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The 12 Books of Abraham

    Revelations of the Chavurat Bekorot

    The Cosmic Principle
    or Grand Unified Doctrine of Creation
    FBS 881223 - 2e 971223, 3e 160614 - OCC 148

    The following revelation was received by Lev-Tsiyon haEfrayim on 23 December 1988 in Cranleigh, Surrey, England. It was received in one sitting lasting the better part of a whole day. It is not an organic part of the Olive Branch (Covenants & Commandments), a collection of revelations received by the Chavurat Bekorot for the public and NCAY, but forms part of another collection of unpublished revelations reserved for the more spiritually mature members of the Holy Order. What follows is the third revision (2016) which, like the second revision (1997), is mostly cosmetic in nature that now includes the Divine Names, messianic terminology, clarifications in parentheses, links to related materials, and corrections of typological errors. Because of its immense size, the longest of the revelations, it has been divided into sections for easier access where new paragraphs began in the received text. Section headers and illustrations have been added to this third edition. Because of the subject material, which includes a raison d'être for polygamy, the Chavurah Bekorot released this revelation for the public ministry of HEM in 1997.

    1. The Fractal Nature of Creation

    1. Hearken ye set-apart ones of the Chavurat Bekorot and all who seek to understand the deeper mysteries of the Kingdom, and I will reveal all things unto you if ye keep faith and go not after personal power and glory.

    2. For those who seek knowledge for personal power and glory shall be destroyed by that knowledge, and it shall be as though they learned nothing, for they were consumed by their lusts.

    3. I, Yahweh, am an Elohim of love, but I am also a strict and just Elohim, for the one [principle] is not without the other in the perfect order of things.

    4. Therefore see that ye seek for knowledge for the right motives, to bless and to sacrifice, to give for giving's sake, and without regard for personal reward.

    5. And as ye will do this, ye shall be greatly enlarged, and shall know the joy and freedom of the Firstborn.

    6. Remember, that all things have their likeness, whether in the heavens above or on the earth below;

    7. And if ye understand one thing in its perfect order then ye can understand all, from the highest unto the lowest, and all that is inbetween.

    8. There is one Elohim (God), one Law (Torah), one Messiah (Christ), and one pattern (tavnith);

    9. Therefore blessed is the man or woman who understandeth even one part of these things in its perfect order;

    10. For that which is true shall attract more that is true, until all truth hath been gathered together in one and Messiah is fully revealed.

    2. In the Beginning

    11. ¶In the beginning was the Word, and that Word came forth out of Elohim, and that Word was Elohim (Jn.1:1).

    12. And the Word produced a vibration, and each part of the Word created a different vibration.

    13. And out of the vibration came a vortex, for the vibration produced a vortex, which is empty space or a vacuum;

    14. And the vortex was in the midst of the ether, which is empty space impregnated with the Light of Messiah, being a kingdom of the Creator.

    15. And the ether began to move around the vortex, seeking to fill it, for that which is void, even the vortex, must be filled.

    16. I am full of Light, saith Yahweh, and every particle within Me is Light;

    17. And where there is darkness the Light seeketh to penetrate, for it is the desire of all Light to fill the universe from one end to the other.

    18. And thus it is that the children of Light always seek to fill the void of darkness, and for such they were created.

    19. And in this manner is the glory of Elohim brought to pass, for My glory is that of multiplication, even as I have already spoken [unto you].

    3. From Atoms to Galaxies

    20. ¶The Word created the vibration, and the vibration created the void, and the ether rapidly circulated around the void in order to fill it.

    21. And behold, because the ether moved around the void, a centre of activity was created, creating a polarity of positive and negative, male and female, like unto the earth on which ye live which hath a positive and a negative pole.

    22. And behold, the solar system also hath a polarity like unto the earth, which is like unto the atom, each bearing witness of the other and of the sacred pattern of the Creator.

    23. And the polarity is the life of all created systems, saith Yahweh, for the positive is not without the negative, nor the male without the female (1 Cor.11: 11).

    24. And if there were no male and female, all would return unto the void and the work of Elohim would be uttery waisted.

    25. And behold, there is an enemy, even the devil, who seeketh to destroy male and female, that the Creation might collapse in upon itself and return unto the void, which is the abode of the evil one.

    26. All things bear witness of Me, saith Yahweh, for I am at the centre of My creation at every level.

    27. I am the core or centre of your solar system, for I am the sun (Rev.1:16);

    28. And I am the core or nucleus of each atom, which likewise is positive, or male.

    29. And the centre is magnetic, holding unto itself everything within the radius of its influence, which is the love and glory of the Firstborn {Messiah}.

    30. The greater the love, the greater the radius of influence.

    31. Verily, verily, thus saith Yahweh: each man is like unto a nucleus in an atom or a sun in a solar system.

    32. And all males are made in the image of the Son of Elohim.

    33. As a man groweth in godliness and Light, so his Light moveth outwards and formeth a shell, or sphere of Light around him, until he hath arisen into the Firstborn, whence he hath seven shells.

    34. And this is the fullness, and the full measure of a man's creation.

    35. Each shell is like unto the layer or skin of an onion.

    36. Behold, each layer in the solar system provideth the orbit in which a planet may revolve around the central sun.

    37. And each layer hath many sub-layers, each after its own order and pattern.

    38. The solar system in which ye dwell is a small one, saith Yahweh, for the greatest can contain up to 112 planets, even as the greatest of the atoms can contain up to 112 negative particles, or electrons.

    39. Ye behold only nine planets in your solar system but there are many more which ye have not seen because your eyes are carnal and are tuned only to the coarsest vibrations.

    40. But as ye become sanctified, so shall your eyes be opened, and ye shall see the glory of the worlds amongst which, and on which, ye live, and rejoice at the glory of the Creator.

    41. Even now ye marvel when ye behold the stars, yet ye have seen only the least of the glories of the Father.

    42. As ye become sanctified in each degree, so shall ye behold every particle in that degree, even as My servant Moses beheld every particle in the earth.

    43. This ye cannot now comprehend but if ye are faithful, ye shall see even as Moses and Enoch [saw], and even more.

    44. But behold, this is not all, saith Yahweh, for this is the foundation of your understanding.

    45. Each planetary orbit hath two planets, and each atomic orbital hath two electrons, the one planet or atom spinning in the opposite direction to the other.

    46. And the centre of the Creation, which is the Throne of Elohim, hath two planets orbiting in the same orbit, spinning in opposite directions to one other, the one spinning to the left and the other to the right.

    47. And around these two revolve two other heavenly bodies; and they revolve in the same orbit opposite each other.

    48. This must needs be so, for all things are created with left and right components, and each obeyeth its own laws.

    49. For this cause ye cannot see the other worlds in your solar system, for some exist on different vibrational planes and others spin in different directions.

    50. And even as ye cannot see the earth which is opposite you, neither can ye see the unconscious side of yourselves, that which is the female in men, and that which is the male in women, until ye become sanctified and whole and can see all things.

    51. When a man or woman is sanctified the particles of his soul begin to vibrate faster for he ascendeth into the finer realms of spirit and matter which are the substance of the Godhead.

    52. For this cause he that is sanctified hath power over all matter, and by the power of his word may change it if it is according to the law and will of Elohim.

    53. Thus he may command a mountain to be moved or a tree to be hurled into the sea (Mt.21:21);

    54. Or he may walk on water, or pass through a wall, like unto the Son of Man.

    55. For unto him unto whom all things are subject, all things are possible.

    56. Therefore I say unto you: subject yourselves unto the will of Messiah and be obedient in every particular, and that which was carnal shall become spiritual;

    57. Or in other words, the particles that make up your mind, spirit and flesh shall be purified and harmonised that they may vibrate faster and become finer, like unto the heavenly firstborn who have transcended the fallen flesh and its limitations.

    58. These are they who sing a new song which cannot be understood by the carnal, for their bodies vibrate anew and can only be comprehended by those who are made anew (Rev.14:4).

    59. These are they, even the 144,000, who are virgins for they are not defiled by the lower vibrations of fallen matter, but are of a finer substance.

