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    SRA02. A Word to Satanist Abusers

    Though we cannot always be held responsible for the circumstances in our lives, we are responsible for the way in which we react to them. Most Satanists (though by no means all) begin their life in Satanism because of abuse against themselves. Those who are leading lights in the Satanist movement are there, however, because of decisions made to abuse others as a means to power and authority. Thus amongst Satanists there are different degrees of accountability and culpability. What is important for you to know is this: you are under the fierce judgment and wrath of Yahweh-Elohim, your Creator, for every area of accountability in which you have chosen evil. Though He loves you and wishes even you, an abuser, to be delivered - and will help you to do the same if you choose (I know many high-ranking Satanists who have been saved and delivered) - you cannot escape His justice if you refuse to repent (change direction, forsake evil).

    There are many within Satanism who are victims in every sense of the word. They never wanted to be abused (who does?) and they want out. These innocents are offered our first line of help - always. That is not to say they are entirely guiltless - some make foolish decisions in order, as they suppose, to survive but which nevertheless violate the freedoms, and sometimes even lives, of others. For these actions they are accountable also. However, in their heart of hearts they are crying for deliverance - they are not interested in totalitarianism and oppression of the Craft.

    We have been involved in deliverance for a number of years and have seen the power of Yahweh-Elohim, Creator of Heaven and Earth and all things therein, at work. We have seen Him do the 'impossible' - not 'mere' physical miracles (for we know Satanists can duplicate these to some extent), but the greatest miracle of all - freedom, peace and joy within after a life of terror, misery, pain, guilt and darkness. No Satanist can accomplish this though deep down in his soul - unless he has sold that utterly and completely to the hater of men's souls - he wants it. We have witnessed such transformations in even the darkest of hearts. All it requires is a spark of hope and faith, and a determination to do right.

    We have also witnessed Yahweh execute His judgment. It is for this reason we do not fear Satan, his demons, or his slave-followers. We have been intimidated and had death-threats. We have had our families harrassed. We have had physical violence attempted against us. And we have been under massive psychic attack. We have had lies circulated about us in order to discredit us. And we have even had Satanists recruit apostate Christian ministers to malign us, and even pose as them themselves. But we have also witnessed the Most High execute His judgment on unrepentant Satanists who love only to hurt and make afraid. Because I know Satanists will be reading this article - especially those who are trying to stop us - I'm going to share some true stories with you so that you may know what to expect.

    In the case of one SRA victim we were working with in America (we have worked with many there) the Satanists kept on abducting her whenever she started moving in the direction of Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) and tortured her to recant her new found faith. This is virtually the only language they know. They also know that they can also only go so far - they have to maintain their secrecy for fear of public exposure of themselves as invididuals, their coven, and their masters working in high places in government. Careless Satanists get murdered by their own kind especially if they compromise the security of those above them. There is little love lost between them. It is a struggle and a scramble to get to the top, and to stay on the top. They are always looking over their shoulders. Their whole system is held together by brute force, fear, and terror. One Satanist we knew who compomised his masters because he thought he would 'get revenge' on some Christians who had converted his girlfriend, and in so doing nearly exposed his masters, was shot to death to put his embarrassing activities to a permanent end. Others meet with 'accidents' (they are common!) - car crashes, airplane crashes, "suicide", etc.. You know all the 'techniques'. The thing is, the Satanist-slaves themselves never know when they might be on the receiving end themselves.

    Though Satanists have strategically positioned people in the police and other instruments of law-enforcement, they don't control the police ... yet. For the most part, those police officers who are members of covens exist to protect their own people rather as the Freemasons do when their members get into trouble with the law. Sometimes those corrupt police officers are used to "turn a blind eye" to satanic activities against Christians like myself, if they are in a position to do so. Mostly they aren't. In democracies especially the 'voice of the people' constantly gets in their way. And then there are the good police. So relying on the police is very much a gamble. Though I do not rely on the police myself, I do know people in the FBI (in America) and elsewhere who are Christians in high places who keep tabs on Satanists and expose satanic crimes. We have our people in positions of responisbility and leadership too. However, I do not rely on them - merely keep them informed from time to time so that they can take their own independent actions in the war against crime ... and Satanists are most definitely criminals. They forget that sometimes.

    SO what do I rely on? Firstly, I do not rely on my own power, strength, cunning or intelligence. I am not saying I don't have any of these, only that I do not ultimately rely on them for my own safety and well-being. I come in the power and authority of Yahweh-Elohim, through His Son Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ), and in Him alone. And I have seen that power work, not just to deliver afflicted and tortured souls, but in executing judgment on unrepentant Satanists. He's their real problem, not me!

    A friend and client of ours was once abduced by her former coven and (of course) tortured and abused. Very often Yahweh shows me in visions where my clients have been taken and what they are doing to them. The Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) searches and knows all things. Nothing can be hidden from God - ever. He sees everything. The best-laid security the Satanists use is useless. Why, some Satanists may ask, does Yahweh permit abuse in the first place? Why doesn't He always intervene?

