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    The True Origins of Mormonism Exposed
    by Claire Gregory

    Like the children of Israel, after 40 years of wandering in the deserts of Mormonism, God released me from the desert soil and planted me in the Promised Land both temporally and spiritually. On Independence Day, July 4, 1998, I celebrated my personal Independence. On that day, I walked out of my 8am to 7pm job at Sun Microsystems that I had been "programmed" to trust with my happiness and salvation. I made a commitment to myself to resolve the Mormon puzzle that had troubled me for more than twenty years, and I was to determine to find the truth of the matter once and for all. The facts of Mormonism's history painted a story that I could not comprehend nor piece together. Either I was going to stay a Latter-day Saint in the "True Church" for good, or God would need to break down the spiritual mountain and send me into the plain valleys of truth and righteousness.

    I prayed earnestly for an answer, and God led me to my Bible. I read the promise of Jesus who said that if we have the faith of a mustard seed, we could move mountains. The light poured into my mind, and it was clear that Jesus is not talking about physical mountains in that a scripture. He is talking about spiritual, mental, and emotional roadblocks that beset us all. If we pray and have faith in Jesus, God can take any spiritual mountain and cast it into the purifying ocean of truth, dissolving uncertainty, confusion, despair, and fear. I had read that scripture a hundred times but never caught the true meaning. I could imagine and believe that God knew all things, and He knew the truth about Mormonism. I reasoned, therefore, that He had the power to unravel the web of lies and contradictions that stood in my face.

    So I prayed. I told the Lord that I believed He could move the mountain of Mormonism and completely cast the conflicting doctrine and historical roadblocks into the sea of the Holy Spirit, dissolving any falsehoods according to His will and timetable. My heart throbbed. I felt my direction moving away from my LDS roots, and I feared making a mistake. I was willing to do whatever the Lord desired and prayed sincerely that I would accept the truth, whatever it is. If the Church were true, then so be it. But God would have to unravel the conflicts for me.

    I'm here to witness God is faithful. Within two months, the mountain of Mormonism was completely moved into the sea of truth, and I've watched it dissolve bit by bit, concept by concept. God revealed to me the false logic and the imitation, false sources of the LDS religion to my complete satisfaction.

    The way the puzzle unraveled was unusual. I traveled to Sweden to meet with a very spiritual man, Christopher Warren, a former member of the LDS Church and Reorganized LDS Church who had studied the Book of Mormon intensely for over twenty years. He had written a summary of what the Lord had revealed to him about Mormonism on the Internet, which is included in the appendix of this book [2].

    My biggest hurdle at the time was the three witnesses' story. They saw the plates and the angel and were faithful to their testimony until the end of their lives. To me, this was the strongest evidence that the LDS church was true. No Anti-Mormon literature had ever successfully challenged nor refuted the testimony of the three witnesses, and Chris astutely identified this as my "Achilles' heel".

    But I'm an honest person. I was not about to unplug my roots in Mormonism until all the major discrepancies were answered. My opinion was that Joseph had translated gold plates and saw angels with the witnesses, and I was not budging off that belief! The facts testify that those events actually occurred in history.

    Chris explained to me that false angels can materialize as physical beings as well as produce tangible objects such as gold plates. Immediately I thought of the live snakes that Pharaoh's magicians produced from wood staffs and realized the Bible supported his statement. It made sense. I had assumed that only true angels had the power to do work in the physical realm, and this opened my mind further. Then he showed me a few contradictions in the Book of Mormon that proves it could not have been translated by the power of God.

    But I still insisted the Book of Mormon was God's book. I had a sure testimony of the spiritual truths it contains. I had born my witness a thousand times, and I wasn't about to just give in so easily.

    Then in Sweden I had several confrontations with false light and experienced an actually "burning in the bosom". This powerful light tried to force me to believe in the Book of Mormon. False angels appeared to me in semi-dream visions, and I wrestled with this "white light". It was awful. I had been on a path for twenty years believing in the "burning of the bosom", and I finally received what was promised. However, the "burning in the bosom" was not what I thought it was. It was a forced "white light" and the power tried to compel me down a course I did not want to go.

    One night, at about 2:00am I tried to sleep. A "burning sensation" began revealing all kinds of principles of "light and truth". It enveloped my entire mind and soul. It started in my head, moved to my heart, and even went into my fingers and toes! It burned deep within my spirit like fire. It was not a physical sensation. It was a deep, spiritual burning from the inside out. It actually felt very good. Warm, peaceful, and comfortable. It was very delightful. Voices entered my head, trying to convince me to submit to the light. It was compulsive. I sensed it was not good, for God would never force his will on anyone. I was being spiritually raped, and I knew it! When I realized that, all the "good feelings" became disgusting to me. I resisted with all of my mental capacity and effort, trying to get the dirty white light out of me. It lasted for about an hour. I kept holding on to the fact that I could believe as I chose to, and nobody or no power was going to change my mind. After a while, I finally praised God for the trial, and lifted my voice up unto Jesus Christ in praise and thanksgiving, and I finally found the peace and power to break the demonic spell and go to sleep.

