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    D4. Jezebel: The End Time
    Queen of Heaven Demoness
    Part 1

    No study of demons is complete without a thorough examination of Jezebel. This demoness, who is mentioned more than any other in the New Testament, controls modern society. Indeed, I have never met a living soul who was not under her influence at some time of their life, including believers.

    As a Bible-believing Christian you are bound to have heard Jezebel mentioned at some time, and usually in connection with feminism and the attempt by women to dominate men. And this is most definitely one of her chief hallmarks for one of her rôles is to overturn male headship (especially in marriage) and to establish matriarchy. Religions that specifically promote her (though mostly using different names) such as Wicca extoll the 'goddess', 'Maia' and so on, and present her as a benevolent mother earth-spirit and as the 'original' deity that pre-existed the biblical God. But Jezebel is far more than an anti-patriarchal demon as we shall see. The entire spirit of this current depraved 'age' is under her invisible government.

    Jezebel (in the Hebrew, Izevel) is one of the most carefully concealed demonic powers there is, and one of Satan's Ace cards. She cannot be discerned except by the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) because her enchantment over the carnal nature or flesh is total. She cannot be seen until the flesh has been conquered by the Ruach (Spirit). Moreoever, this conquest is not automatic - you can't discern the spirit of Jezebel simply because you have 'accepted Christ' or been 'born again' - the spirit of Jezebel is the very root of the carnal nature and will remain invisible until she is dug up from the human psyche and exposed to the rays of the sun of righteousness (Mal.4:2). And that is why the evil world system is moving forwards at such a rapid pace - even Christians interceding as prayer warriors against her are, often without realising it, cooperating with her. Jezebel not only controls the psychic 'atmosphere' in which we all operate whilst awake but controls the dream state of those who have not uprooted the carnal nature too. Millions of Bible-believing Christians are having dreams whilst they are asleep, and 'spiritual impressions' and 'inspiration' while they are awake, which they believe is the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) but which, in fact, is demonic ... the power of Jezebel. It is for this reason that so many believers will be swept away by the end-time delusion and fall for the deceptions of the end-time Antichrist when he publically manifests himself ... until he reaveals his true colours and they can see the grizzly evidence of his satanic origin for themselves. By that time, however, it will be too late - they will already have received the Mark of the Beast (Rev.19:20-21). It should be obvious, then - if what I am saying is true (which I of course firmly maintain that it is) - that exposing the spirit of Jezebel is a major priority for deliverance ministers.

    The Biblical Jezebels

    Historically, as most Bible students know, there were two Jezebels. The first one was the pagan queen of apostate Israelite King Ahab who supported and promoted idolatry in the Kingdom and who came dangerously close to eliminating the true worship of Yahweh (1 Ki.16:30-33; 18:4; 22:2; 2 Ki.9:22). The queen demoness who ruled Queen Jezebel back then is now accomplishing on a global scale what she accomplished two and a half millennia ago in the northern Kingdom of Israel. If you want to know what the spiritual condition of our age is, just go back and read the accounts of this wicked queen. There were then, as there are now, only a handful of true worshippers of Yahweh. The vast bulk of the population were either raw pagans or had compromised true worship with the worship of idols - they were religious syncretists. They would have used the Name of God (Yahweh), participated in the rituals of the Mosaic Law (to varying degrees), but at the same time included the worship of pagan deities alongside Yahweh. They would, in short, have imitated the foolish ways of 'wise' King Solomon who, by gradual steps under the influence of foreign pagan wives which Torah had forbidden him to marry because of this very danger, became more and more of a pagan (1 Ki.11:1-11). How could it have happened to so blessed and wise a king, who built the most magificient temple ever which Yahweh graced with such power as has never been seen since? Though the later Queen Jezebel will give us some more concrete information about the demoness of the same name, we will begin with Solomon because his life shows us the gradual way in which most foolish people slip into apostacy.

    Israel was, and is, and is always supposed to be, a 'holy', 'set apart' or 'separate' nation (Ex.19:5-6; 1 Pet.2:9). When the Bible admonishes us to be holy, it means to be separated and distinct from the surrounding pagan culture. Our homes are supposed to be miniature temples where no unclean thing can enter. These temples are, of course, more than our homes - they are our very bodies, which we are told are the "temple of the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit)" (1 Cor.6:19). Anyone who is not treating their bodies and homes as temples of Yahweh is under the influence of the demoness Jezebel.