    60. These are they who are not defiled with women, which meaneth that they are no longer defiled by the fall caused by your first mother, Eve;

    61. For the fall brought about separation, the separation of male and female (Rev.14:4);

    62. But they have overcome the fall through the grace of Messiah and His atonement.

    63. These are men and women who were not defiled and imprisoned by the fall, which is after the Order of the Liliths, but were made free through faith in, and obedience to, Yah'shua the Messiah.

    64. Thus if ye would be made pure, becoming guiltless and without guile (Rev.14: 5), suffer not yourselves, ye sons and daughters of Messiah, to be defiled with women, which is the corrupt and blasphemous Order of the Liliths, the consorts of the devil and all his angels.

    65. And what is the Order of the Liliths?

    66. Behold, it is the rebellion of Lilith who rebelled and sought to establish an Order under the government of matriarchs, turning aside the true Chavurat Bekorot, which is patriarchal, and not after the world, but after the righteousness of the Son of Man.

    67. Therefore I say unto you who seek the Firstborn: follow ye the true pattern, and follow the Lamb whithersoever He goeth, and ye shall verily be redeemed from among men, and shall become the firstfruits unto Yahweh-Elohim the Father, and to Yah'shua (Jesus) the Lamb (Rev.14:4).

    68. There is much ye cannot understand now, ye set-apart ones of the Chavurah Bekorot, but I make a beginning that ye may search the Light within you for understanding and enlightenment.

    4. The Fall

    69. ¶Behold, the spirit world is made in the same fashion as the physical world, only it is of a higher order and vibration.

    70. Within each atom of this world there are numerous finer atoms and particles which are the ground or matrix upon which all things are organised.

    71. Each particle is a degree of the Light of Messiah and vibrateth at a different frequency, each according to its own order.

    72. When your first parents rebelled, the structure of this order was changed, substances of a higher order falling to a lower order, or the world falling out of knowledge.

    73. And there became a separation of Elohim from man, of man from woman, and of the spirit from the flesh.

    74. For this cause I, Yahweh, came into the world to repair the breach, descending to the lowest and coarsest matter that I might return it unto its former place.

    75. And this is the work of the Cross, which even yet I have not begun to reveal its mystery unto you, which mystery shall be received in My Holy House {Temple of the Chavurah Bekorot}.

    76. And I, Yahweh, did this, taking on human flesh, that a man might not have to do this work for himself, but accept Me as his Father and Saviour, that he might receive this [work] which I have done for him, restoring the world to knowledge, which is the resurrection.

    77. And thus matter and spirit shall be inseparably connected again, never to be divided, abiding a fullness of joy, ascending to a higher vibrational state wherein mind, spirit, and flesh are purified and cleansed, all becoming spiritual.

    78. And thus the mind, spirit, and flesh of this world are of a different and coarser order to that which is of the Heavens.

    79. Because ye have descended so low, ye sons and daughters of men, the lower coarser vibrations of matter have drowned out the finer spiritual vibrations which ye can no longer hear.

    80. Thus ye must learn discipline through obedience to correct principles and patterns, that ye may transform that which is carnal into that which is spiritual, transmuting lower and slower vibrations into higher and faster ones, changing that which is heavy and coarse into that which is light and subtle;

    81. And that which is light and subtle is more powerful than that which is heavy and course.

    82. For it is My will, saith Yahweh, that ye turn that which is carnal into spiritual, effects into causes, impotence into power, and ignorance into wisdom.

    83. And the vehicle for these things is the pure love of Messiah, which is justice and mercy in perfect agreement.

    5. Vibration at the Core

    84. ¶Vibration is the pulse which beateth in every living thing and is the movement of life and of the living.

    85. That which is dead beateth not and hath no movement, and is what is called unorganised matter; for life is organisation and structure.

    86. Vibration is the language of all things living, for the rate at which vibration taketh place determineth the character and quality of that which vibrateth.

    87. An atom taketh shape around its core of life because that life, by means of its vibration, draweth around it the substances which it needeth;

    88. It buildeth them into a form, and holdeth them to itself with great strength and power.

    6. The Mystery of Plural Marriage

    89. ¶This is the mystery of plural marriage, therefore hearken well that ye may understand.

    90. Behold, a vibration cometh to pass when the life force, which is the Light of Messiah, establisheth an electrical polarity.

    7. The Creation of Hydrogen and Worlds

    91. ¶I, Yahweh, called forth My Beloved Ones, saying: 'Come hither'. And they came unto Me.

    92. And unto the first I said: 'Come in unto Me, that we may be one, mind of one mind, heart of one heart, and flesh of one flesh.'

    93. And we spake the Word (which cannot be written) from the centre of our unity, and a vortex formed in the ether, around which the ether began to circulate;

    94. And the ether was the body of the Messiah and the first of His Beloved Ones, which is a portion of the Light of Messiah.

    95. And they took unto themselves unorganised matter and began to break apart their bodies.

    96. And behold, the Light, which is the life force, established an electrical polarity, positive and negative, male and female.

    97. And the mass of Light rotated, and received a north and a south pole, like unto the earth on which ye dwell;

    98. And the mass began to vibrate, and there was created a magnetic field.

    99. And this was the first hydrogen atom, and is the simplest of all atoms, yea, for it is the building block of the material universe.

    100. And at the centre lay a proton, which is the substance of Messiah, and around it revolved an electron, which was the first of My Beloved Ones.

    101. And from the mystery of our unity we created numerous hydrogen atoms, more numerous than the sands of the sea, billions of living particles, and each vibrating and pulsating with life.

    102. And unto the second of My Beloved Ones I said: 'Come hither, and come in unto us, that we may be one, mind of one mind, heart of one heart, and flesh of one flesh.'

    103. And we spake the word (which cannot be written) from the centre of our unity, and the first atoms, which were hydrogen atoms, began to transmute and release great energy.

    104. And I, Yahweh, began to multiply within, and a new proton formed within the hydrogen atom, and was joined by a second electron, which came from the second of My Beloved Ones.

    105. And Helium atoms came into being.

    106. And so it was with the third, and fourth, and all My Beloved Ones until we had finished our Creation.

    107. And the atoms, which were alive, began to come together on account of the great energy that was released through our love one for another;

    108. And we formed stars, and worlds, and all things that are in the cosmos.

    109. And because we multiplied thus, our love multiplied also, and great was our joy!

    110. This is the foundation of your understanding; therefore hearken on.

    8. Polarity

    111. ¶Every creation hath a north and south pole, whether atom, star, planet, or living creature.

    112. Cosmic waves are absorbed in the north pole, which is positive, or male, and are stored in the south pole, which is negative, or female;

    113. Thus the male controlleth and emitteth vibrations {oscillations} at the individual rate of the atom of which we are speaking;

    114. And behold, these vibrations propel radiations at wave-lengths of a size and frequency according to the type of the atom and its own government.

    115. The slower the rate of vibration, the longer are its wave-lengths, and thus the expression of its life is coarser and heavier.

    116. But the faster or higher the rate of vibration, the subtler and more powerful is the expression of the life thereof, and the shorter and more penetrating are its wavelengths and radiations.

    117. And each type of radiation hath its own note and colour.

    118. The positive electricity at work within the atom is born of the Son of Man and is male, and is active;

    119. The negative electricity at work within the atom is born of My Beloved Ones and is female, and is concerned with the storage of energy.

    120. Therefore what ye behold in the atom ye shall also behold in all larger bodies, whether planets, solar systems, or universes, for the lesser are all reflections of the greater, being made in the same pattern.

    121. Behold, when an atom is created, it is surrounded by an envellope of ether like unto that around the earth, a sphere of energy which is the boundary of its own independent government created by its magnetic field.

    122. Within the boundary, layers or spheres of successive magnetic intensities are organised, and each layer can accommodate up to a fixed number of satellites, which rotateth around the central nucleus.

    9. Family Boundaries

    123. ¶ Each family also hath its own government and boundary; and if any man or woman crosseth this boundary then he hath committed adultery; for adultery is the overturning of the laws of creation in all its forms, whether it be of families or of My Gospel.