    A few days later, I was reading the Bible in my room in Sweden, and Chris Warren walked into the room and sat down. My Bible was turned to Genesis Chapter 6:1-5 in the New International Version of the Bible:

    "When men began to increase in number on the earth and daughters were born to them, the sons of god saw that the daughters of men were beautiful, and they married any of them they chose. Then the Lord said, "My Spirit will not contend with man forever, for he is mortal, his days will be a hundred and twenty years." The Nephilim [Nephies or Nephites] were on the earth in those days-and also afterward-when the sons of God went to the daughters of men and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, men of renown. The Lord saw how great man's wickedness on earth had become, and that every inclination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil all the time." (Gen 6:1-5)

    In the Kings James version of the Bible, Nephilim is translated "giants". To really understand these verses, the whole thought needs to be taken in context. These are the times before the flood. The world had become so wicked, God destroyed the entire earth with the great flood. I used to think that people went around killing each other, being angry, and just being "terrible" to each other. But after my experience with false light, I believe that the evil that covered the earth was a "self-righteous" attitude of "spiritual giants" that covered the land. It was covered with the kind of light that exists in the LDS Church. It is imitation light in which people seek to become "spiritual giants" as a goal in the mind, without the grace of God. God is not praised, but man is praised for his great wisdom and strength. God is viewed as one providing the "opportunity" for this spiritual development made possible through free agency of man. By choosing the right, men can become exalted . The concept can become so corrupted, that everyone believes in themselves that they are "good" and "the sons of God" by birth-right.

    This "spiritual genetics" gives one the ability to become as God is. It denies the fallen man as truly the sinners that we are, and turns the grace of Christ into and opportunity of choice. It is the counterfeit theology of the LDS Church as well as many other groups such as the "New Age" movements that are now spreading over the earth.

    Spiritual genetics denies the blood of Christ as the only justification for eternal life. Eternal life is not a free gift, but something one earns through the gift of free agency. Our choices saves us, not our belief and trust in God.

    "As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man. For in the days before the flood, people were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, up to the day Noah entered the ark; and they knew nothing about what would happen until the flood came and took them all away. That is how it will be at the coming of the Son of Man." (Matt. 24:37-39.)

    This is an extremely important verse to understand in connection with Genesis 6:1-5. Jesus Christ describes people that "appear" as normal human beings. They ate and drank, so they had to have worked to produce food. They married each other and had families. But they "knew nothing" about what was coming. Why? Because they were full of a self-righteous spirit, and were "men of renown".

    The King James version states these "mighty men" came from the "sons of God", that procreated with the "daughters of men". They were called Nephilim or giants.

    Now, to a Latter-day Saint who believes that resurrected being don't fall from heaven, as well as spiritual beings can not materialize, the concepts that I'm about to explain will sound quite unnatural. The "sons of God" were not the sons of Adam, but they were fallen angels that found the daughters of Adam so attractive, they fell from Heaven and chose to create a race of "spiritual giants" through genetic breeding. From the notes of the New International Version of the Bible, we read:

    "The phrase 'sons of God' here has been interpreted to refer to either angels or to human beings. In such places as Job 1:6; 2:1 it refers to angels, and perhaps also in Ps 29:1. (where it is translated "mighty ones"). Some interpreters also appeal to Jude 6-7 (as well as Jewish literature) in referring to the phrase here to 'angels'." (Notes Gen 6:1 NIV.)

    If the "sons of God" means human beings, then why was it worded, "the sons God" for male and "daughters of men" for female? There is a deliberate difference. The men were fallen angels, and the women were human beings; otherwise the scripture would read, "sons of men". And the doctrine these fallen angels brought with them is spiritual genetics-breeding a race of "spiritual giants", the NEPHILIM.

    As Chris and I discussed these verses, the word Nephilim shot into my mind like a sniper bullet piecing a steel plate. To my complete amazement, Chris told me the suffix "lim" in Hebrew is the plural form of the word. Therefore, the direct translation is "Nephis" or as the Book of Mormon renders NEPHITES. I then remembered the words of Jesus and the days of Noah. Now it dawned on both Chris and myself that these Nephilim were the same false angels who appeared to Joseph Smith in fulfillment of Jesus' own word that history would repeat itself before his return.