    Solomon's fall occurred, as we know, through women. The spirit of Jezebel is a female demon or demoness (the parallel male spirit of Ahab we shall speak of another time). In saying this, I am not singling out the women for 'special blame' for sin - sin is endemic in both genders, though each gender does tend to sin and get demonised in slightly different ways. Adam and Eve were both as guilty of sin as each other, as are our modern men and women. And the spirit of Jezebel (like the spirit of Ahab) oppresses and possesses both men and women alike. For political reasons (in other words, trusting in politics more than Yahweh), Solomon married foreign wives so that he would have peace on his frontiers and gain trade advantages. And this is how sin and demonisation always start - we make an unequal peace with our enemies either because we fear them or because we want to control them. Remember Jacob, and how he tried to bribe Esau with gifts when he returned home to Canaan, so that his cheated brother would not kill him? We likewise send presents to our flesh nature to appease it (Gen.33). The only godly fear, however, is of Yahweh (Ps.111:10; Prov.1:7; Mic.6:9; Is.11:2-3), and the only way to control your enemies is by allowing Yahweh to control you. Any other method will open the door to sin and demonic influence in your life. Our part is simply to fear Yahweh (and no one else) and to yield complete control of our lives to Yahweh through His Son Yah'shua (Jesus). It sounds so simple, doesn't it? But the truth is, in order to do this, you must wage relentless war against the flesh until you have overcome it. In short, you must become an overcomer.

    Solomon's great weakness was women. Though Torah permitted him to have several wives, it was clearly stated that they must be virgins, of the covenant, and not in large numbers (Lev.21:14; Dt.17:14-17). Power turned Solomon's head. He realised that with his wealth and power, he could have all the women he wanted. And so he helped himself, just as the fallen Watcher Angels did in the days of Noah, coming to earth and helping themselves to the daughters of men with whom they destyoyed the gene pool by internarrying with them, and created a race of giants or nephilim, provoking Yahweh to destroy the entire corrupted world by water (Gen.6:4; Num.13:33). And you will remember, that the Saviour said that when He returned, the earth would be exactly as it was in the days of Noah (Mt.24:37; Lk.17:26; 1 Pet.3:20).

    The fall of Solomon began when he started ignoring some of the 'less important' (so-called) commandments of Yahweh, thinking that he was somehow 'above' them or that they were 'not applicable' to him. This kind of carnal rationalisting is how all sin begins. Yah'shua (Jesus) said the very opposite - He said, in no uncertain terms, that those who break the least of the commandments, and teach others to do the same, will be called least in the Kingdom of Heaven (Mt.5:19). Find me a church or a community of believers who have decided to 'leave out' some of the commandments and I will show you the spirit of Jezebel at work. Show me a church which rejects any part of the Bible and I will show you Jezebel in action. Indeed, I know of one church which only accepts the Book of Acts! Their doctrine is so off the mark it's a wonder their church can be called Christian anymore! And what is their excuse? "We have the Spirit and so we don't need the Word any more!" Such thinking, to greater or lesser degrees, is the plague of contemporary evangelical Christianity. It's chief weakness is that it's doctrine rests on a HUGE assumption - the assumption that they have the fullness of everything and are in no need of being taught anymore (Jer.31:33-34 - read this carefully). They will likely tell you that they are not sinning anymore and that they are walking in the very presence of God. The trouble is, if any of our actions contradict the moral, ethical, behavioural, or spiritual standards of Yahweh as revealed in the Word, it is evidence that we are sinning. And if we are sinning, then obviously the fullness of the Ruach (Spirit) is not in us. And if that is true, and we are believing in our minds that we have the 'fullness', then what, in fact, do we 'have´? If you haven't already guessed, then you need to read on further.