    124. And when a man crosseth the boundary of another man's marriage, he disturbeth the ether and bringeth chaos and destruction like unto the scientist who bombardeth an atom in order to split it apart.

    125. The boundary of the earth hath been disturbed by many pollutions, saith Yahweh, for man hath adulterated his heritage.

    126. For when a man upsetteth one order of creation it is his disposition to upset others also;

    127. Therefore see that ye obey My laws, on all levels, that harmony and peace may exist.

    10. The Female Electron

    128. ¶The smallest particle of coarse matter is the electron, which is female, and is able to separate itself off as an independent form and retain its identiy and form.

    129. From these female particles I, Yahweh, and My Beloved Ones, have made all things.

    11. Mass and Energy

    130. ¶There is formless electricity, but it is neither male nor female, and it is impossible to build anything with it.

    131. Though they are the smallest of particles, being 1,846 times smaller than male protons, the female electrons are the most energetic, and what they lack in mass they compensate for in energy.

    132. For all energy is mass, and all mass is energy, but in different states.

    133. This is the basic difference between male and female, and is the key to your understanding of all the works of the Father.

    12. Male Attraction

    134. ¶The male proton exerteth a strong magnetic attraction upon the female electron, and this is the basis of the creation of all things.

    135. For the male must draw in the female, or the proton [draw in] the electron, even as the son of Elohim must draw in the daughter of Elohim by virtue of the Light within him.

    136. And if he draweth by any power that is not pure Light he hath committed adultery, and he shall have his power taken away from him.

    137. And if any woman seeketh that which is not the Light of Messiah in a man, she shall be disappointed, for he cannot satisfy the longings of the Light within her to be united to the pure Light of Heaven.

    13. Multiplcation and Conservation

    138. ¶Male principle is the law of multiplication; female principle is the law of conservation. By this key ye shall understand all things.

    14. The First Hydrogen Atom

    139. ¶I, Yahweh, spake the word and the first atom, even the hydrogen atom, was created.

    140. One male proton attracted one female electron into its shell, thus creating a positive and negative pole.

    141. Yea, and the atom began to spin on its axis, and a magnetic field was formed from this motion, and a rate of vibration established together with the radiation of a fixed wavelength.

    142. And the electron revolved around the proton in an orbit held by the power of the proton-nucleus;

    143. And without the proton-nucleus the electron would have been swallowed into the void to wander alone forever.

    15. The Atomic Dance

    144. ¶There is a great space between the proton and electron, for by the power of the atom the electron moveth around the proton at great speed (1018 times per second);

    145. Thus the male must give space unto the female that she may release her natural energies.

    146. And behold, the nucleus occupieth only one thousand billionth of the atmospheric volume of the atom.

    147. Without this space there would be no life, saith Yahweh, and all would be frozen and wasted.

    148. And though the female principle moveth at great speed she escapeth not, because she is held by his {the nucleus'} gravity, which is his love and holiness.

    149. And because she moveth around her Beloved One, she createth a negative or female electrical charge or cloud, and createth thereby a separate {new} identity [for the atom].

    150. Therefore when a woman committeth adultery she destroyeth the identity of her husband by departing from her appointed place.

    151. And by the same token when the Messianic Community (Church), which is the bride [of Messiah], departeth from her Bridegroom, Yah'shua the Messiah, she putteth Him to open shame, for she revealeth his nakedness.

    152. Yea, for the female clotheth the male by her weaving and movement through space.

    16. The Elements

    153. ¶The world on which ye live hath over one hundred elements from which all living and non-living things are made.

    154. And all things are living, only some are more independent and intelligent than others.

    155. The least element is hydrogen, being the beginning of creation; and the last (in this world) is uranium, having 92 protons and 92 electrons.

    156. There are other elements which do not exist naturally in this world, saith Yahweh, but which are important in others.

    157. But uranium also hath 146 neutrons, which are neither male nor female, which are a part of the male nucleus.

    158. Hearken and listen unto this principle, for herein lieth another mystery.

    17. The Neutron

    159. ¶The neutron is a compressed male proton and female electron having no space between them, for they are one and indivisible.

    160. And neutrons are heavy and solid, containing much compressed and imprisoned energy, which causeth much radioactivity in the heavier elements.

    161. And behold, stimulation by heat, pressure, radiations and other phenomena causeth the neutrons to become greatly excited until the great expansion therein causeth an explosion of great power, releasing particles and energetic rays, which is radioactivity.

    162. And the element becometh thereby a new element, which changeth many times until it becometh the elements radium and lead.

    163. This is the process of transmutation and shall be explained unto you at a later time, for it containeth the mystery of translation.

    164. For within protons there are other particles, and these ye must yet understand.

    18. Soul-Mates

    165. ¶When a man multiplieth the male aspect of Light according to the Melchizedek Law, he createth a 'proton' to which is attracted an 'electron', which is his soul-mate, with whom he will create 'hydrogen'.

    166. The hydrogen is a type of eternal marriage, of one man sealed to one woman in one sphere, kingdom, covenant, or law.

    167. And this is the beginning of mystical marriage, and of creativity.

    168. Each neutron is a compressed hydrogen atom;

    169. And the neutrons and protons of a nucleus are compressed together also so that they become as one giant particle that is male, or positive, for there is no space between them.

    19. The Servant With Five Talents

    170. ¶To what shall I liken the protons of a nucleus?

    171. I shall liken the protons of a nucleus to the servant of Elohim who received five talents who multiplied them into ten (Mt.25:14-30).

    172. For the glory of the male principle is multiplication, even multiplication of the Light of Messiah;

    173. And each proton is like unto a degree of the Light of Messiah which a man hath multiplied through faith and obedience to the precepts of Elohim.

    174. And behold, as a man waxeth in righteousness, so he multiplieth in Light;

    175. And as he multiplieth in Light he becometh like unto a tree with many branches, because he becometh multifaceted, and can receive unto himself many beloved ones.

    176. But if he multiplieth not the Light he cannot receive many beloved ones but must remain as the hydrogen atom.

    177. And thus, though a man is multifaceted, he is one, even as there are many protons in the nucleus.

    178. And this is the mystery of the male principle, which is one of expansion and multiplication.

    179. For this cause the seed of the male {spermatazoans} is many but the seed of the female {ovum or egg} is one.

    180. Verily there are many kinds of cell even as there are many kinds of atom, for the one is the image of the other, even as both are in the image of the solar system and of the universe.

    20. Cells and Organs

    181. ¶Each cell is its own kingdom, saith Yahweh, and is governed by its own law, for it hath its own polarity, its own magnetism and radiation, and its own boundary.

    182. And behold, cells unite to form organs which have their own polarity, magnetism, radiation and boundaries;

    183. And organs unite to form their own [collective] polarity, magnetism, radiation, and boundaries.

    184. And this is the organisation of man [and other higher creatures].

    21. The Auras of Cells and Organisms

    185. ¶Even as the tiny atom hath its own oscillation, wave-length, vibration, magnetism, polarity, and boundary, so too do all living creatures, from the greatest unto the least, for all are made after the same pattern, which pattern beareth record of Me, the Son of Elohim.

    186. Yea, each insect emitteth a major vibration which is its own key note and encompasseth those of all the lesser beings composing its form.

    187. And a man is a symphony of vibrating notes which is orchestrated to and controlled by the one vibratory rate which is his keynote and his signature unique unto himself.

    188. Each man and woman vibrateth according to his or her degree of sanctification, attracting like souls;

    189. And the symphony changeth as a man climbeth up into the Light or falleth therefrom.

    190. Behold, each living cell is an electrical oscillating circuit, for it storeth electricity and emitteth its own specific wavelength.

    191. It is tuned to a vibratory rate unique unto itself and absorbeth cosmic radiations at its northern (male) pole of that rate.

    192. Yea, it storeth them at the southern (female) pole, modifieth them into its own character, and re-emitteth them coloured by that modification.

    193. And this is the mystery of marriage, for the Bridegroom shall receive the Light of Messiah and pass it unto the Bride who storeth the Light and modifieth it, conforming it unto her own family and character (cell, or atom) before emitting it for the blessing of the set-apart ones.