    The Spirit of God touched my mind. I suddenly saw all the giant, golden statues of angels on top of the LDS temples. "These angels want to be recognized and worshipped!" I said.

    Then I also remembered reading that Joseph Smith originally said that the first angel that appeared to him called himself "Nephi", but later he changed it to "Moroni" to better fit the Book of Mormon ending. It was all making sense. These false angels were so vain; they could not resist putting their own names as the major character of the Book of Mormon. (The Book of Mormon contains four books of Nephi!)

    Now I'm going to say what must be said. The spirit of the Nephilim is a false, arrogant, and self-righteous spirit that imitates the gospel of Christ. It produces "spiritual giants" among men, those of "renown" who are of "old". The claim of this spirit is that "secret knowledge" and understanding possessed in ancient times has been "lost", and they, according to their great light and revelation, have brought back the truths that existed in ancient times. Every Christian and Mormon should praise God for leaving such a clear scripture in the Bible to expose these false characters that dominate and control the LDS religion. The entire paradigm of the LDS Church is that angels "restored" the "old" truths of God that have been lost. Joseph Smith became a "spiritual giant" in the eyes of his people. Joseph Smith is one of their deceived spiritual offspring.

    I'm here to declare that the spiritual code of Mormonism has finally been cracked open for the first time since 1823, when the false angel made the first appearance to Joseph Smith. Notice Genesis chapter 6:1. What did these "sons of God" or fallen angels lust for what? Beautiful women! And thus we see these abnormal desires appear in the early history of the LDS faith. This is no coincidence! Think about what I'm writing! What is the biggest controversy the LDS Church has every known? It was the sexual practices of the leader, Joseph Smith. He was sealed to at least twenty-seven women; one of who was only 14 years of age! Many of these wives he had intercourse with were married women!

    What are the chances of the Nephilim having the name Nephi and also having the identical vice of desiring beautiful women as recorded in Genesis 6:1, which is exactly what plagued the LDS religion at the time of Joseph Smith? Do you remember the angel who threatened Joseph's life with a sword if he did not practice plural marriage? Think! An angel coerced Joseph Smith! He was spiritually raped with false light, just as I was, struggling in Sweden against a coerced "burning in the bosom"!

    Joseph Smith was commanded to enter into sexual relationships against his will. And he obeyed. And the LDS Church praises his obedience! It is believed the angel was from God! True angels can compel human beings to marry at the point of a sword!

    Wake up!

    Nephilim, or false spiritual giants, translates NEPHI(s)! or NEPHITES.

    (1+1=2)! The Mormon equation finally closes!

    The doctrines of the Godhead, the pre-earth life, and the three degrees of glory are attributed to the revelations Joseph received from God. But I submit a different paradigm. These Nephilim angels revealed all of these "truths" with the sole purpose of establishing a false priesthood with a spirit of subtle pride and imitation light to deceive the people. I experienced the "while light" and "burning in the bosom" first hand, as I wrestled at 2:00am with powers I could not understand nor break by myself. Only by my praising the name of Jesus and thanking God could I be released from the compulsion of light. The burning of the bosom, which I had presumed to be from God, was an imitation power of these false angels.

    For those who are interested in knowing the end of the light of Mormonism, I have found it. And it is not a good spirit. It is false light, a kind of "white magic" that Joseph Smith believed and worshipped until his death.

    After my experience in Sweden, I returned home and requested that my name be removed from the records of the LDS Church. Unfortunately, I waited a couple of months to go through with the process and tried to keep one foot in the LDS Church for the sake of my family and the other in Christianity. Having an LDS background that is traced to the days of Joseph Smith, my mother, father, family, and wife did not receive my decision with open hearts. Although my heart was finally calm and free, yet all my friends and family were full of fear, doubt, and alarm. I'm sure they thought I was a nut for what I had decided.

    My wife took the news very hard. She took it as a personal insult to her. I had been baptized in Sweden, and she felt I had deserted her. To make a long story short, I hesitated taking my name off the records of the church for several months. But I kept having flashes of burning light and visitation of false spirits in my dreams, and realized I was messing around with something that was not from God. So, I finally sent my letter of resignation to my Bishop, and that helped clear up the false spirits hanging around me.

    I have finally found the spiritual happiness, peace, and joy that I had searched deeply for in the LDS faith but had not experienced. The depression and stress to live up to the "the priesthood covenants" is gone, and I find myself returning to simple attitudes and beliefs I had before my LDS mission. The imitation light is gradually leaving and being replaced by the most satisfying love and peace in Christ. I am finally thankful for life. I am finally free. And I thank God everyday for that blessing! Praise be to God forever!


    This page was created on 6 October 1998

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