important decisions and take the most far-reaching choices for eternity and this is the only time we get to do it:

      "It is appointed for men to die once, but after this the judgment" (Heb.9:27, NKJV).

    We Don't Need Reincarnation

    There is no reincarnation that we can appeal to for a second chance if we mess up - we don't get an endless stream of repeating lives to get things fixed by a laboriously (and excruciatingly painful, I might add) 'evolutionarly' process because we don't actually need vast expanses of time to accomplish what we were sent to do here. It isn't even about us 'doing' anything that would transform us into anything else - it is simply about recognising that in our own power we can do nothing and asking Yah'shua (Jesus) to place a piece of starterdough from His Being into our own being!

    Putting In or Taking Out?

    Notice that this seven day-long festival is not about putting bits of righteusness into our life but about getting sins out. All that the Divine Sourdough needs is a place to be put. It needs a lev (heart) vaccated by the desire to sin and revel in that sin because otherwise it will be excluded from the soul, preventing its divine transformation. That is why we are commanded to so passionately guard the Torah (Law, Teaching) of Elohim (God) because it reveals what sin is so that we can have a mind to be done with it in Messiah Yah'shua (Jesus). It requires only our recognition and desire for its removal for the heavenly work to be accomplished in us. We cannot get rid of sin in our own strength or by our own will-power or works of righteousness, important though these are in making sure the Divine Sourdough is not expelled by persistently unrepented of and habitual sin.

    Why the Gospel is Different From All Other Religion

    It is this emet (truth) that distinguishes Biblical Christianity and Messianism from all other religion. In other religion is is about acquiring merit through our own efforts - our good deeds - in order to be acceptable to Elohim (God), but in the Besorah (Gospel) is is simply to give place to the Divine Starterdough and let Yahweh do the rest in Yah'shua (Jesus) our Messiah.

    All We Have to Do is Make Room for Yah'shua

    Of Yah'shua (Jesus) the writer of Hebrews said:

      "Therefore, when He came into the world, He said:

        Sacrifice and offering You did not desire,
        But a body You have prepared for Me.
        In burnt offerings and sacrifices for sin
        You had no pleasure.
        Then I said, 'Behold, I have come --
        In the volume of the book it is written of Me --
        To do Your will, O Elohim (God).'"

      "Previously saying, 'Sacrifice and offering, burnt offerings, and offerings for sin You did not desire, nor had pleasure in them' (which are offered according to the Torah), then He said, 'Behold, I have come to do Your will, O Elohim (God).' He takes away the first that He may establish the second. By that will we have been made qodesh (holy, sanctified) through the offering of the body of Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) once for all'" (Heb.10:5-10, NKJV).

    The Divinity in Creation

    This is a profoundly deep teaching. The Starterdough Principle that lies at the heart of Chag haMatazah (Unleavened Bread) goes far further and deeper than I have hinted at. Indeed, it points to something that even New Agers and some other oriental religions understand, namely, that all of Creation is somehow 'divine'. But what they do not know - and it's why they are pantheists thinking that everything is Elohim (God) and therefore (wrongly) concluding that they too are Elohim (God) - is that the divinity in matter is not because it is Elohim (God) but because it contains Elohim's (God's) Starterdough! In other words, the act of divine Creation involved Yahweh-Elohim putting something of Himself, along with the 'Divine Spark' into matter, whilst remaining separate from Creation, so that if we make the choice to embrace Him, we may be leavaned not only by divine chayim (life) itself but by His very own Personality too.

    Not Evolution But Transformation

    When we embrace Yahweh we do not become divine nor are we evolving into becoming divinity as paganism teaches. We are simply allowing a piece of heavenly starterdough to take over and transform us as we obey Yahweh's will which means not only conforming to New Covenant Torah but obeying Yahweh's calling in our lives day by day. Thus Paul, in the passage I cited to you, declared, "Behold, I have come to do Your will, O Elohim (God)", not His own, the example we are commanded to imitate. And that is all any of us can do, just as the Son of Elohim (God) did. In doing His will, we allow the Heavenly Sourdough within us to furiously multiply and transform us into His literal children as we respond to His directives, not just by birth but by nature. This is how we become like our Father in Heaven - one little leavening step at a time by allowing Yahweh to replicate His loveliness in us.