    22. Male and Female Principles

    194. ¶Each man possesseth female principle and can therefore do this alone to some degree;

    195. And each woman possesseth male principle and can therefore do this alone to some degree.

    196. But not until the two or several are one can this be done in power.

    23. Nucleus and Protoplasm Polarities

    197. ¶The nucleus of the cell is like unto the nucleus of the atom and unto the sun that lieth in the centre of your solar system, yea, and even like unto the core that lieth at the centre of the earth.

    198. And the nucleus of the cell is like unto the protons and neutrons, for it is overall positive, or male.

    199. And the protoplasm is negative, or female.

    200. But this is not all, for there are mitochondria also, and these are male, for they are the energy-producers of the cell.

    201. The nucleus is the father and the mitochondrion is the son, for the son is subject unto the father.

    202. And this is the beginning of your understanding, and shall be sufficient for now, for the fullness shall be revealed in the Temple [of the Chavurah Bekorot] for those who are willing to make the sacrifices required of the Order of the Firstborn.

    24. The Glory of Woman

    203. ¶And now, My children. I speak unto you of the mystery of the female principle and of the glory of the woman, for the world hath many foolish nations concerning the daughters of Adam.

    204. Ye have begun to understand the mystery of the atom which is a living parable of the mystical marriage of Messiah, even that to which ye have been called, ye children of the House of Israel.

    205. Ye have seen the different natures of the proton and the electron and ye understand that they are opposites to one another.

    206. And the world erreth when it seeketh to make male and female the same {unisexuality}, which cannot be, for if ye do this ye destroy the whole fabric and law of creation.

    207. Even as the male proton setteth up a magnetic and electrostatic field on account of its mass and rotation to which the female electron is attracted and captured, even so the man setteth up a field of attraction by the mass of the Light of Messiah that is within him.

    208. By his movement within the Light, he draweth forth that woman [or women] to whom he was foreordained in marraige into his kingdom, laws, and boundaries which, if he is true, is the kingdom, laws, and boundaries of Heaven.

    209. And when he receiveth her they become one, even as the atom becometh one when the nucleus receiveth his electron.

    210. The female is the gate into life, saith Yahweh, for she must store, modify, and birth that which the male hath multiplied.

    211. Male principle is directive and female principle is receptive, and upon these principles have all things ben made that were made.

    212. If ye seek to overturn these principles ye shall be destroyed inwardly and outwardly, saith Yahweh, for that which fighteth against law shall be condemned by that law;

    213. But that which acteth in harmony with the law, which is the Light of Messiah, shall be blessed by that law.

    214. And I am the Law (Torah), even Yah'shua the Messiah, and he or she who fighteth against My law, whether they do so in My Name or not, fighteth against Me, and cannot be justified at the last day.

    215. For it mattereth not what ye do in My Name if ye do it after your own fallen and carnal minds for I, Yahweh, cannot justify darkness in any degree, nor cover you with My mercy if ye repent not of your errors.

    216. Therefore hearken and learn true doctrine that ye may in no wise be deceived.

    25. Understanding Female Principle

    217. ¶The glory of the woman is the womb for it is the beginning of all things. For this cause a man hath no womb (1 Cor.11:11-12).

    218. All that moveth, and was, and will be, cometh through the womb;

    219. And the womb is gentle, receptive, nourishing and safe.

    220. This is the glory of female principle.

    221. The womb is not male, for it is not directive, but must receive, even as the cupped hands receive water from the fountain.

    222. The male is directive and sendeth itself forth and cannot receive.

    223. Therefore the female must receive and must become the gate or opening.

    224. She is a temple, an holy house, a creature of warmth;

    225. And the male is her guest, even he who cometh into the bridal chamber, with naked feet and gifts of Light.

    226. She is the vessel that containeth the wine;

    227. And if there is no vessel, the wine is spilled and lost.

    228. Therefore the male is not without the female, nor the female without the male, even as it is written (1 Cor.11:11).

    229. When the woman seeketh to be the wine she shall not be satisfied, for she goeth forth from her temple, the womb, which [thus] dieth unto her.

    230. And when the womb dieth, the woman dieth also;

    231. Or in other words, when the female seeketh to be male, she shall lose her heart or centre, for the centre of the woman is birthing and nourishment, whether it be of children or of things spiritual, it mattereth not, for this is the measure of her creation (1 Tim.2:15).

    232. This is the female principle: it doubteth not, it enquireth not, it questioneth not, and is not aggressive, for all these things belong unto the male principle.

    233. The man goeth forth outwardly in search of Light and truth;

    234. The woman waiteth until he hath brought it unto her, and receiveth it, and nourisheth it, and protecteth it, and bringing forth children of Light.

    235. She waiteth for her beloved, and she waiteth for eternity.

    236. For this cause I, Yahweh, have never established a Church through the hands of a woman, but I have raised up many prophetesses who have received and nourished the Word.

    26. Understanding Male Principle

    237. ¶The female is passive, and the male is active; the male seeketh and findeth, and the female waiteth and nourisheth.

    238. The man of Elohim is aggressive for he doubteth, enquireth, and travelleth far to search, and seeketh to conquer the unknown.

    239. For this cause came the Son of Man into the world to seek out sinners and to overcome sin.

    240. This is male principle, and for this cause that messiahs (deliverers, saviours) have always been male.

    241. It is the disposition of all true male principle to reach outwards, to seek, and to penetrate;

    242. And if he is righteous, behold, he createth righteousness.

    243. But if he is evil, he createth evil.

    244. The sons of righteousness go outwards to bless mankind with their science and leadership, but the sons of wickedness go outwards to enslave mankind with weapons of destruction, inwardly and outwardly, in their thoughts, feelings, and sexuality.

    245. Male principle must continually expand and go outwards, like an arrow that parteth the air or a ship that parteth the waters of the sea.

    27. The Spaces Between

    246. ¶The male principle is six parts movement and one part rest, but the female principle is six parts rest and one part movement.

    247. Behold, all things male are made to penetrate on account of their mass, and all things female are made to receive and nourish.

    248. Nevertheless, the woman possesseth a portion of the male, and the man a portion of the female, that each might stand independent, yet also dependent.

    249. And as the pillars of the temple stand apart that the temple [may] stand, so also must the male and the female be apart that they may stand and not fall.

    250. For this cause I, Yahweh, created space between electrons and protons, that female and male might be apart;

    251. And for this cause I, Yahweh, created neutrons, that the female and male might be together, inseparably connected, and all for a wise purpose that ye shall in time understand.

    28. Waiting and Trust

    252. ¶Female principle is trusting and faithful, for this is the spirit of the womb. And thus a baby abideth in peace in the womb of a true female.

    253. But male principle is built upon logic, scepticism and doubt;

    254. And these may either be positive or negative, edifying or destructive, even as love and jealosy may be positive or negative.

    255. Female principle is not logical but dreaming, because dreaming is waiting, and waiting is the foundation of the womb.

    256. That which endureth is female, and is the pure love of Messiah, even My Beloved Ones, which suffereth long, and is kind, envieth not, and is not puffed up, rebelleth not, and seeketh not her own (1 Cor.13:4-8).

    257. For she is faithful, and betrayeth not her beloved one, but abideth in patience until the cosmic womb delivereth unto her that for which she hath waited.

    258. The delight of a wife is the multiplication of her husband;

    259. And the delight of a husband is the trust, faith and love of his wife.

    260. And the delight of both is Elohim, for they are in subjection to Him, even as the wife is in subjection to her husband, and the electron to the nucleus, being conformed to his boundary and Light, even that which proceedeth forth from the Father to fill the immensity of space.

    29. Conscious and Unconscious

    261. ¶Truth is male and love is female;

    262. Let the man become female and seek after love, and let the woman become male and seek after truth, that none shall be deceived.

    263. For every woman who maketh herself male shall enter the Kingdom; and every man who maketh himself female shall enter the Kingdom.

    264. And every woman who maketh herself her husband and is one with him shall see the Light;

    265. And every man who maketh himself his wife and is one with her shall see the Light.

    266. For unless that which is unconscious is conscious, and that which is hidden is revealed, and that which is lost is found, and that which is taken away is restored, ye can in no wise enter the glory of the Firstborn.

