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    A43. Escaping to Reality:
    Three Dreams and Their Interpretations

    The dreams I am going to narrate and analyse are very closely connected. In fact, the first dream triggered my remembrance of the second which, as it came to our ministers notice, brought on to our attention a third one that another person had.

    The first dream:

    Yesterday, a young man, a client of this ministry, reported this:

    I had a dream last night I was in a parking lot and a store appeared out of nowhere (the name of the store, I don't remember, except it was a small grocery store). There were signs offering church service meeting times and 'free martial arts lessons' for the young men. I also had a second dream I walked into a real stylish part of Wal-Mart and a men's club was meeting there. So the guide directed me down this long path with dead ends and turns and I finally remarked how ridiculously long the path to Wal-Mart was. There were a few college students behind me. When I got to the entrance, I think the dark lights inside of Wal-Mart went on and then the dream ended.

    This is how His minister interpreted it:

    A parking lot is a place someone stops to visit the world. The grocery store appearing out of nowhere is temptation placed before him. Now temptation shows a mixture of church and occultism. The church is placed there as bait, but its not really church at all and the occultic part is martial arts. Specifically, Satan gives promises of power and self-control to young men through dark paths through the martial arts. In this way, he is appealing to the excitement and glitter of warfare to lure them. The lessons are also for free, that is seemingly without any cost.

    The second dream depicts the same thing as the first in a different way. The Wal-Mart is the place where the world's wares are displayed, and there is again a men's club, like the martial arts. This is what happens when you fall for Satans tricks: the lure takes you down a path which is not the straight path of the gospel and is full of dead ends. The fact that it is separate makes no difference it enhances the sense of separateness and exclusiveness and the college students depict world's intellectualism. Finally, there is dark light, counterfeit light. It was turned on as a result of his dream-interaction.

    The second dream

    I will give you the story and my experience in detail in order to show, as a secondary point, how Yahshua gives us light and understanding through The Ruach at very precise moments, when it is most needed, most useful and we are ready to accept it.

    This morning I woke up at around 5:00am and I felt intense fear and worry. I asked of Yahshua to take it away from me but somehow a part of it kept remaining there. I decided to go back to sleep when I remembered the mans dream I just described. Then I heard a voice asking me Why would you want to follow Satans winding path? I tried to sleep again but my fear became greater and it started distorting otherwise pleasant thoughts dramatically, so I thought better to deal with it with Yahshuas help.

    After sometime of that, the revelation started. First I felt a pang of complete desperation and abandonment. It felt as if Yahweh had forgot about me and then I remembered a dream I had seen once, months before I even met Yahshua, which I had completely forgot about.

    In the part of it that I remembered I was outside a very large, square concrete building. It was similar to the high school I used to go to, built on a mountain in the middle of a forest with a cement yard around it. So I thought it was some kind of school. However, it was night outside, and quite lonely and scary so I decided I had better go in the building where there were electrical lights. There were many people there, seemingly going about their business. I had totally forgot about how dark it was outside now I felt that these people were demanding things of me even though no one said anything, as if I had left an important task behind, and here everyone was very meticulous besides myself. Now I wanted to get out of that place. I was trying to find my way out for quite a while, running in conference rooms and other such places. I dont know how or in how long but in the end I found myself in a basement, not far underground. There was some kind of window there or hatch, and I hurried outside.

    There the view was breathtaking. There were thousands of people walking on a wide and long uphill road. I could not see where it began exactly but I knew people kept leaving the building and walking this road. However, these people were nothing like the building staff, as if they were of a completely different quality. Everyones head was bent down though, as if they were slaves and I could almost feel how desperate they felt. The entrance to that way seemed to be about 100 meters away, as I came out of the building, to my right.

    To my left there was a huge cement wall on the top of which was the road that these poor souls were walking. I knew something was going on at the bottom of this wall, like a group of people gathering there, and the light around them had a different quality also, but then I had no idea what they were because it was at that point that my dream ended.

    The remembrance of all this came from Yahshua in one piece, like I had just seen the dream and it made me even more afraid and worried. It gave me a feeling of restlessness, like I had a box with the key to everything in it and now I had to find a way to open that box.

    Here are the things which I noted down as Yahshua revealed them to me. (The phrases in bold are these that had the biggest effect on me in terms of fear and sense of revelation so I mark them as possibly more significant).