    A Death on the Sixth Day

    Yahweh chose to remove my mother yesterday, on the sixth day of Chag haMatazah (Unleavened Bread), I believe, for many reasons, but one of them was to teach and emphasise this emet (truth): for the sixth day being a type of the sixth festival of Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement and of Judgment, is to remind us that our obedience is judged principally in our yielding in obediebnce to His will or not, in all its complex ramifications.

    Family Tragedies

    Yesterday morning I received a prophetic Davar (Word) from a sister which matched what Yahweh had told me. It was for my dying mother. Paraphrasing, that Davar (Word) was, simply, that we have no control over our life even if we think we do, and that struggling to control it is futile, for Elohim (God) has been in control of events from beginning to end. My mother lost her first husband in the Second World War only a few months after they were married and this created much bitterness in her. Worse, it was an accident, as an allied Greek plane accidentally crashed into his Wellington bomber as he was landing in Athens. My father, too, was betrayed by his adulterous first wife, a clergyman's daughter, which caused him to turn from Elohim (God) and religion altogether. Yet the response of my parents was not identical for a part of my mother clung on (and perhaps, who knows, a part of my father did too, though he never that betrayed secret to me). These responses - these choices - shaped the rest of their lives.

    Destroyed Families

    Do I understand them? Yes, very much. Very deeply, in fact, for I was betrayed adulterously by two wives and abandoned by a third. I have had four children ripped from my bosom and known the havoc and agony of shattered relationships and families. So I know the pain intimately, many times over! And given that it takes on average about seven years to recover from the trauma of a broken family, this has consumed over 20 years of my life. But I also know what I value and cherish now and that makes me keener than ever to do what is right even if it has absolutely not been easy. So I know what those of you who have experienecd divorce and broken families have gone through. After death it's the worse thing that can happen to you, and often it is worse because there is never full closure while those who wronged you still live and you have to encounter them in daily life. People pretend, of course, by deliberately numbing themselves and trying to cope in their own strength, but it doesn't work. Without the healing of the divine chametz (leaven) it eats you alive or shuts you down.

    Tragedy in Relationships and Starterdough

    I have asked the self same questions that we all ask when tragedy befalls us. Why? Why me? Why now? To what end? How can this suffering benefit anyone? And this is the thing: it's not ultimately about justice in this life - we are not promised that in this life but in the next - what it's about is the way we choose to react to such calamities. If Yahweh has permitted them, then it is for the benefit of all if they make the right choice. Where the fault lies in our failed relationships is not as important as how we choose to deal with each situation as far as our final salvation is concerned. The purpose of Chag haMatazah (Unleavaned Bread) is to underline not justice (which belongs to Yom Kippur) but to making sure the right starterdough is ruling our lives. Do we give in to bitterness and revenge (the Satanic way) or do we choose the path of forgiveness and ahavah (love) (the Heavenly Way)? Because no matter how ghastly our circumstances and experiences may be we always have the capacity and ability to choose one or the other response. We are never 'victims' in the sense of not being able to choose how we respond - with hate or with ahavah (love). This is not to deny the pain or the injustice which are real and must be acknowledged and worked with. We can choose to get that dark chametz (leaven) out of our lives and give space the the divine chametz (leaven) to multiply and heal or we can retain the dark chametz (leaven) and go from bad to worse as far as our inner state is concerned. Whether we live or die inside it ultimately up to us and no one else.