    267. Therefore let male and female be one according to the appointment of the Father, the male learning love, and the female learning truth and honour, that all divisions may cease, and the rebellion of Lucifer and Lilith be destroyed forever.

    268. Nevertheless let the male perfect his own principle, and the female hers, that all may live according to their stewardship and foreordination.

    30. Penetrating Mysteries

    269. ¶The divine impulse of the male is to know all things and to penetrate all mysteries; and when he hath done this, then he hath found rest.

    270. All the great seekers after truth have been male, saith Yahweh, for they have incarnated their male principle in imitation of the Son of Man [to one degree of another].

    271. Every true disciple entereth world and searcheth until he findeth, knocketh until the gates are opened.

    272. He is willing to endure hardship and suffering that he might know all things that are to be known and find peace, according to the will of Yahweh.

    273. Not all things can be reveal else there would not be space to record them;

    274. And it is not expedient that they be revealed, for ye must search them out for yourselves, by trial and by sacrifice, that your efforts may be consecrated unto you, and your labours not be in vain.

    31. Standing Alone in Messiah

    275. ¶My Beloved Ones, who were with Me in the beginning, received of Me that which Yahweh revealed unto Me, and sought Yahweh for themselves, for they were both one with Me, and separate and alone.

    276. For no man can save his wife until she hath stood alone in Messiah and received of Him, for there is but one Saviour and one Lord of all the children of men.

    277. They must come together, and separate, and come together again, until their separation and togetherness are one and indivisible.

    278. This ye cannot comprehend now but shall be revealed more fully when ye have been quickened more.

    279. Seek after the pattern in all things and ye shall begin to know; and knowledge is life eternal (Jn.17:3), and is the presence of the Father and the Son.

    32. The Many and the Few

    280. ¶The female is one and the male is many; and the male is one and the female is many. But the male is before the female.

    281. A woman maketh but one ovum [at a time], but the man maketh many spermatazoa;

    282. And a man may receive many beloved ones if he is sanctified, but a woman may only receive one beloved one.

    283. The man multiplieth but the woman nurchureth.

    33. The Womb

    284. ¶The glory of the female is patience, for she will wait forever until righteousness is fulfilled.

    285. And when she carrieth fruit {a baby} in her womb she must wait as her burden increaseth and multiplieth, and cannot say: 'Come forth now, for I shall wait no longer!'

    286. But she saith: 'Thou, O child of my womb, art my sorrow and my joy, my prison and my freedom.

    287. 'And if I am in Messiah thou art my joy and my freedom, for He taketh away my burden (Mt.11:30) and my pain;

    288. 'But if I am not in Messiah, thou art my sorrow and my prison.'

    289. And thus the woman must dream and long for the birth of her little one, loving the pain and the prison of waiting, for the sake of the joy that shall come.

    290. And if she abideth in Me, saith Yahweh, she shall be free and timeless, for the sorrows and imprisonments of life are the fruits of time and fallen matter.

    34. Opening Like a Flower

    291. ¶The woman who is with child and in Me, shall become more beautiful with each passing hour, for she shall radiate the perfection of the female principle.

    292. She shall open as a flower, revealing the glory of her Heavenly Mother; and sweet fragrances shall waft from her.

    293. My grace, which is My Beloved Ones and the fullness of Our House, shall surround her, and when her hour cometh to deliver she shall, if she abideth in Me, attain the fullness of her glory in that degree to which she hath arisen.

    294. And if the inner equalleth the outer, great shall be her joy, for she shall give birth and be reborn at the same hour [as her child] and arise into the ecstacy of the Firstborn.

    295. For when she becometh a mother in the flesh, she hath fulfilled the measure of her creation in the flesh;

    296. And when she becometh a mother in the spirit, she hath fulfilled the measure of her creation in the spirit.

    297. This is the crown of the female spirit.

    35. Cell Division

    298. ¶Behold the cell, for when its time to divide cometh, the walls of the nucleus break down and the male and female freely mix, the nucleoplasm with the cytoplasm;

    299. And thus the veil is taken away, save that of the mitochondrion, which divideth according to its own order. Let he who hath ears understand.

    300. I give unto the woman to mount up in the imagination of her thoughts, yea, even as upon eagles' wings (Is.41:31), for the imagination is the beginning and end of spirituality --

    301. The beginning, if it is centred in Me, and the end if it is centred on the things of the world.

    302. And if it is centred in Me, then it shall be raised up into the Light and transformed into revelation, impure at first, but pure by-the-by.

    36. A Seed of Light

    303. ¶I have commanded you not to think evil of your brother that you might plant a seed of Light in the darkness of fear, ignorance, and hatred.

    303. Ye shall seek after the good in all things, and multiply it, until it hath overcome the darkness.

    304. The womb is the cradle of goodness and of protection, therefore see that ye nourish the good and give no place for any evil, otherwise ye shall give birth according to your wicked imaginings.

    305. But rather sow that ye may give birth to good, and rejoice in the fruit of your wombs.

    306. I say these things unto all because there is female principle in all.

    37. The Reborn Woman and Child

    307. ¶It is the disposition of all women who desire children to dream that the fruit of her womb, which she hath not seen, is the handiwork of perfection, for it is the perfection of the Light which kindeleth such desires in her soul.

    308. Let the woman desire to be spiritually reborn in Me, reaching for the Light, and let the child of the womb be the token of that desire in the flesh;

    309. And when the child is born, she shall be born also, for she hath become a mother in imitation of My Beloved Ones.

    38. The Mystery of Motherhood

    310. ¶Verily, verily, I say unto you: in the mystery of motherhood lieth all the mysteries of creation, for it is the alef/alpha and taw/omega of multiplication for the female principle.

    311. In the act of birthing the woman shall not only bring forth a child and her own [spiritual] rebirth, but [the rebirth of] her husband also, for in the act of birth the husband becometh a father.

    312. And fatherhood is not lesser or greater than motherhood, for the two are one, even though they are different aspects of that oneness.

    313. When a woman giveth birth unto a child, her husband becometh a son also in reflection of the Son of Man;

    314. And when a woman conceiveth, she becometh her husband's daughter also.

    315. Ye must understand these things if ye would arise into the fullness.

    316. And if a wife loveth her husband in Messiah, when she hath brought forth her firstfruits, her husband becometh her king, and she his queen, for they have done what the great Father [and Mothers] have done before them, worlds without end.

    317. The conception is the jewell in the crown of husband and wife and is brought forth in imitation of Messiah.

    318. The two {husband and wife} wife have become three {husband, wife, and child}, and there beginneth a new order of sacrifice.

    39. Idolatry in Marriage

    319. ¶Verily, verily, I say unto you: if your marriage hath become your god, then the child shall disturb your [idolatrous] kingdom and ye shall have dissentions;

    320. But if I, Yahweh, am your Elohim, then your love for one another shall multiply and your oneness shall be made more firm.

    321. Fathers, are ye jealous of your little ones?

    322. It need not be so, for if ye are in Me, and I in you, ye shall be free of jealosy but (and) shall begin to sacrifice in imitation of the Son of Man and rejoice therein.

    323. Mothers, have your little ones becomes your centre, and have ye neglected your husbands?

    324. It need not be so, for if ye will comprehend the mystery of marriage ye shall know that the husband is not [just] the means to [making] children but is the eternal seed-bearer of Light.

    40. Pointing Children to Adulthood

    325. ¶It is the disposition of most women who are not in Me to behold their children as projections of their own vanity, to regard them as personal adornment and as belonging unto them[selves].

    326. But I say unto you, My beloved daughters, that children are your stewardship, and from the hour they are born unto you ye must begin to release them uno Me.

    327. They are given into your watchcare, and ye are their guardians.

    328. Ye shall continually point them towards adulthood, not seeking to bind them to the cradle, for all things living seek to move upwards and must not be prevented.

