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    Apocalyptic Visions for 2010

    The visions I share with you today come in the wake of other revelations and visions both from myself and from others pertaining to the world situation and in particular the economic crisis and the threat of world war. These are not mentioned here but are to be found in the weekly sermons produced by this ministry. We reserve important prophetic warnings and visions that are likely to get 'lost' on the sermons page for this Prophecy Page for easy and quick access.

    Because of presumptuousness on my part in the past concerning the timing and interpretation of one series of visions about Norway (which I believe are about to be fulfilled quite soon), I have become more careful and circumspect before issuing revelations from Yahweh, particularly if they are on a national or global scale, so what is shared here is done so with great sobriety and as the result of prayerfully reviewing what was shown to me to ensure revelatory purity. These are dangerous times and there are a great number of charlatans - both intentional and unintentional - who are making prophetic pronouncements. For a series of sermons that exposes the bungling of prophetic exegetes over the Israeli question and false rapture teachings, please see the recent series of sermons, Jacob's Trouble, which show how easily biblical interrpetation can go wrong when false assumptions are made.


    Around 7.30 am on the morning of Thursday, 5 March 2009, I was awakened to a disturbing vision. I saw a thick, black cloud, like a layer, moving slowly but steadily from the east (my right) to the west (my left) towards me. It looked impenetrable and menacing. As it grew closer to me and the moment it made contact with me I felt the horror of DEATH. So great was the shock that I recoiled violently and became fully conscious. The cloud was not made of ordinary air or water, it was something else - really thick and life-draining. It was not like any substance I had ever encountered. My immediate association was the thick blackness that afflicted Egypt and later the death of the firstborn of Egypt culminating in the death of Pharaoh's own son.

    I then remembered the tragic death a week ago of the 6 year-old son of the leader of the Conservative political opposition in Britain, David Cameron, though I am not saying there is necessarily any connection between this vision and that death. He may well be the next British Prime Minister and preside over a terrifying future for his country. (Some will remember that a few years ago I saw a vision of the centre of London totally devastated, lifeless and flattened). Suffice to say that when divine judgments are passed, both the wicked and the good perish if the latter do not follow Yahweh's safety instructions. With Passover 2009 only a few weeks' ahead, and the beginning of a sabbatical year on 25 March (in 20 days' time), I made other associations in my mind (see articles and sermons on Passover).

    Addendum 5 May 2009

    The outbreak of Mexican Swine 'Flu seems to be the only possible interpretation of the meaning of the death cloud.


    Almost as soon as the first vision had ended, a second one opened up and I saw the steering wheel of a car. It suddenly locked tightly into place, as one locks a car wheel when parking to prevent potential thieves from driving off with it. No sooner had the wheel locked than the number "2010" appeared in large white numerals.

    Once locked, you cannot steer the car, and I at once linked the year 2010 with a global "locking down", effectively preventing the vehicle (world system) from effective movement. The "steering of the world" (presumably government and economy) would be locked down in some way so that man would be powerless to do anything even though he had the ability ("car") to "move" things along. The locking down was by supernatural forces.


    As the second vision closed, a third one opened up. I saw a brick wall, about twice as tall as the height of an average man, and almost instantly I saw a man dressed in a smart business suit violently thrown up against it as though propelled through the air. There was a dull thud as the man impacted and I could see that the wind had been taken out of him by the speed and shock of the event. Once he made contact with the wall, though, he did not fall to the ground, but remained hard pressed against it as though held by an invisible hand. I suppose that what this may represent is the ordinary well-to-do affluent man being pressed "up against a wall" by the consequences of the earlier two visions, or it could collectively represent the business community. It could possibly depict complete economic collapse in 2010 and the helplessness of anyone to do anything about it.