    There are many reasons for that. I will give you a couple. Sometimes it is because the victims are unprotected because they give legal grounds to the enemy. Sometimes it is to allow both victims and abusers to make choices - sometimes it is a witness. Sometimes Satanists need to see that victims are willing to die for the Name of Christ of their own free will and not because they were forced to, so that their sleepy, numbed hearts can be touched and awakened. Since most Satanists have been raised in a satanic environment all their lives and have never witnessed true Christianity (having only heard of the twisted accounts given by other Satanists) they often need to see true faith in action.

    It shocks and often disturbs them that not everyone can be intimidated as Satan claims they can be. Satanists may occasionally be taught to die for Satan as a matter of "duty" (they are usually drugged, hypnotised or otherwise mentally tampered with to some extent so they are never really using their full volition, if any) but dying for someone with total free agency and driven not by fear but by love takes them unawares because they were taught they had the greater power. Love is the greatest power in the universe, a thought that is taboo in satanist circles but which is true nevertheless. So the reason some victims are permitted to continue suffering, even after they have begin their journey in Christ, is redemptive - it is Yahweh's way of exposing the lies of demons and offering others in the coven a way out, especially when you consider that most Satanists were born and raised in the Craft and are perhaps descended from generations of Satanists stretching back over many centuries, if not millennia. Thus abuse victims may (more than likely) have family members in the coven. Witnessing to your own blood line is quite important.

    Yahweh does not permit this witness to take place indefinitely, however. You Satanists had better be aware of that! Yahweh offers you a period of grace that is of fixed duration only. Once you have been given your opportunity to repent and get out, JUDGMENT WILL COME UPON YOU! This is one reason Satan pursues deliverance ministers until the tables are turned on him and he is himself pursued. If you have been abusing, directly or by complicity, one of my clients who has already taken the steps to be free, you are potentially in great trouble. Not because of me (I am nothing, merely a messenger - there are plenty more like me) but because of the Great Law-Giver and Judge of Mankind.

    About a year ago, one of my clients was abducted and taken by the coven for further 'treatment' because more and more of her alters were coming to Christ. I saw what was happening in vision, and that they were about to make her ritually kill a baby. This Yahweh would not permit. I therefore asked Yahweh to judge the evil-doers. At once several Malakim - angels - entered the assembly and began smashing everything up - the altar, the ceremonial sword and daggers, cups, drapes - the lot. And then they began to strike the unrepentant Satanists who started dropping dead and dying. To cut a long story short, that coven was decimated. I could tell you other stories - of Satanists doing astral intrajects whilst I and others were ministering who had their cords cut and died, of others who were paralysed or otherwise died from mysterious illnesses. Yahweh chooses how and when to act. I do not 'order' these things. He is perfect justice, and once the day of mercy is over, Satanists would rather they had never been born. Their crimes and sins are heaped so high - when the blood of the murdered innocent cries from the ground against them, and the cries from tortured infants, children and adults ascend to Him pleading for and justice - it brings about a fiersome judgment. It is not a good thing to be a servant of Satan. Employees of Satan don't get paid - they pay.

    Do Christians get killed by them? Yes they do, but Christians know what is waiting for them on the other side, and they understand that this life is but a short phase of their spiritual education. Sometimes that is for a witness, sometimes it is because they do not know about the things I am speaking of here. There can be many reasons. For unrepentant Satanists, however, there is no hope - a fearful place awaits them on the otherside which no amount of unlimited power and wealth in this one short life can ever compensate them for - ever! You have been lied to in so many ways - how pathetic those lies are! Stories of hell being a 'great' place of partying (maybe even continuing torturing Christians) - stories of reincarnation - nonsense about coming back as often as you want to to repeat the same terror on the lives of others. And you will have been given spectacular theatre performances in the Second Heaven to convince you that all of this is real - and, oh, by the way, I have seen this demonic Hollywood purporting to be real places. It isn't. It's all fake.

    No doubt the hearts of many of you will have been hardened against accepting what I have written here - that is to be both expected and regretted, for your sake. You can test any of this any time by simply asking Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) to reveal the truth to you. He will shine a bright light into the deepest recesses of your soul and show you things which you never knew were there or which you have never dared to look upon before. Most Satanists are cowards and don't dare to look - they would rather continue believing in the lies and illusions fed them by their demons.

    Perhaps your reaction to what I have said is somehing like: "Look around you" Just see the power Satan has!" as though that is evidence that you are on the winning side. Yahweh permits Satan to assume power in order to bring nations and peoples to justice, but then, suddenly, He strikes when it is least expected. The fact that Satan has much power in this world is undeniable. And he has had much power before. Indeed, these times in which we live were prophesied by Yah'shua (Jesus) two thousand years ago. He said that Satan would enjoy a brief period of near global power, but that it would be short-lived. Satan and the demons know about this prophecy, and they believe it! It has happened to them before. It happened in the days of Noah. Satan thought he had total control - there were only eight righteous souls left! Not bad (from the satanic point-of-view), you might think! But what happened? Yahweh drowned all but those eight souls. All of them! Every last soul! And He's said that he's going to do the same thing again, this time, though, not by water but by fire. Your destiny, if you do not have a change of heart, is to burn.