    1. The very large and square concrete building is the feeling that you cannot escape, that it is extremely hard to be saved, or that you cannot be saved at all.
    2. The building is operated by 5 demons. Four of them are the building itself, (I had a vision of four pillars on each vertical edge of the building that were surrounded by red glowing lines) and the fifth demon is the buildings staff.
    3. Salvation is not only to get out of the building. It is to get to ANOTHER CITY or a completely different place. Your own powers (your feet) will not take you far.
    4. The thousands of people who walk the uphill road are doomed. They are actual people this time (unlike the building staff) but they fell victims of a lie. The lie is the road they have taken. They have lost their way. They do not know (or perhaps some do?) that the road ends to yet another building.
    5. I could now see clearly who was at the bottom of the great wall: It was a place in the yard, like a sphere, which was made of REAL LIGHT (it was only in contrast to this that I saw that the rest of the light outside the building was pale counterfeit light). In this sphere there was grass and flowers. There was a man in the middle who had gathered about 5-6 people around him and a few children. As I said, one needs to get to another city to escape from the building. Yahshua revealed to me that if one enters the sphere, this person disappears and he is transferred to a whole other world immediately all that is needed is to enter it, step inside it. However, people overlook this man, the sphere oh real light and the little group of people because the only thing on their minds is how to get as far away as possible from that building.
    6. One of the sides of the building is dark (the one opposite to the one which I came out of), as if you are there in the middle of the night. On the other side there is a main exit on which shines counterfeit light. One cannot see the sphere of true light from the main exit door, and if someone asks the building staff to let them get out they will show them the main exit. There is a man at the exit door also (he is part of the building staff, i.e. demon) who tells people which way to go to get to the thousands of people who take the uphill road. He seems to understand their problem and to know what he is talking about and how to handle their case. Yahshua told me at this point these people will say, we were never given a chance. They will say that because that is they only way they were shown by the man and he seemed to have authority But:
    7. The demons that are the building and the building staff cannot stop you from leaving it. They cannot harm you. All they can do is tell you lies and create illusions.
    8. The building is square as I said, and roughly estimated it seemed to be about 5-6 stories. People keep coming out of it but while one is in it, one can see only the demon who presents himself as the building staff. However, there are people who are trapped there. If they are on the ground floor or the first basement, then they are lucky because they can just walk out (or climb out as in my case). The further away someone is from the ground, the worse for him. There is no way to climb stairs up or down to another story in order to leave this building because one has to go through a nearly impossible maze to make it. If someone is on a high level, one must jump off the window. I was not shown a way out for people who are in the low basements.
    9. Finally, these five demons are ruling demons or our time, they are separate entities and they have names which were not revealed to me.


    The concrete building and the environment around it are existing places. They are real in us, in our hearts and our minds. These dreams are all about promises/temptation, desperation and exit doors to it. They teach us a lesson of what happens if we fall for these promises.

    The demons take advantage of our need (a grocery store out of nowhere, a refuge when someone is wandering in the dark). We get trapped in false beliefs, we let demons inside and this is never a good development, it is never pleasant in the long-run. The human mind is not created to be a home for the demonic and after a while this room-sharing becomes suffocating. From a point on they start demanding things or they put shackles around our legs and we want to escape. How does one escape though?

    Notice that in the first dream the man was led through an actual maze: long path with dead ends and turns. The demonic knows its way to the trap it has for us but we do not. This means it will be more than willing to let you in but it will not let you out to where you began, to a clean slate. This is what happens when you consult the devil: If you trust the building staff enough to ask for the way out they would be glad to lead you out but they will show you directly to the uphill road in counterfeit light. And they will ask you to walk it yourself telling you, You will not succeed in anything without sacrificing something else. It takes effort but it is your way and your feet must carry you. They imply this way that you will save yourself. It is demonic lies.

    This represents a completely new way of thinking in ones life, a different path. If one is fed up with every day life and tries to find a way to breathe again, they usually go through a process of changing themselves, change their way of thinking radically. It is easy, I think, for all of us to remember a case of a friend who, after breaking up with a loved one or losing his job goes through a very stressful period and in the end, within a day or so, comes up with a solution. We hear these people making self-vows, declaring, I will never let anyone walk all over me again, I will only look after myself from now on, I will never trust anyone ever again. Some of them even join occult groups, New Age, and other demonic-related beliefs.

    Whichever of these things these people do, it is an uphill road. In the case of thousands, as the dream depicted, for the majority it is an uphill road bathed in counterfeit light. And as the dream showed, it ends up at another building, similar to the first. There, the people who are so tired from all the walking will find temporary refuge under another false belief, most probably worse than the first.

    One might even be so suffocated on the ground floor of the building that they might believe the upper floor could be better. This could represent the radical way to change ones life for the worse, i.e. becoming a member of occult-related groups like White Magic, Black Magic, Satanism, Paganism, Wicca etc. The only way to escape upper level demonising is to jump out of the window it takes a tremendous leap of faith. The higher up you are, the greater the jump.

    Who created the suffocating condition in the first place, though? Who offered a solution to your problem that ended up making people hit a dead-end? A false promise that they settled their faith on and this promise too was given by the demonic. Then, they will give you their own exit door to the problem they themselves created. In other words, they manipulate you.

    However, they do not have authority to make you do anything, even though they pretend to. They seem to know it all and be very powerful, and that might be true to a certain extent, but that does NOT give them authority to rule in our lives. We are not alone against the demonic world - we belong to Yahweh, He created us, every particle of us is His and He is there every second of our lives taking care of us. We can however give them authority by driving ourselves away from Yahweh, by not obeying His Word and by believing in their lies. The demons crave for that authority. Moreover, once they have it, they create the illusion they are infinitely powerful, invincible, especially when people decide to flee from the building and be free. An example of my own experience is that right before I started writing the article on Lilith she spoke to me trying to scare me saying You belong to me, which at the time was complete nonsense.

