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    What is a Godly Marriage?

    In 1 Cor 13:3, Paul tells us that as the Father is the head of Jesus Christ, so is man created to be the head of woman. In the beginning, God said let us make man in our (two) image.  Man (Adam) was created first in the image of the God we know as the Father, who is the lawgiver, lifegiver, sustainer, for God is love,  (1 John 4:8, also showing Godís love, John 17:26,1 Cor 13:14, Gal 5:22, 2 Thes 3:15, Tit 3:4, 1 John 2:5, 1 John 2:15, 1 John 3:16-17). Adam recognized he was incomplete, something was missing. There was no one to love, as Jesus shows us, the Father loved Jesus (John 10:11). In 1 Cor 13:4-8 we are shown the qualities of love and Adam had no one to express these qualities to. He was created with the characteristics to be a leader, to love as the Father loves. Thus, Eve was created to compliment Adam and receive that Godly kind of love.  

     She was created in the image of the God who became Jesus Christ.

    Adam and Eve were created in their (the two God's) image, and as the two Godís were one in purpose, mentally and emotionally, so Adam and Eve were created to be one in purpose, complimenting each other. The definitions of the names of God which are lawgiver, lifegiver, sustainer defines the position, the qualities of man, the head of the marriage state which represents the relationship between the two in the Godhead.

    Eve was created to be submissive to Adam as Jesus is submissive to the Father. He came to do the Fatherís will (Luke 21:42).  John 1:1-11,14 shows us that Jesus was the one that dealt with mankind from creation. He was the Word, the Spokesman that represented the Godhead, that taught the people, that rebuked and chastened and loved them. He was the one that inspired the scriptures. He emptied himself of His glory, His eternal life, which was given back to Him after the sacrifice and resurrection, which is shown by Jesus in prayer (John 17:5) at the last supper with the disciples before he was taken, and tried, and crucified. During His administration on earth, the last 3 Ĺ years of His life, He revealed the Father to the disciples and mankind as part of His administration.

    As Eve was created in the image of Jesus Christ, with the qualities and talents inherent within him,  so she has these abilities also created within her to teach and to love, as Jesus taught and loved the disciples, and all He worked with since manís creation. He was the one that would have taught Adam and all of Adamís progeny if they had not refused to listen and obey from the beginning.  Man was to instruct and direct the woman as lawgiver and director in the home.  Woman was to teach the children and care for the home, provide for the needs of the family (Prov 31). Man is to be the life force of the family, to provide the seed that creates the children, as God is the life force that is creating the family of God. This is what Adam was supposed to relate to Eve from the beginning. She did not understand that she was to take any decision that pertained to the welfare of the family to her head, in this case, Adam, before she stepped out and made a decision, she was not to act on her own. She did not understand that she was to take any instruction that the man gave to her and take that instruction to God for understanding about how to use the instruction given to her. Woman is to take the instruction that she receives from her Head and go to God to receive Godís wisdom to carry out her administration as wife and mother. It is womanís place to receive instruction from the husband, thus, to take the admonition of her head, her husband, and apply them in the home.  As Jesus took the plans of the Father and created the universe and a suitable habitat for the future children of the Father, his future brothers and sisters, so Jesus was the one that did the actual creating, under the authority and power of the Father,  thus, the woman is to assert the authority of her head, her husband, in carrying out her administration with the family.

    God holds the man responsible for  what happens in the home, with the family. It is his responsibility to instruct the wife in the principles she is to train the children, the principles of Godís way of life. The wife is to take the principles and apply them to the every day activities of the home and to teach them to the children. This is what Jesus did, he took the laws that the Father gave to Him and applied them. They worked as one to accomplish the goal of creating the universe and mankind, who were to be the children of God. They were of one mind in the work they were and are doing. This is the same way that man and woman are to work together, as one.

    Man has refused  to take and apply, with love, his part as head and authority of the family from the beginning and  woman has usurped  manís authority from the beginning and not been submissive to her husband. If Jesus had said to the Father, no do it this way, the universe and man would never have been created, they would always have been pulling in different directions. There has to be a final authority, and as the Father is the final authority in whatever decision is made, so man is the final authority,  under God,  in the marriage relationship. Without this line of authority, marriage and family life results in misery and pain and death.

    Man is to love his wife as described in 1 Cor 13:4-7;

    V. 4 -Love suffers long--is longsuffering, is patient Gal 5:22

    -Is kind--is gentle in dealing with each situation as God deals with us in this world. Gal 5:22 Gentleness

    -Vaunts not itself--is not a braggart, does not force its authority is not a bully.

    -is not puffed up--is humble, thinks not excessively of himself (Luke 14:8-11)

    V.5 -does not behave self unseemly--in every situation behaves correctly, with Godís wisdom, seeks not his or her own--is not selfish, thinking of himself or herself first, but what is right for all concerned.

    -is not easily provoked--is not easily angered, thinks first before allowing anger to control the situation, has a righteous reason for anger.

    -thinks no evil--looks to the motivation, and does not take things at face value

    V.6 -Rejoiceth not in iniquity--shuns evil, avoids even the appearance of evil (sin).

    -Rejoiceth in the truth--Jesus says that he is truth, looks for every way to seek to obey God with joy, wholeheartedly.

    V.7 -Bears all things--accepts and carries through with the responsibilities of his or her administration.

    -Believes all things--seeks out all truth, has faith Jesus will take him or her through the course to reach the goal to eternal life to perfection.

    -Hopes all things--has hope (faith) that God will fulfill the goal of eternal life within him or her. (Heb 11:1)

    -Endures all things--endures to the end, overcomes.

    V.8 -Never fails--has the love of God, the Spirit of God.

    Godís spirit brings to fullness of all of these qualities.   These are the qualities the man is to portray to the woman and the woman is to portray to the children, each fulfilling their administration with the love of God portrayed above, because these are the qualities the Father and Jesus portray toward mankind. Man guiding the wife, in love and wisdom, and woman in wisdom submitting to the guidance of her husband, portraying this same love through training the children. These are the qualities of love, Godly love, we are to portray to each and every one we come in contact with.

    If man deals in love and patience, knowing the principles of Godís way of life, which we are given through the word of God in the Bible, guiding his family as carefully as God guides us, there will be peace and harmony in the family, in the community, and in the world. This is the same love each must have, which we will attain, when we grow to perfection in the plan of God. 


    Author: Anon

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