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On SAI's Terms of Use webpage we read:

    "NOTE: Our copyright notice ONLY pertains to new content on our pages. We are not attempting to copyright any material or original creations of others which may be on our pages! If you are an author or copyright owner of material on our pages, and desire for us to remove your material, please write us and inform us of your desire and we will promptly accommodate you."

Material written by myself many years ago when I was labouring under the delusion and lies of 'Sons Ahman Israel', and subsequently modified by Gilbert Clark / Davied Israel / Abba Yesai, is still on-line at the Order of Nazoreans website now for many years even though I have written to Mr. Clark several times and demanded that it be taken down. This material may be viewed at under the title, "The New Covenant Link & Historical Background", though it was then in three sections titled, "Historical Background of the Sealed Plates of Mormon", "Coming Forth of the Sealed Portion of the Book of Mormon", and "An Englishman's Testimony", and has been highly edited by Clark. It served as the preface of the pre-mutilated 1987 edition of the Oracles of Mohonri.

No reference to the original author is made on the webpage. The only indication that this is not Clark's material is in size 1 HTML Times New Roman font at the end of the material which reads:

Compiled by Abba Yesai Nasrai, O:N:E: of all new material - Email or Contact the Order of O:N:E:

where "of all new material" is linked to his 'Terms of Use' page.

So I once again accuse 'Abba Yesai' of being a deceitful liar and manipulator and demand that my material be withdraw from his website(s) and any other publications that may include it - and, if he has a grain of honour in him, to apologise for his abuse. I repudiate this material as being false and erroneous. He has never accommodated my wishes as the author of the material, and if "promptness" is to be measured in terms of a decade, then once again the dictionaries must be written in favour of this charltan's existentialist view of truth.

Scanned image extracts from the original publication are shown below:

Anyone comparing the writing style with that of my many other writings at will see immediately who the author is. Clark's "Terms of Use" reveal themselves, in this light, to be utterly hypocritical, for he has quoted over 80% of my material without my permission - carbon-copies of the original of which I still possess.

May Yahweh-Elohim, the Most High, judge between him and me!

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