    The Revived First Matriarch

    The day before (4 March) I had a remarkable experience in visiting (as we do every week) the former Presiding Matriarch, Aslaug Hagen Mj°lsvik, who has been in an Alzheimer's institution now for several years. Her husband, the Second Patriarch, passed away a few years ago. We have agonisingly watched her memory collapse progressively over the years to the point that she no longer knows who we are and is in a state of constant internal distress, unable to make connections with the outside world owing to the degeneration of her brain. She has been highly drugged up for a very long time.

    In my sermon the week before on the 120th Jubilee of the World, Yahweh had led me to consult the Olive Branch revelations and visions received in 2006 and amongst those was a baffling and apparently unfulfillable prophecy concerning Sister Mj°lsvik who in her terrible state of health occupied a position not dissimilar to Sarah, the wife of Abraham, being called to give birth in extreme old age:

      "I dreamed that I was besides the sea and as I looked inland I could see that it had recently been flooded by the sea. Everywhere there was dÚbris lying around as though a great storm or tidal wave had struck the coast. A inland I saw a tree which had been uprooted and was lying on the ground. Amazingly, though, the soil had not been washed away from its roots. A very large clump of earth was attched to the roots as though it had been removed from a very large plant pot.

      "Quite suddenly the Presiding Matriarch of the Church appeared on the scene, and with her bare hands, picked up the tree and carried it off. I understood that she was going to replant it. Her entire concentration was occupied with this singular task and it was clear that she was not going to allow anything to sidetrack her from it.

      "When I awoke I understood that the tree was the Church or Covenant which had been completely uprooted by the Third Wave, or Third Rebellion. It was, however, quite safe, Yahweh ensuring the the roots were protected from the salty water of the sea wave. I also understood that the Presiding Matriarch represented single-mindedness, tenacity, love and faithfulness, for the actual person in question has all of these qualities and has been a true, faithful, dedicated, and loyal servant of Yahweh since the beginning of this work, seetijg a wodnerful example for all the saints. By this means, them, the New Covenant Church was preserved through the Third Wave and was replanted in the Vineyard of Yahweh. Amen" (Olive Branch, Section 414, 29 May 2006).

    I could not have been prepared for the sight that greeted me when I visited Sister Mj°lsvik. She was awake, her eyes shining, her face radiating light and love, and there was the first smile I had seen in years. She looked at me, instantly recognised me, and embraced me, holding onto my hand for most of the visit. Though her power of speech was restricted by the severe degeneration of her brain, she was able to communiate 'Yes' and 'No' answers to questions. As we prayed together in front of the other inmates, the Ruach (Spirit) fell on the room and some of the old folks there started crying. And as I prayed with her, Yahweh said to her: "It is time to replant the tree".


    Many thoughts, of course, arise from these visions in the light of the current world situation, for in the midst the the slide of the world into economic chaos and possible war, and the years of persecution and tragedy that has afflicted this ministry, this New Covenant work is being gradually revived again, as Yahweh said it would, and in spite of the concerted attempts by the misguided and evil to destroy it. This work cannot be destroyed, because it belongs to no man, but to Yahweh.

    In the light of the visions received, we urge our readers to make urgent preparations for the year 2010. Food and petrol/gas prices are already rising fast, and have done so since 1 January 2009, as we knew they would. We urge our readers to save their families, get right with Yahweh, store food, fuel and medicines, and where possible, convert cash assets into something solid like land, housing, gold, etc - as the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) moves you.

    Be prepared to be self-sufficient for a minimum of one year. The politicians have no solutions, least of all the new American President who, in spite of a show of optimism and bravado, is implementing the same old failed policies of past Presidents. If I am understanding these visions correctly, nothing anybody tries to do will make the least bit of difference. All we can do is ride the storm by being prepared and warning our neighbour.

    October 2010 Vision

    In May 2010 I received a vision about the coming month of October - see October 2010: A Prophetic Warning. (4 June 2010)

    The Fukushima Nuclear Reactor Explosion - March 2011

    The Death Cloud prophecy has been fulfilled - please see the article, The Death Cloud Has Arrived! The Japanese Nuclear Distaster

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