    41. The Firstborn and Abyss Veils

    329. ¶I have said that your husband shall become as a son, and this is the interpretation of the mystery;

    330. For behold, when ye have bound yourselves to your husband in the indissoluble bonds of love, then ye must release him as ye would a son when he hath grown into adulthood;

    331. For the son must seek a wife and be one with her, and cleave unto her, and do even as his father hath done before him in righteousness.

    332. Yea, ye must release him at the firstborn veil to enter the Assembly of the Firstborn, and when ye have entered the Assembly of the Firstborn, then shall ye be reunited with your husband, never to be divided {separated} again.

    333. But if ye are not bound to him, and release him at the abyss veil, then ye have committed adultery and shall be destroyed;

    334. For if a mother releaseth her child before he hath arisen into adulthood, and sendeth him out [into the world], she hath abandoned her stewardship and is profitless.

    335. For at the abyss veil, which divideth the Messianic Community {Assembly of the Son} from the Community of the Firstborn {Assembly of the Father}, the wife shall release her husband, whom she loveth, as a sweet offering unto Elohim, the bone-of-her-bone, and flesh-of-her-flesh, in token of the dissolution of the flesh of the Son of Man and His Beloved Ones in the act of creation, which thing ye remember also in the communion or sacrament of the Lord's Supper.

    336. And behold, she shall become, as it were, single, being no longer married. And this is her acceptable sacrifice.

    337. And it is like unto the sacrifice of Abraham.

    338. But if the woman is not bound unto her husband in the bonds of indissoluble love [because she hath not perfected it], and crosseth the veil before her hour, then she shall be consumed [by the by];

    339. And if she then seeketh after another [husband], she hath committed adultery [having spiritually destroyed her first marriage], and shall be destroyed [as pertaining to the Firstborn].

    42. Marriage Sacrifice

    340. ¶Verily, verily, I say unto you, that when a woman or man offereth her marriage in sacrifice at the altar of the abyss veil, she offereth herself unto Elohim, and to Elohim alone, for it is He who requireth the sacrifice, and He who accepteth it.

    341. Ye shall not sacrifice save unto Yahweh your Elohim, for else is idolatry and lawlessness.

    342. And behold, this is the law for men as well as women, for I require their {the men's} marriages also, each and everyone, who seeketh the Firstborn.

    343. And what ye sacrifice unto the Father shall be restored a hundredfold, which meaneth that beyond the veil of the abyss husband and wife are indissolubly bound, forever united in joy and peace.

    43. Blasphemous Doctrines

    344. ¶There are some blasphemers and adulterers, saith Yahweh, who say that a man must release his wife unto one who standeth at the gate {veil} in token of the Son of Man (NC&C 86), and that this man who standeth at the veil shall take her unto wife, and that this is the acceptable sacrifice.

    345. This is an abomination, saith Yahweh, and My vengeance (Rom.12:19) shall be dealt swiftly unto such who pollute and profane the Name of Yahweh in order to satisfy their own carnal appetites.

    346. Such are anti-Messiah (anti-Christ) and shall be cast out into the fire whose flames burn forever.

    347 I, Yahweh, delight in chastity and honour (NC&C 36) and shall have regard for all upright men and women.

    44. Marriage Made by Heaven

    348. ¶Woe unto the man or woman who polluteth My holy ordinances and destroyeth the eternal pattern (tavnith), for it shall no go well for him.

    349. Though he may enjoy the fruits of his evil for a short season, the time will come when he is hewn down and cast into the fire.

    350. Therefore shall a woman release her husband at the veil, not for another one {husband}, but for the wedding of the Lamb, that she, and all others who come up unto this high and holy calling, male and female, may be sealed into the 144,000 and have the Name of Messiah written on their foreheads;

    351. For they are His, and He is theirs forevermore (Rev.7:3; 9:4; 13:16; 14:1,9; 17:5; 20:4; 22:4).

    352. Behold, when a wife hath released her husband as a son at the veil, he will return unto her as a [firstborn] husband.

    353. And when the husband hath released his wife as the veil, she will return unto him as a [firstborn] wife.

    354. This is the mystery of eternal marriage, and blessed are thy who understand it.

    45. The Spirit of Lilith

    355. ¶Behold, the craftiness of the female principle when it is not centred in Me, saith Yahweh, for it is as subtil as the serpent in Eden.

    356. And the serpent is Lilith, the consort of Satan, who seeketh to dominate and control according to her own [fallen] principle, which is not the same as the Order of Lucifer who seeketh to dominate and control by more outward {unsubtil} means.

    357. The fallen female principle demandeth exclusive attention and seeketh to dominate all that cometh into her kingdom or boundaries.

    358. She suffereth no rival, and would destroy her, or ignore her, or imprison her according to her craft;

    359. Such a one despiseth Truth, for the Truth is her unmasking.

    360. Her jealosy consumeth her, and her wrath is as the fire of Hades {hell}.

    361. There is a portion of this Lilith {Jezebel} spirit in all women, saith Yahweh, which must be nailed to the Cross if such would become free.

    362. Such a one seeketh to rule over men and overturn the laws of creation;

    363. Such a one destroyeth herself, and her little ones {children}, and all who come in her path.

    364. She is the opposite of motherhood for she seeketh not to birth, but to consume.

    365. She seeketh not to nourish and cherish, but to overcome and dominate.

    366. Woe, woe, is he who yieldeth unto such a one, for she shall consume him as the lion devoureth the prey.

    367. Yea, her dominion is subtil, and the weak know not how to flee or overthrow her.

    46. Eve Returning to Adam

    368. ¶The female principle is poetic, illogical, dreamy, irrational and unconscious when it is alone, for she leapeth from one place to another, and cannot be predicted.

    369. But when she is in balance with the male principle she is the Heavenly Mother, the Ruach haQodesh {Holy Spirit}, the fountainhead of love, compassion and nourishment.

    370. And behold, she must become male;

    371. And if she will follow Me, I shall lead her and make her male, that she may become a living spirit like unto the men.

    372. Yea, and every woman who maketh herself male will enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

    373. Ye marvel because ye cannot understand.

    374. But I say unto you: open your eyes and see, for truth is simple, and undefiled by sophistries and craftiness.

    375. Ye behold Adam, and Adam was the first man.

    376. And Adam was male before Eve was taken out of him.

    377. How shall a woman become male?

    378. She must return to Adam and be one with him, ending the separation and the emnity caused by Lucifer and Lilith.

    379. Yea, she must return unto him, and all [those wives] who came forth out of him with her.

    380. And when she returneth unto her beloved she is made whole and free, for she is his rib, or life.

    381. Nevertheless the female principle is more natural than the male, for she desireth that which can be;

    382. But the male principle desireth that which cannot be, until it is re-united with female principle.

    47.Far and Near

    383. ¶Behold, when I, Yahweh, took Eve out of Adam, and her companions also, I created an inballance, for he seeketh to be re-united with those from whom he was separated.

    384. And thus the male reacheth outwards, ever seeking that which was taken out of him, and cannot rest until he hath found it.

    385. For this cause the male moveth six times but resteth only once;

    386. But the female resteth six times but moveth only once.

    387. That which is male is unbalanced, for it hath a male and a female {sex} chromosome (XY) [in the cell];

    388. But that which is female is balanced, for it hath both female {sex} chromosomes (XX) [in the cell].

    389. And thus the male child is restless, yea, even in the womb of his mother, but the female is more at peace.

    390. Thus male principle is always moving, always reaching out.

    391. Behold, now ye understand the neutron, for the neutron is Adam before the separation of female principle.

    392. And the proton is Adam, because Adam is male.

    393. And Adam is the seed of both the male and the female.

    394. The neutron is Adam as he must be before he can find peace, and he carrieth this within him always.

    395. The female principle is not restless, but desireth the home like unto the womb which she is.

    396. She desireth to return unto Adam, bringing Adam unto her home, which is her temple.

    397. The female principle concerneth herself with that which is near, but the male principle concerneth himself with what is far.

    398. And thus the male principle seeketh after a knowledge of governments, nations, histories, science, astronomy, and all things that extend outwards into the farthest reaches of the creation;

    399. But the female principle concerneth herself with what is local and near, and for this cause the negative aspect is a gossip and tale-teller (1 Tim.5:13).