    We know we are in a tiny minority now, just as Noah did. We know that the majority of Christians are either not Christian at all or walking is relative darkness and ignorance. But we aren't like them, so comparing us to them isn't going to get you anywhere. We also know that, like Noah, we have an ark of safety for that time. We also know - and Satan and the demons know it too (though they have lied through their teeth to you about it), that when the next global judgment is over, their power will be taken from them and they will be chained up in the pit. They know these things and TREMBLE!

    Do not be deceived be the apparent success of Satan! In 1941 the Western Allies thought that everything was lost. Hitler was the master of Europe and his armies were sweeping the last resistance in Russia off the map. He proclaimed that Britain was doomed. But Britain was defiant and held out, the tide turned, America entered the war, and the 'invincible' nazi tyrrany, with all its satanic rituals and murders, was wiped out.

    A new form of nazism is arising today called Illuminism, though it seeds were planted long ago. We know all about them and their 'New World Order'. The satanist covens and other occultic organisations are all a part of that system. We know about the concentration camps in America, the 'emergency laws', the subversion of justice and state institutions, the preparation of SRA victims and others to show 'wonders' with which to dupe the world into believeing that Satan is the redeemer of the world. We know about these things, and much more. And we know not because we have an army of spotter demons gathering intelligence, but because Yahweh-Elohim knows everything and reveals to us what He wants. We don't know everything because we don't need to - but we do know what we need to know in our spheres of activity.

    My job is to help and gather the sons and daughters whom Yahweh foreknew would be saved, and particularly those who are the victims of SRA. My job is not to interfere with the emerging NWO fascist entity that will briefly seize global power because Yahweh is permitting that to happen to bring the world to judgment. It will be judged in its own time. I have no intention of being a part of it. My job - and others like me - is essentially the same as the prophet Elijah and the deliverer Noah. If you are determined to destroy yourself, that is your affair, though this letter is an appeal to you to think again and to offer you a way out. If you are determined to go into the abyss, then there is nothing I can do to stop you. However, if you are determined to interfere with my mission, which is to gather those souls to safety who want nothing to do with your doomed rotten system, then I am instructed to make this declaration to you:

    If you do not stand aside in your opposition to our work, you will perish under the judgment of Yahweh.

    If you do not stand aside and release the captives who do not belong to you, you will likewise perish under the judgment of Yahweh.

    And how will you know that they don't belong to you? Because they will resist you. Just because you have temporary control of parts of them does not mean that you own them. A time will come when even those parts will rebel and resit. As soon as any of those parts (alters) start resisting you may know for sure that you are doomed ... that judgment is soon upon you ... unless you let them go.

    I am here merely to claim what is Yahweh's, whether you think they belong to Satan or not. I frankly do not care what you or your demonic masters think, nor will I be intimidated by your veiled or unveiled threats. Do not waste your time and health in trying to 'persuade' me to the contrary. If you determined to challenge Yahweh, do it, but do not say I did not warn you.

    Many of you who are reading this I know well - more than you think, because of what Yahweh shows me in vision. You would do well to withdraw before your masters bump you off for compromising their security.

    I repeat, I do not say these things in my own authority or power, for I have none. These things are declared to you in the NAME of El Elyon, the Most High, in the POWER of His Name, Yahweh, and through the ATONING BLOOD of His Son, Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) which defeated ALL demons, hostile powers and principalities two thousand years ago - which blood makes its claim on those who were predestined to salvation which you cannot touch, unless it is your determination to perish. If it is, I cannot help you.

    Not all SRA victims are predestinted to salvation. Many of them do not want salvation, or are unwilling to make the changes in their lives to enable the power of total redemption to totally work in their lives. There are some who are predestined to salvation, however, because they do not love their lives unto death and are willing to give their whole souls to Yah'shua (Jesus). These Yah'shua (Jesus) shall rescue whether you like it or not. And if you do not stand out of the way, you will be utterly crushed by the Rescuer.

    This notice is served to all satanist-slaves reading this page (for that is what you are - slaves, who do not love freedom enough to break free). Do you remember what happened to the Prophets of Baal on Mount Carmel? Those satanists did not leave the contest alive. Some of you have already had a taste of His judgment and wisely withdrawn. And what of the rest of you? What will you do? If you have any wisdom, you will walk away and save your face. But if you are foolish, then you must necessarily accept the consequences and all that that entails. Or - if you are really wise, you can seek salvation and join the winning side.

    And one last thought: even if I knew that Satan was going to win (and I know for sure he isn't), I still wouldn't join your side. I would rather perish knowing that I had loved then be a part of your degenerate system of hate and cruelty - a system which can never sustain life but only spell its end, yours included.

      "And I saw the dead, great and small, standing before the throne, and books were opened. Another book was opened, which is the book of life. The dead were judged according to what they had done as recorded in the books. The sea gave up the dead that were in it, and death and Hades gave up the dead that were in them, and each person was judged according to what he had done. Then death and Hades were thrown into the lake of fire. The lake of fire is the second death. If anyone's name was not found written in the book of life, he was thrown into the lake of fire" (Rev.20:12-15, NIV)

    This page was created on 4 January 2004
    Last updated on 4 January 2004

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