    Solomon's weakness was women. He knew what Torah taught but chose to go 'beyond' it. The weakness of men in all dispensations (and let's be completely honest here) is sex. Now I am not saying there is anything wrong with sex, because Yahweh made it and proclaimed it to be 'good' - within marriage and provided certain regulations about sexual cleanliness are also observed (like not having intercourse during a woman's menstruation - Lev.15:19-24). This is a large subject and beyond the scope of this essay - however, if you make a careful study of sex in the Bible you will discover that there are both clean and unclean practices even within marriage. And please bear this in mind: every time you disobey a commandment, you give one or more demons legal right to oppress you. And if you sin in the matter of important doctrinal areas, that touch on salvation, then those same demons will deceive you into following a false spirit too. Obviously, then, we cannot be too careful about doing things Yahweh's way.

    The trouble is, most modern Christians don't want to hear these things. Solomon didn't want to hear either. He wanted his women. So he got them and Yahweh gave him over to a strong delusion (2 Thes.2.11). When believers and unbelievers alike consciously reject them, He allows their hearts to be hardened and gives them over to "strong delusion". The key to the exposure and conquest of the spirit of Jezebel (and in principle all demons) is a choice to (a) trust in the blood of Yah'shua (Jesus) for salvation, and (b) obedience to all the commandments of Yahweh in the Bible (e.g. Rev.12:17). This, I have found, always determines whether deliverance ministry will be successful or not. I have helped many people be quit of demons by persuading them to trust in the Name and Blood of Yah'shua (Jesus) but have come up across a wall of resistance to having the other demons thrown out because they won't obey the commandments - they have swallowed one of Jezebel's lies that the commandments don't matter any more because they're just 'religion' (how that buzz word has been used to justify all manner of sinning by Christians! - and in case you have been swallowed by the 'religion' lie of Jezebel, check out what the Bible says about the two types of religion in James 1:26-27).

    You all know that demonisation takes place when we believe in lies. Any lie acts as a magnet for demonic oppression. The more lies you believe, the greater the oppression until it becomes (if taken to the limit) possession. Small lies do matter in the end. Anything that would allow a demon residence rights in your body matters because that demon is a wall between you and Yahweh to some degree or another; and one 'little' demon may tell you a 'little' lie that will put you in a highly dangerous situation because you were listening to its voice instead of the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit).

    Solomon had suffient wealth and power to have all the women he wanted. With the advent of cheap and even free porn on the internet, and national laws that have totally redefined or indeed eliminated adultery altogether as a criminal offence, men and women can pretty much do as they please these days. They can have as many partners as they want and not have to look over their shoulders at people holding them accountable to Yahweh's laws. So it will not surprise you to learn that the second Jezebel mentioned in the Bible was a false prophetess who was encouraging early New Testament believers to commit fornication, that is, having sex without the responsibilities and hedges of the marriage covenant. How did she do this? By injecting occultism and other demonic practices into the Messianic Community (Church) (Rev.2:20) so that they ceased to follow the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) but followed the demoness - with all her whisperings to rebellion against Torah - instead.

    Most Christians who are under the influence of Jezebel have no idea that they are under the control of occult power. They assume that just because they believe in "God" or "Jesus" and the "Bible" that they cannot possibly be occultists. But belief, as we have seen, is not mere passive assent. Biblical belief is always active and it is active because it is coupled to commandment-keeping and a lifestyle that clearly marks Christians out as being 'holy', 'set apart' and 'separated' from the non-believing and nominal Christian communities. So different is their lifestyle, in fact, that they appear to be "peculiar" to outsiders (1 Pet.2:9; Tit.2:14; Dt.14:2, KJV). That lifestyle, which comes about as a result of commandment-keeping, is the fruit or evidence of true faith in Christ. That which is false or untrue faith leads to a life which ignores the commandments and a lifetsyle that is either similar to, or identical with, the surrounding pagan culture.

    Those who have compromised with the truth will become as Solomon became - an admirer and imitater of things pagan. Those who have moved out of salvation and into a false spirit will like the same behaviour, music, sexual tastes, partying spirit, etc., of the pagan world. It does not seem to occur to most believers that the gulf between the Ruach Elohim (Spirit of God) and the spirit of the world is so enormous that the two might as well be metaphorically standing on opposite sides of the Grand Canyon! True Christianity and paganism are as water and oil - they can by no means mix. And if they do mix, it is only because you have moved out of Christianity and into paganism even if you continue using the words and rituals of Christianity. Paganism can absorb Christianity, but Christianity cannot absorb paganism - ever - without first becoming tainted by it, and finally, destroyed by it. That is how Satan has consistently overwhelmed Yahweh's people ... by gradual compromise leading eventually to a flood that drowns out every last vestige of true faith and practice.