    400. And why is this so? Because the female is at ease, and therefore desireth not to look further than what is near.

    401. And as the female principle becometh perfected and sanctified, she ceaseth even these things and is at ease in her own world.

    402. And thus a woman may become a dreamer and lose her sense of perspective.

    403. For this cause the female must not be without the male.

    404. Because a man is restless he is filled with inquiry, doubt, and movement, and he shall not rest until he hath found the measure of his creation.

    405. Wo unto the woman who marrieth an effeminate man for they shall both be lost in their dreams;

    406. And wo unto the man who marrieth a masculine woman, for shall compete with him and they shall never find rest.

    407. Therefore seek ye after that which is whole in your gender, saith Yahweh, and be ye equally yoked in your unions (2 Cor.6:14) that ye may bring to pass the reunion of Eve with Adam.

    48. The Attainment of Love

    408. ¶When a woman cometh unto Me, saith Yahweh, it is because she hath fallen in love with Me, even as a daughter falleth in love with her [righteous] father.

    409. But when a man cometh unto Me, saith Yahweh, it is because he desireth the Truth and seeketh to know all things.

    410. Ye need not suppose that a woman cometh only unto Me for love, for the unconscious male side of her nature cometh for Truth also;

    411. Or that a man cometh only for Truth, for his unconscious female side cometh for love.

    412. Male principle can expand knowledge, but cannot be deep in love.

    413. Female principle cannot expand knowledge, but can attain intense love.

    414. Knowledge is conscious, and love is unconscious.

    415. For this cause I, Yahweh, put Adam into a great sleep when I removed his beloved ones from him, that he might not feel the intense pain of the withdrawl of so much love.

    416. For this cause the female is unconscious in men, and for this cause men seek out the love of the female.

    417. Let the Light awaken the unconscious male in women, and the unconscious female in men, saith Yahweh, or all is in vain;

    418. For the men will [otherwise] become more war-like and the women stupid. Believe ye this?

    419. A man must understand female principle, and a woman [must understand] male principle, else they cannot be whole and one.

    420. This is the purpose of marriage, saith Yahweh, that the woman [might] awaken the unsconscious female principle in men, and the man awaken the unconscious male principle in women;

    421. Otherwise the two are at emnity with each other, and men and women are divided within.

    422. I, Yahweh, and My Beloved Ones, awaken pure intelligence and love in all those who seek after Me, for We are pure intelligence and love. That is our glory and perfection (1 Jn. 4:8).

    49. Gender Confusion

    423. ¶Beware that ye do not prostitute the created order, saith Yahweh, but let the man cleave unto male principle and not depart from it, and let the woman cling to female principle and not depart from it.

    424. It is possible for a man to have the body of a man and the mind of a woman; and a woman the body of a woman and the mind of a man.

    425. There are many women who are scientists, politicians, and all manner of professionals who have the minds of men;

    426. Such things are possible as ye know, for ye have them all around you. And they are free to choose.

    427. Nevertheless, they have not fulfilled the purpose of their creation.

    428. And there are many men who are dancers and do things which are after the order the female principle. And they are free to choose.

    429. Nevertheless, they have not fulfilled the purpose of their creation.

    430. See that ye do all things according to the pattern, that ye might be blessed and find happiness.

    50. Gender Resolved

    431. ¶Verily, verily, I say unto you, that Messiah understandeth male and female in perfection;

    432. And the Holy Spirit understandeth female and male in perfection, for they {Messiah and the Holy Spirit} are one.

    433. When that which is unconscious becometh conscious ye shall be totally reborn; and this is the Second Birth.

    51. Outer and Inner

    434. ¶Male principle is inner and female principle is outer, for the female is more bodily-minded than the male.

    435. She adorneth herself and beholdeth her reflection [in a mirror] with satisfaction, for she seeketh to perfect that which is outer.

    436. And if she seeketh not after male principle, she shall be lost within herself, and shall be seduced by vanity and self-glory.

    437. The earth is female, and all that is natural is female, and for this cause female principle is the home-builder and the temple of spiritual refuge.

    438. The man who is blind to female principle cannot comprehend nature and is blind to her beauty.

    439. And when the man becometh blind to female principle, the female adorneth herself outwardly even more, hoping that he will see her and take hold of her, she who came forth out of him and who seeketh to return.

    440. But the carnal man, seeing only through the carnal eye, beholdeth only the woman outwardly, and lusteth after her, and seeketh to take her temple by storm.

    52. The Awakening

    441. ¶Therefore ye sisters of Zion, I say unto you: take counsel from the prophets who have commanded you in My Name not to excessively adorn yourselves outwardly (1 Tim.2:9; 1 Pet.3:5) lest ye provoke the wicked and carnal disposition of fallen male principle, and glorify yourselves in a spirit of idolatry;

    442. But cultivate that which is inner, even the beauty of truth, holiness, and virtue.

    443. For that which is spiritual shall behold the spiritual and [that shall] be its own reward.

    444. There is no violence in that which is spiritual; therefore seek ye after the Spirit and it shall go well with you.

    445. It is not easy for a woman to become spiritual because she is rooted in the outer;

    446. Therefore let her become male, or in other words, conscious, and then she will perfect her true nature and become a queen, being a living spirit.

    447. Nevertheless, because it is the natural disposition of a woman to trust, her spiritual journey will be easier than for the man, even though it is more natural for a man to attain to the spiritual because he is an inward creature.

    53. Finding Rest and Bringing Peace

    448. ¶The Kingdom of Heaven is like a mustard seed which grew into a great tree in whose branches the birds of the air came for shade and rest (Mt.13:31-32).

    449. The tree is female principle, rooted in the earth; and the birds are male principle, for they are rooted in the air.

    450. The male must come to rest and be nourished under the shade of the female, else he shall be scorched by the heat of his own restlessness.

    451. I, Yahweh, leave you My peace, which is My Beloved Ones, which is female principle, even the Holy Spirit.

    452. Therefore be ye peace-bearers, ye daughters of Zion, for your glory is peace;

    453. And if ye are not at rest ye cannot bring peace, and the birds shall fly away, for what bird will sit on the branches of a tree that is being blown by a storm, whose branches are breaking and falling to the ground?

    454. And if the birds of the air fly away ye shall remain asleep, and your mirror will become your lover, and your nourishment an empty vessel.

    455. Behold, man is not without the temple of nature, and the woman is not without the arrow of knowledge.

    456. Therefore nourish one another, that ye may be whole.

    457. Let the male rest in the bosom of the female, and let the female be exalted in the fire of the male; and all things shall become equal unto you.

    458. The female shall become the fire, and the male shall be at rest.

    459. For six days the male toileth and laboureth, and on the seventh the female giveth him rest. For six days the female resteth and on the seventh she is awakened by the male.

    460. As the male awakeneth, so shall the female sleep;

    461. And as the male sleepeth, so shall the female awaken.

    462. Therefore awaken and sleep in each other, saith Yahweh, that your awakening may be as a great sleep, and your slumber as a great awakening.

    54. The Birthing

    463. ¶It is more blessed to be female for she is at peace;

    464. It is more blessed to me male for he is awake.

    465. Which, then, is the greater of the two?

    466. The one is not greater than the other;

    467. The head is not greater than the heart, nor the heart greater than the head.

    468. But the two are one, and are not without each other.

    469. The male ruleth over the female because of his movement, and the female is subject to the male because of her rest.

    470. And therefore the male is greater than the female.

    471. But the male canot find rest because of his movement, and thus only a few achieve the Firstborn, because discipline and trust cometh not naturally unto them.

    472. Therefore it is more blessed to be female than male, because more women find the Kingdom of Heaven than men. And it hath always been so.

    473. Thus male principle is the principle of sacrifice, for six parts must perish of the seven; and female principle is the principle of ascent, for six parts must ascend of the seven.

    474. For his cause, after the days of the Tribulation, seven women shall take hold of one man (Isa.4:1), even as the nucleus of the atom taketh hold of seven electron shells;

    475. And each woman shall birth seven sons to the right and seven sons to the left, and shall birth her husband also -- and thus she shall have fifteen sons, who are the Messiah-children of worlds and dominions forever and ever.