    The Pity-Party Crowd

    If we're looking for occasion to have a Pity Party based on our woes then every living soul has the same occasion. We are absolutely not a 'special case' deserving pre-eminent sympathy above all others. And just because we do not know the struggles of others doesn't mean to say that they 'owe' us some 'special attention'. We are not the sole owners of some terrible syndrome over which we had zero control. The Ahavah (love) that is freely given by righteous, caring souls cannot work if first the dark chametz (leaven) is not removed from the one wanting it thayt ahavah (love) - and that's always a conscious choice. Have you ever poured love onto someone and it has seemed as though it's washed off their backs like a duck? It's because if you choose to remain in bitterness or hate you can never receive it and in the end those who were loving you will be repelled and will draw back because they sense that their being - which they are pouring out for you - is somehow just going down a black hole. I did that for seven years in my first marriage and in the end Yahweh mercifully ended it even if at the time I thought this was the worst calamity that could have happened to me. I have have many experiences in which Yahweh has told me to stop witnessing to someone because I was wasting my time and energy in futility where there were others willing to receive the ahavah (love) whose needs were not being met because of the pity-partying of the one who would not repent. That's a choice too.

    We Choose Between Starterdoughs

    We have the complete freedom of choice to choose the starterdough of sin or the starterdough of divine chayim (life). We always have and we always will. We may need some help and guidance along the way because of the blindness that the way of deah inflicts on our seeing but ultimately it remains our free choice. This is what life essentially boils down to. Once we have made the right choice - and we will be making lots and lots of right choices throughout our complex lives - then we are progressively freed from egotism and naricssism (self-adoration) and are liberated to give and grow.

    The Starterdough of Mariage

    There is a third aspect to this revelation of the starterdough dough that I need to share with you and it will be controversial. However it is absolutely true and you know me - I shall not be mincing my words. The same principle of parents passing the starterdough of their lives to their children in egg and sperm also takes place when a man takes a woman in marriage, for when the covenants of betrothal are made and when he consummates the marriage, he plants a part of himself in her - his chayim (life) and his nature which if she receives in the same way that a believer receives the starterdough that is Messiah, will change her progressively into being like her husband. That is why choosing your husband is very important! Do you wish to be transformed by him and become like him? In other words, make absolutely sure it's Yahweh's will whom you marry! He, in his turn, will be changed by her by a kind of psychic osmosis so it's vital that he choose right and in Elohim's (God's) will too, though this does not operate in the same way as the male planting a starterdough because it's the kind of exchange that happens between all kinds of people we are close to.

    Your Genetic Storehouse

    I am not pretending any of this is easy. In fact, it's as hard as facing death itself and the loss of someone you have leaned on for support for so long. But it has to happen so that we can take more responsibility and spread our wings to obey Yahweh's will for us. My mother remains with me even though she has gone because I share half of her nature with my father. I am who I am because of her and her ancestors before her. And I, in my turn, have passed that on to my children who carry a quarter of her. I think a mistake that I have often made - and we all do it - is that we throw out the baby with the bathwater sometimes - because we see something in a parent we don't like, we tend to overreact and want to be rid of everything. But it doesn't work like that. The accumulated good of the ages is a legacy far more precious than any worldly items that may be left behind in a will. Like putting on clothes, it's what Yahweh gives our spirits to wear for the duration of mortality. It is accumulated life linking us all. It's what makes us all family, of every nation. Because what is good is the fruit of the heavenly starter dough and what is bad, well, that is what we have to reject. This is a collective work. It is Israel, the Uniplural Bride of Messiah.


    And so we come to the end of this eventful Chag haMatzah season at sunset this evening. It has been a time of great sorrow for us but also a time of hope. I pray that the starter dough revelation will bless you and open many more doors of understanding for there is a great deal more that could be said, and will be in the future. For the spirit of multiplication to work in our lives there has to be some sacrifice of self that is transferred to others creating a family. As I have said so many times, everything in the Besorah (Gospel) is about family, from Elohim (God) Himself down to the tiniest constituents of matter. "As above, so below" definitely holds. Tomorrow we will assemble for a regular sabbath. May Yahweh bless you all! Amen.

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