    Solomon was spiritually seduced by his pagan wives. They turned his heart away from true worship by leading him into occultism. All false religion (and that means, everything that is not Biblical Christianity), is occultism. And all occultism is ruled by demonic powers. Western Christianity has largely become occultic. It is using typical occultic, Wiccan and Satanic practices whilst using all the terminology of the Bible. You only have to look at 'New Age Christianity' to see how the Bible is co-opted (and perverted) into serving the occult. Only the other day I came across a website for 'Christian witches'. They do all the occult crafts (like casting spells, etc.) whilst talking about Christian 'love' and 'tolerance'. These witches have simply seized (knowingly or unknowingly) upon what is basically an already occultised Christianity (mostly Roman Catholicism) and slightly modified it. Wiccans and othjer occultists know that these 'Christians' are simply 'working magick' under a false spirit and therefore respresent no threat to them. The true Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) they hate and loathe because their demons are disturbed and agitated in the Ruach's (Spirit's) presence. These witches are also at home in the 'name it and claim it' charismatic churches which employ exactly the same visualisation techniques of witches themselves. Witches like to imagine in their mind's eye that (for example) they are surrounded by an invisible psychic force field which they can use to ward of hostile spirits. What they are doing is simply usiing a demonic power. When Christians 'visualise' that they are surrounded by 'God's love', for instance, they are doing exactly the same thing, only they are not aware that it is the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) which is not empowering them but something else.

    Meditation, yoga, and other occultic practices are very popular in many churches today. How many believers do you know who read horoscopes ... and believe in them? It's all witchcraft. And it is all under the control of the spirit of Jezebel.

      "But I hold against you that you allow that woman Izebel (Jezebel) who calls herself a prophetess, to lead and lead My servants astray to commit whoring and to eat food offered to idols. And I have her time to repent of her whoring, and she did not repent. See, I am throwing her into a sickbed and those who commit adultery with her into great affliction, unless they repent of their works. And I shall slay her children with death. And all the assemblies (churches) shall know that I am the One searching the kidneys [minds] and hearts. And I shall give to each one of you according to your works" (Rev.2:20-23, ISRV).

    I have highlighted some key words so that you can know what to expect when the spirit of Jezebel is at work. It all begins when we 'allow' or 'permit' iniquity in our midst and do nothing about it. The Gospel of Yah'shua (Jesus) is about love but also truth and obedience. Love does not equal compromise with truth or obedience! Ever! We are commanded most strictly to excommunicate and disfellowship all those who bring the spirit of Jezebel into the churches and will not repent (1 Cor.5:11-13). Such people should be isolated and ministered to by the Elders and other mature members who possess the true spirit of prophecy (in order to discern) and are equipped as deliverance ministers to expell the demonic influence. Without this kind of ministry in place, churches will be destroyed. They already are being destroyed. Indeed I know of very few who do not have a Jezebel problem of one sort of another.

    When the scriptures speak of 'whoring' and 'eating food offered to idols' it is not just talking about sexual fornication and adultery, and eating meat offered of demons in pagan temples. We spiritually fornicate and commit adultery with Yahweh when we believe and embrace occultic doctrines and practices. We 'eat food offered to idols' when we partake of the Jezebel spirit in place of the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) and enter into the fellowship of those who are deceived and led by demons. That is why there are no eccumenicals in heaven, only those who adhere closely to the truth where demons cannot come.

    A couple of weeks ago a man came to me for deliverance ministry. He had been married to a woman who had dominated and controlled him, and had become her victim because he had himself been the victim of abuse by his own mother. I annointed his head with oil and layed my hand on him and began to command various demons to come out of him after we had been through a long interview and various prayers. When I mentioned the demoness Jezebel, his body began to violently contort in pain. The chances are that were you to do the same with most people - believer and unbeliever alike - you would get a similar reaction.