    55. Discipleship

    476. ¶Ye women beware, saith Yahweh, for your virtue and strength, as well as your weakness, is trust.

    477. When a woman falleth in love with a man, she will trust him and follow him anywhere, even if his path is hell.

    478. For once she trusteth him she will follow him into the jaws of death until his evil is revealed and her male principle awakened;

    479. Only then will she turn back, but often it is too late.

    480. The woman comprehendeth not how the man can be without faith, for it is her disposition to have faith;

    481. And the fallen man comprehendeth not how the woman can be so foolish, for he is not trustworthy or faithful.

    482. Therefore he exploiteth her, and useth her, and taketh her down into hell.

    483. For a woman to leap into the spiritual, she must be in love, so that she may trust;

    484. For without faith, spiritual growth is impossible, and faith is female.

    485. For this cause it is harder for a man to ascend into the pure love of Messiah, for it is harder for him to trust, unless his female nature is awakened.

    486. It is easier for a woman to become My disciple (talmid) than [it is for a] man, saith Yahweh, for she is more trusting;

    487. And for this cause revealed I Myself unto women before men in the garden wherein the Son of Man was laid [in the tomb].

    488. Therefore seek ye My love, that ye may be enwrapped in it, and become My disciples indeed.

    489. Ye wives: ye must love Me as though ye had no husbands;

    490. Ye husbands, ye must love Me as though ye had no wives.

    491. Then ye shall love your wives and husbands as I love My Beloved Ones, and [as] My Beloved Ones love Me.

    56. The Curse of Adultery

    492. ¶Ye husbands and wives: if ye have not perfected your love one for another, go ye not after others and dissolve your marriages, spilling the spiritual blood (life force) of your companions (NC&C 56);

    493. But come unto Me, and I will restore that which was broken and fill that which was not filled.

    494. If ye seek My love by spilling the spiritual blood (life force) of others, then your love shall be turned into worms which die not (Mk.9:44-48), and [which] shall consume you.

    495. For all love that is made by violence, even like unto David and Bathsheba, shall perish by violence and can never be justified. And where is Bathsheba [today]?

    496. She hath been returned unto Uriah, and is one with him, for she hath repented, and her husband hath received her.

    497. And Uriah hath forgiven David; but David and Bathsheba are no more.

    498. Return unto your first love (Rev.2:4), O Israel, that your sin may be blotted out (Ps. 51:1,9)!

    499. Seek ye Yahweh and His righteousness, putting that which is wrong to right, and it shall go well with you.

    500. For ye have broken your covenants to your wives and husbands whom ye married when ye were young;

    501. For he was thy partner, and thou hast broken thy promise unto him, although thou didst promise before Elohim that thou wouldst be faithful unto him.

    502. Did I, Yahweh, not make thee one body and spirit with him?

    503. What, therefore, was My purpose in this?

    504. Behold, it was that ye should have children that are truly Elohim's people, and that your love should be bound together forever according to that covenant.

    57. Covenants of Faithfulness

    505. ¶I, Yahweh, am unchanging, and I break no covenant;

    506. Therefore let no man break his covenant with his wife, and no wife break her covenant with her husband for I, Yahweh-Elohim of Israel, hate divorce.

    507. Yea, I hate it when ye spill the spiritual blood of your husbands and wives, for such is cruelty after the order of the fallen ones.

    508. Therefore see to it that ye break not your covenants one with another, but be faithful (Mal.2:13-16).

    509. For if ye are not true to your companions, how can ye be true to Me, saith Yahweh?

    510. If ye commit adultery, and divorce the companions of your youth whom I, Yahweh, gave you, and if ye then seek to worship Me, then ye worship a god of adultery and blaspheme the Name of the Holy One of Israel.

    511. Therefore be ye in no wise deceived for I shall not receive the tears of the broken hearts of your companions as an offering from you;

    512. For any love that is built upon the spilling of spiritual blood (life force) of another shall extinguish the fire of that love [by the by] like the rains which came down from Heaven to wipe away the offense of the children of men in the days of Noah.

    513. Therefore, ye women, beware greatly concerning yourselves when ye fall in love for if ye are not awake ye shall surely bring much sorrow upon yourselves and your families.

    514. And ye men also shall greatly beware concerning yourselves, for if ye fall in love with another and abandon your wife, surely ye shall burn because of the trust and faith which ye have broken, unless ye speedily repent.

    515. ¶Ye need not suppose that ye are called into a plurality [of wives] if ye fall in love with another;

    516. For unless your love groweth for the wife of your youth, and she hath been called into this covenant, and thou also, then ye have committed adultery and shall be destroyed as pertaining to your [spiritual] increase [in the eternities].

    517. Let the woman make that which is unconscious, conscious;

    518. Let her turn her irrationality into reasonableness, her faith into enquiry, and her waiting into movement.

    519. And let the man learn that which is female, becoming subject unto Messiah like unto a spiritual wife, that the Light may multiply within him with which to bless his wife {wives}.

    520. Let the man make his movement into rest, his restlessness into tranquility and stillness (Ps.23:2; 46:10), his doubt into trust.

    521. Then both shall be born again into the Firstborn, and great shall be their joy!

    522. Let the male melt into the female, and the female into the male, and at the centre of their [collective] being they shall be neither male nor female, but like unto the neutron.

    523. This is the principle of restoration, to unite the fragments until they are whole.

    524. Behold, all things have their opposites, otherwise they could not be.

    58. The Split Soul

    525. ¶The female principle hath both positive and negative qualities, the one after Elohim {Heavenly Mother}, and the other after Lucifer {Lilith}: love against jealosy, sharing against possessiveness, waiting against lethargy.

    526. The male principle also hath both positive and negative qualities: enquiry and searchfulness against continual scepticism and cynicism, directiveness against war-like aggression.

    527. Therefore ye women, be ye filled with love, generosity and patience.

    528. And ye men: seek after the Light; search and ye will find, knock and it will be opened unto you (Mt.7:7).

    529. And learn love, compassion, receptivity, passiveness, non-agression, service, and patience;

    530. And let the women seek, that they may find.

    531. If ye men must doubt, doubt that ye might find, but not to sit still and waiste away.

    532. Let all parts be united, sons to fathers, fathers to sons, daughters to mothers, and mothers to daughters (PWNC 880710); sons to mothers, and daughters to fathers, that ye may become whole within yourselves through Yah'shua the Messiah, the Mediator.

    533. Let all the parts of your divided natures love and support each other, male and female, old and young, until your chaos becometh a symphony, which is your key note.

    534. And thus ye shall enter the Kingdom of Heaven and all its degrees.

    59. Eternal Gender

    535. ¶And now I reveal unto one last mystery for the sake of your peace, that ye need not suppose that I, Yahweh, am unjust in any degree.

    536. Those of you who are female have always been female, though ye were once one in your [premortal] infancy and must become one again in your spiritual adulthood.

    537. And this [female nature], in the presence of the perfect Light, ye chose to be, and will always be. And it is the same for the men.

    538. Each gender hath its own sacrifice, and each sacrifice hath its reward and joy.

    539. Let not the female seek to be male, nor the male to be female, for this thing cannot be, though there are many who are homosexuals and lesbians who have lost that which was theirs, making that which was unconscious, conscious, and that which was conscious, unconscious (NC&C 13).

    540. A woman cannot become a man, nor a man a woman, without suppressing or doing violence to the created order;

    541. That which ye suppress shall arise again, and that which ye do violence to shall do violence unto you in the day that ye slacken your vigilence.

    542. And if ye suppress or do violence ye shall know no peace.

    543. Let each gender sacrifice according to its own order and receive the rewards thereof.

    544. Though I have told you much ye still do not fully understand, for this is the beginning of wisdom.

    545. I shall unfold more unto you by the by, but only as ye are faithful in your covenants and learn discipleship.

    60. The Riches of Eternity

    546. ¶Follow Me, the only wise and true Elohim, and I shall unfold the riches of eternity before your eyes and quicken your souls with gladsomeness. Amen and Amen.

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