    If you want to get yourself free of demonic oppression, no matter the extent of it, the power of Yahweh and His authority over us are so powerful that NO DEMON OR HUMAN can stop you from escaping to the Light.

    Remember that, according you Yahshuas revealing, the feeling of being desperate, abandoned and alone is the concrete building itself, your prison.

    Therefore, fear and the feeling that one is imprisoned and abandoned are dangerous demonic lies. They are generated by these five demons, the demons that are the building and its staff, who work together to trap people into false beliefs.

    Having said that, to get back to the dream and what it symbolises, it seemed that everything in that world was made of counterfeit light and concrete except for the relatively little spot where Yahshua had His Messianic Community (Church). The light around it shone like a lamppost in the night, it was very hard to miss. That is to say, Yahshua is always there for us, He never abandoned us and never will, but you have to look around a bit yourself to see Him and His Messianic Community (Church) and not listen to demons blindly. He is just around the corner; it only takes a turn of your head to see He is there. In His sphere there is grass and flowers, there is Life and Love.

    However, the circle around Him is well-defined, so either you are in it or out of it, there is no in-between solution. As the scripture has it, A man cannot serve two masters. If you are in the circle, you are fully with Him, you accept Him as your only Lord and you are willing to put yourself in His hands. Moreover, you believe in His power to save you because His power is Truth and Love. These are the only terms of salvation. So entering His circle might seem as something that takes only one step, but in truth it requires of you to change your life altogether.

    If that is done though, if you do enter Yahshuas circle, you disappear to another beautiful new world instantly. As I said, it only takes a step, a leap of faith. This is the only way out of the cement world. Notice how simple this sounds. There is no need at all to struggle.

    There is a group of people around Yahshua, 6 of them, who do not disappear in the sphere. These are His ministers to the world; they are the ones at the edges of the circle who hold the hands of the people as they leap inside. This group of people has a very clear symbolism: The 6 people around the man in the circle with light represent the Olive Menorah which is the Logo of the Church, the New Covenant Church of God (B'rit Chadashah Assembly of Yahweh). The Olive Menorah has 7 arms, Yahshua and 6 people and it is half female and half male. It has three branches on either side and each branch has buds from which more branches will grow until it becomes a great tree. The group of people in the sphere are, in other words, Yahshuas Church.

    As a final comment, I would like to make a point of the simple and more or less obvious truths this all adds up to: We are given dangerous promises by the demonic and if we follow them, we walk the path to becoming more and more imprisoned. However far we have gone on this path though, and whatever the case, we can choose another way and Yahshua is always there waiting for us to come to Him. Once we admit Him fully in our lives we are saved.

    The third dream:

    I will write no interpretation for the third dream because as you will see, it speaks for itself to add up and complete to the meanings of the other two dreams that have been analysed. A third person experienced this, and here it is:

    This dream I had many years ago - 1984 I think but it is special I dreamed that I sat in a gigantic room underground/like an entire underground way of life it was dark and damp there were plenty of people down there... actually generations upon generations of mankind... we were all prisoners an some had big shackles by their feet there was a little hatch up to the ground which was opened from time to time and when that happened light streamed down to all of us in the darkness... there was a ladder going up from the underground which leaned against this door/hatch it was locked from the outside and was guarded by soldiers... only if they gave their permission some few individuals might climb the ladder and step out into the light and freedom but this happened rarely but now it happened that the hatch was suddenly open and unguarded. Nobody seemed to notice but me and I started to climb up the ladder. Never in my life had I been outside this dark dungeon... and wasn't sure I wouldn't be discovered... but no-one was there so I got out and when I stood on top of the ground in the light...

    I saw that it was a kind of military camp with barbed wire and alike... but no-one was there so I started making my way across the area very carefully... I knew that if I was discovered I would be shot/killed... I held my breath as I walked and I got out... then I saw that I was holding an infant in my arms, a little boy I had brought him with me out of the darkness. I walked outside the military camp and reach a kind of town from the Middle Ages... full of people... I ended up in a sort of marketplace... but all of a sudden there was like a huge mass of people that made their way by, like a long pilgrim's procession... and I simply followed... there were incredibly many people everywhere... but these were free and lived in the light... finally we made it to an enormously big staircase which led straight to heaven... we were permitted to climb it one by one... so I waited for my turn in the long queue... when I had reached the top step (it was high, high) there was a platform and in front of that platform there was an enormous mirror which I looked into... and in the reflection I saw Yah'shua standing shining behind me and He looked into my face and said... there she is!... there was an incredible feeling of comfort and love... he was just wonderful... so mild... strangely enough I still had the child in my arms... afterwards I went down the steps on the other side... the child in my arms was then catered for by some nuns who went in one direction and I in another... then the dream ended but it was special somehow and it stayed with me...

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    Last updated on 21 July 2005

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