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    Guest Authors 9

    Naughty Law-Keepers!
    by Edwin Morris

    There has developed a kind of "straw man" philosophy among those who for some reason see law-keepers as trying to gain salvation by works. Anyone who promotes the keeping of God’s laws and commandments is viewed as a ‘legalist’!

        A closer look, however, exposes these critics as law-breakers.

        Consider the following scenario:

        Bill is a law-keeper. He dies, and in the Judgement, God says to Bill: "Bill, you are a very naughty Bill. You have kept my Holy Law — the one I gave to Abraham and re-gave to Moses on the Mountain... You have kept the law that all My holy men have kept down through the ages... You naughty man! You have also kept my truths that King David and all the prophets kept. Because of this, I am going to send you to hell so as you can learn the truth that My law is not to be kept — but is to be broken! Who do you think you are, Bill? What possessed you to keep My laws and commandments? Away with you, you who did not steal, who did not lie, who did not commit adultery, who did not murder, who did not covet, who did not move his neighbour’s landmark, who covered the pit he dug, who loved his neighbour as himself, who paid all his debts, who indeed did all things that are righteous in my law... To hell with you, you obedient scoundrel!!!"

       And to Bob, who did not keep God’s law, can we realistically entertain this scenario? "Ah, Bob, my dear law-breaker, your faith has saved you. You’ve broken nearly every rule I ever gave you, my beloved Bob. The sound of breaking laws is like music to my ears. Oh, great law snapper, up to Heaven you come to be with Me! Oh Bob, how much more full of faith you are than poor Bill. He tried to show me his faith by his works — but you, oh My faithful Bobby Wobby, you showed me your faith by breaking My entire law of righteousness. Enter into the glory of your Lord..."

        Of course the above scenarios are quite ridiculous, but they serve to point out how baseless the argument is that the keeping of God’s law is a bad thing.

        The reason is simple. Just as the next 100 years will be influenced by those who promoted ungodly feminism in the previous 100 years, so also the teaching of false prophets of the past haunts us all today. There is a plan being worked out here below that is designed to separate those who will not forsake the holy ways of God from those who are deceived by ‘retail Christianity’.

        What do you think the Lawless One is teaching?

        Go on, have a guess... Don’t be shy...

        Alright, I’ll give you a clue. It begins with... L-A-W-L-E-S-S-N-E...

        That’s right!    LAWLESSNESS!

        Perhaps I should not be so facetious, but I have tried so hard over the years to alert seekers of truth to this fact, with limited success. I thought I would try spelling out this great deception in the clearest possible way.

        I have never met anyone who has tried to "get to heaven by their works." I have, however, met many who try to get there without them.

        Undoubtedly law and faith come together if the perfect love of our Creator is in the heart of the believer.

        One must surely ask the obvious at this time. Is God still after a Holy People or not? If He isn’t — then our faith is in vain — there is no hope, because God has already received His people.

        On the other hand, if God is still after a people, then surely the same criteria remains by which He shall choose them.

        Does this mean that Bill is safe? Well, yes, if Bill observes and keeps the ways of God humbly, with a right attitude, walking as Christ walked, loving the brotherhood, and being quick to extend the hand of truth to one who seeks it.

        The real naughty ones are those who, knowing that the law of God is holy, just and good, do not keep it faithfully, but sin — transgressing the very law by which they will be judged.

    Author: EM

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