    In the next essay I shall be looking in greater depth at this demoness so that you can see the extent to which she has the West under her control. But before I do, let me offer those who have a Jezebel problem some words of comfort - powerful though this demoness is, she is nothing before the blood of Yah'shua (Jesus). Once you have understood how she works and how she has deceived you, you will not only want to be rid of her but will be able to be rid of her. But first you need to understand. In the Book of Revelation we read:

      "And the rest were killed with the sword which came from the mouth of Him who sat on the horse, and all the birds were filled with their flesh" (Rev.19:21, ISRV).

    This grizzly end-time scene occurs just before Satan is bound in chains and cast into the pit for a thousand years (Rev.20:1-3). Of interest to us, however, is the fact that these birds are eating human flesh. In the Scriptures, the honoured dead are always buried, and not to be buried is a disgrace (2 Ki.9:34) and being given over to be eaten by dogs and buzzards is the ultimate disgrace (Mt.24:28). And the demoness Jezebel is about to suffer the ultimate disgrace, just as the historical queen did centuries ago.

    The prophet Elijah, you will remember, was the one sent by Yahweh to challenge the authority and power of Jezebel and her prophets of Baal (1 Ki.18). Everyone knows the story of the contest on Mount Carmel when Elijah invoked the power of Yahweh to burn up his water-drenched offering. The pagan prophets tried the same thing, yelling and screaming to Baal and cutting themselves in the process (cutting, as every deliverance minister knows, demonises a person). Yahweh was vindicated and the prophets of Baal were executed for leading millions of souls astray. Now you would have thought that Elijah would have been buoyed up with confidence after so dramatic a display by Yahweh but he turned tail and fled, afraid of the wrath of Jezebel. The wrath of a woman can be fierce, and enough to terrify any man, but Elijah ran nevertheless. We must be lenient with him because if the truth be known the threats of the spirit of Jezebel have cowered us in the past. Her bark, however, is worse than her bite.

    Once he had come to his right senses, Elijah prophesied the end of Ahab and Jezebel. He declared, through the Ruach (Spirit), that the dogs would eat the flesh of Jezebel by the walls of Jizreel. He also said that any of Ahab's people that died in the city would be eaten by the dogs and those who died in the field would be devoured by the birds (1 Ki.21:23-24). A gruesome end indeed for the most wicked of couples and their supporters.

    Well, the prophecy was fulfilled sure enough. Jehu had Jezebel thrown to her death from a high window in her castle. She even had the nerve to make herself up with cosmetics and put on her finest clothes before her undigified execution. After she had died from her fall, Jehu - who was to become king - wanted to accord her a proper burial - but by the time the attempt to recover the body was made it had been eaten by the dogs (2 Ki.9:32-37).

    Jezebel met her deserved end - in utter disgrace. Which brings me to a final remark about demons which they will never let on because they have been deceived themselves: demons are mortal. They think they're immortal because of the lies Satan has told them about himself but there is no immortality apart from a life in Yahweh, because only Yahweh-Elohim is immortal. The demoness Jezebel will, one day, end up like Queen Jezebel of old.

    In the next essay we shall examine the way the West was hijacked by the Spirit of Jezebel and how she controls nearly all the political and social institutions. In the meantime, be assured that Yah'shua loves you and wants you delivered if you will but believe His promises and pursue the battle plans He has given. So we will end today with the admonition of the apopstle James who wrote:

      "Submit yourselves, then, to Elohim (God). Resist the devil [Satan], and he will flee from you. Come near to Elohim (God) and he will come near to you. Wash your hands, you sinners, and purify your hearts, you double-minded. Grieve, mourn and wail. Change your laughter to mourning and your joy to gloom. Humble yourselves before Yahweh, and he will lift you up" (James 4:7-10, NIV).

    To be free of Jezebel, the partying with sin must end, and that requires a major change in attitude and a brief period of mourning and contrition. Then - and only then - "He will lift you up" off the ground and into the spiritual heights where the true joy of the Father may be found.

    Click here for Part 2

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    Last updated on 31 December 2003

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